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The Magician Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Realize your potential, it's a good time to start a new project!

Card Details

The Wizard holds his right hand with the scepter high in the air pointing to the heavens and his left index finger pointing to the earth, he himself being the bridge between the heavens and the earth. On the table in front of him are the Scepter, the Chalice, the Sword and the Coin, which symbolize the four elements and also the four decks of the Tarot. He wears a large red robe symbolizing passion and initiative, and a white undershirt indicating purity and wisdom within. Wrapped around his waist is a green serpent, which, while often symbolizing evil, in this case represents wisdom and enlightenment. Above the magician's head is an inverted 8 symbol, representing infinity. The red roses in front and above the picture symbolize passion and the white lilies symbolize wisdom. At this point, everything is in place for the Wizard to begin his new plan. The same bright yellow background as the Fool's card signals the possibility of future success.

The tools on the Wizard's table, formerly in the Fool's bag, symbolize the combination of right motives (Chalice), a clear plan (Swords), enthusiasm (Scepter), and sure execution (Pentacles) - quite a powerful combination for reaching goals. The red rose symbolizes passion or staying power, while the white lily implies pure motives. The snake, which is the belt, is swallowing its own tail, symbolizing that many things neither begin nor end.

Card meanings are deduced

The Wizard is numbered 1, the beginning of all numbers, and the number that represents communication. Among the seventy-eight cards, the Wizard plays the role of a bridge between the major and minor cards. In addition, in astrology, the Wizard card belongs to the planet Mercury, which represents intellect and communication. Therefore, in practical divination, the Wizard can represent all matters related to communication, whether verbal or written. The Wizard is articulate, fluent, clear, and sociable, and is an expert in the art of "speaking clearly and articulately".

The Wizard is a very proactive and action-oriented card with masculine power. His actions are clearly thought out, so he is confident and sure of himself, very different from the bold actions of fools who do not think deeply. The Scepter, Chalice, Sword and Coin in front of him represent the four elements, which are the basic elements that make up everything. Now that the four elements are in place, the magician must use his organizational and creative powers to transform the elements into something substantial. The process of developing from the 0 of the Fool's nothingness to the 1 of the Wizard is the transformation of abstraction into substance. Thus, the Wizard card shows the concept of 'turning dreams into substance'; he not only builds dreams, but he is down-to-earth and has a promising start.

In the Tarot, the Wizard is full of skills and is capable of turning everything into gold, so this card also shows that the person concerned has sufficient skills to solve the task in divination. In actuality, the Wizard indicates that this is a good time to start a new project, and that the person in question has everything in place. The Wizard encourages you to make good use of your language and communication skills, utilize your existing skills, and add fresh ideas to put your ideas into practice. Take the initiative and stay focused and consistent in your style of doing things.

This card represents the realization of several things among certain possibilities. Possibilities are worthless unless they are realized. All of us have great potentials, but not everyone will realize them. If we go all the way, then we can say that no one has ever really realized all his potential.

The Wizard card implies that this is the right time to embark on something new. The right time, the right opportunity, the right motivation to make your efforts pay off. This is a good time for taking action and realizing plans. New adventures are likely to materialize as you have laid a good foundation for realizing your plans. A clear sense of direction and willpower to follow through greatly enhance the likelihood of success.

Magician is describing a partnership that is rooted in reality, free from all the limitations of material things. It suggests a proactive relationship between the sexes and it may be that one of the partners provides the inspiration and the other puts their feet on the ground to bring those ideas to concrete fruition. The Magician implies a person with a strong will, a trained mind and a clear sense of purpose. He has a good sense of direction for his goals and is open to new ideas.

Core Tip

The magician receives energy from the sky (inspiration) and channels that energy into something concrete and real - the land. That means he transforms the idea into something we can see and touch. He uses his willpower to produce concrete results; he is not pushed by the currents of life, but acts for himself within those currents and produces concrete results.
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Knowledge Expansion

It is worth noting that in his writings, Waite has mentioned that the magician also represents 'sickness, pain, loss, disaster' in divination, an interpretation that often confuses learners. In fact, this problem is solved if the Wizard is regarded as the ancient Hua Tuo, who was the very person that ancient people consulted when they were sick or encountered adversity.
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Card Meaning Extension

If we look at it from a modern perspective, the Wizard is the equivalent of a doctor, a psychologist and an alternative therapist. Of course, our Tarot counselor also belongs to this category, solving practical puzzles for others through his own intellect and the objective knowledge he possesses.
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