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The Moon Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

If you stay stuck in a state of self-deception, the problem will not be solved

Card Details

The reversed position shows that the Moon is going down, which means that the night is finally ending and the dawn is coming. In any case, dawn is always beautiful, although it has not yet arrived, but the low-hanging rather than high moon makes the night feel not so deep. The darkness of the night and the darkness of the moon are coming to an end, and this is the silver lining, the sky will slowly lighten and everything will slowly come back to life. The dogs and wolves will stop barking, and the crayfish will return to their places, to their destinations or to the water.

The point is, the moon will set, the sun will rise, and the dawn will come, after a long wait, through a period of unbearable darkness. The doors of the Twin Towers may be closing and there will be no more frightening sights. There may still be uneasiness, but there is a more certainty within, and it is important to note that there are still many changes in the environment, and the phenomena are unpredictable. Although the appearance will be more silent and still. The meaning of divination represents a stage of recovery and a gradual awakening of consciousness.

When the Moon card is reversed, the animals pictured on the card and the fears they represent are calling you to deal with them. Now dreams turn into nightmares as you search for a solution to the differences between the inner and outer worlds. Perhaps you find yourself creating disputes or dissonance in your tangible world, trying to conquer those fears that exist in your inner world in this way. You may be able to turn these challenges into tangible form so that you can deal with them in a way that is understood in the sunlight, rather than trying to conquer the fuzzy things that lie in ambush in the moonlight.

Card meanings deduction

When the Moon is in opposition, first of all the person concerned may deny these events of contact with the subconscious mind, trying to explain everything from a materialistic point of view, he does not believe in anything unseen or untouchable, and it is the same as closing the channels of communication between himself and the almighty subconscious mind. Secondly, in the reversed position, hidden things will gradually emerge, whether they are hidden enemies, dangers, lies or rumors, all of them will emerge one by one and become less dangerous because when it comes to the surface, the person concerned will know how to deal with it instead. While the Moon's ambiguous uncertainty remains, the person will still feel uneasy, but to a slightly lesser degree.

Moon retrograde suggests that things that have not yet been resolved are coming back to haunt you. Now is the time to face these inner challenges rather than retreating into the safe realms of the tangible world. It's also a time to return to the Star card in order to experience the faith and hope that it offers. This can also remind you that the same pool contains both your fears and embraces your strengths and solutions to your problems.

The Moon card reversed may suggest that you are currently overwhelmed by intense dreams in the night, though you could potentially benefit from this dream journey. Fear of darkness can interfere with your subconscious fears and longings, and drive you back to the positive Star card to enjoy the lighter, less threatening aspects of your mind. The reversed Moon may suggest that you need to take a break from everyday life to shake off any lingering fears or doubts about life. This is a time to recreate yourself through rest, relaxation and play.

Deception, lack of clear communication, and the fear of facing your fears are all symbolized by the reversed Moon card. In a card about career, he may be suggesting that the people you work with have to avoid real communication with you in order to keep the peace on the surface. On the surface, the water is still, but underneath it is choppy.

The significance of money, the reversed Moon card refers to being in a state of resistance to all that has to do with finances. Fear of confronting financial issues directly forces you to bury your head in the sand like an ostrich. When a questioner is about to invest in a financial company, the reversed Moon card suggests that they need to be more careful in evaluating the stability of the company, and that perhaps the funds will be spent in a way that they shouldn't be.

Self-deception or deceiving others is also suggested by the reversed Moon. If you indulge in self-deception, you'll want to risk financial investments to solve a debt-ridden situation. When the reversed Moon is in the position of answers or results, it's a mistake to make risky financial investments.

The meaning of life with the Moon card reversed means a return to a balanced life once again after a period of poor sleep quality (a return to the upright Star card). This can happen to a mother of a newborn baby, and after the timid baby grows up, this mother can sleep through the night again. He is sometimes describing ignoring persistent life problems, such as recurring problems in health, but expecting it to go away on its own. Sleep problems caused by worry and stress may be what this card is trying to remind you of. Return to the Star card and take a vacation or a break!

Core Tip

The Moon card in positive position is a more difficult mistake to smooth over, however, while the reversed position represents a mistake that is minor but insignificant, or a harmless little misunderstanding, a more minor mistake.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Moon's reversal is also a reversal of sorts, trying one's best to overcome external influences, confusions, temptations and one's own inappropriate desires. There may still be abductions and deceptions, but no great damage is done, and even the victimization can be avoided by being able to recognize the damage of minor frauds before they occur.
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Card Meaning Extension

The Moon in opposition still means that there are some schemes in oneself, evil appears, laziness, want to get something for nothing, and have the mentality of taking advantage of others. But they are just thinking about it, without the strength or impulse to put it into practice.
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