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The Moon Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Listen to your dreams to find peace in your inner world!

Card Details

The Moon is a card that expresses the eerie atmosphere of a bleak night, and the overall picture presented by the Moon is often eerie compared to other cards. There are three levels of the moon, the rightmost being the crescent moon, the leftmost being the full moon, and the woman's face in the center is what Waite calls the "Face of Mercy," which gradually extends from the crescent moon to the full moon, becoming larger and larger. On the periphery of the moon are sixteen large rays, and sixteen small rays, under which are fifteen drops of dew symbolizing thought. The combination of the new moon and the full moon is a deliberate expression of the moon's own change of shade. The face of the human figure, showing closed eyes and pursed lips looking downward, is an expression of gravity, and we can also appreciate His compassion, for this countenance is the moon's compassionate aspect.

Underneath the moon are yellow drops of dew, fifteen dots in the shape of drops, the light of the moon and the dew of the night, like tears from the moon. Looking closely at these fifteen dots of light, they are shaped like the Hebrew letter symbol Yod, the finger of God. It is clear that these are not ordinary drops of water, but a mysterious force. These points of light also serve to connect the moon to the earth.

In the foreground, there is a stretch of water with land on the shore, and in the distance, there are rugged hills with the twin towers and the barrier they form at the ends. The ground contains both land and water, representing the dual nature of the moon. The junction of the land and the pool has a path right in the middle, and in the center of the bank is the beginning of this path, a winding path that extends down long, across the green, through the mountains, deep between the twin towers, and all the way into the unknown, leading to the edge of the horizon, a path that serves as an exit to the unknown, lit only by the faint light of the moon.

In the center view there is a dog and a wolf barking frequently, located on the left and right sides, symbolizing the domesticated and untamed animal nature within the human heart, respectively. On land, these two animals are growling at the moon, representing the sensation of something, the heart filled with feeling or fear, and the hairs on the body standing up. It could be the moon causing the sensation, or it could be the uneasiness of the unknown territory between the twin towers that they are facing, and what message might be revealed over there, such that primal fear is born. And the sight of a crayfish crawling out of the water on the shore, the crayfish symbolizing emotions deeper than fear and bestiality, which Weart says always crawls halfway up and shrinks back.

The Twin Towers in the card, much like the Twin Towers in the Death card, represent death and the unknown, and a realm that is difficult to explore. Behind the Twin Towers is a low hill of cold isolation, a symbol of loneliness and death. The night sky is a dull blue hue, enough to add to the feeling of silence and desolation. Even though the moon is bright in the sky, the unknown territory remains mysterious, which is a great contrast and tension.

The light of the moon is a symbol of intellect, the glowing dew drifts down to soothe the beasts on the ground, fifteen points of light, channeling the power of God to grant salvation from suffering. The moon's compassionate face observes below, with a focused and smooth look, gazing down at the unrest below, shining down on the beasts of the moon, such as the dog and the wolf, symbolizing the subtle enlightenment and invocation of our primal nature. In divination, the dog and wolf represent inner turmoil and unrest, symbolizing the wild dimensions of human consciousness. The dog represents the more social and the wolf the completely natural animalistic side. The two canines are barking at the moon at this time, representing the inner turmoil that is being triggered. It also represents the presence of these disturbing elements in the environment, making the situation seem chaotic.

The crayfish in the water, surfacing from the depths of the water, can symbolize the most primitive common fears in people's hearts, even at a more primitive level than the beasts on the ground. However, these primitive impulses and forces can be transformed, and under the guidance of the moon and nourished by the dewy spots of light, and with an attitude of acceptance, they can be transformed to this level of themselves, and people's animal nature will give up and stop, and they will find peace in it.

The wide range and subject matter of the entire image suggests that this card has a powerful and multiple force, and the tension created in the image can actually be expressed in the world of fantasy and mindfulness beyond the realm of life. The water in the foreground symbolizes the flow of human intuition and subconsciousness, as well as the ups and downs of dark emotions and desires, and the deep state of the heart. The land, on the other hand, represents the situation on the level of reality. The winding path represents a passage of adventure, a conduit to explore the unknown. The Twin Towers, the barrier represented, that one spot symbolizes the unknown, the distant mountains at the end of the path, revealing the strange cold unknown darkness, the realm of spiritual exploration.

This card vividly depicts the sound of barking dogs in the dead of night, the primal human fear of the unknown, and the challenge here is to follow the path from the edge of the pool without fear of being struck down by the fear induced by the dogs and wolves. These animals represent your lower level, animal nature

If you've ever experienced a major loss or feared an impending change in your life, you may have noticed that during the daytime hours you can usually cope with these things rationally. The time when fear or grief will hit you hard again may be at night. While the Sun illuminates the outer world, the Moon illuminates the inner world of feelings, imagination, hopes and fears.

Card meanings deduced

The Moon represents strong dreams and intuition that reaches your conscious mind through dreams. Powerful dreams attempt to tell you something. Listen to your dreams and you will find the answers you seek. Perhaps you can easily recall them in your waking moments, or perhaps you feel exhausted after a normal night's sleep because the powerful dreams have disturbed your sleep pattern.

The Moon is a card that represents dreams and imagery. Dreams are subconscious energy that is transformed into imagery. When this energy is so strong that it can't be absorbed or understood, it can lead to wild dreams, nightmares, and even madness. The term "Lunacy" (or Loss of Mind) is derived from the word "Luna", which means moon.

The subconscious fears represented by the Moon card must be dealt with by us alone, as they transcend language and are deeply rooted in our inner animal nature. If you have gained confidence in the stars and are able to accept these wild things from your subconscious, these fears will calm down and the waters will calm down while the path remains. The path is to the Sun on the other side of the mountains, yet you will not be able to fully appreciate the outer world until your inner world is at peace.

The Moon represents a turning away from the external and a turning inward. It implies a strong connection to the subconscious through dreams. It is a card representing the astrological sign of Cancer. Other cards representing Cancer include the court cards of the Chariot and the Holy Grail. The second subject of Cancer is overcoming personal fears in order to use our imagination creatively.

The Moon suggests that although emotional motives are more prominent now, they seem to be hidden and although you can identify these hidden matters, those around you may not wish to acknowledge them openly. The Moon is a good card for writers, artists and those who convey their feelings in concrete form. It allows the creative writer or painter to regurgitate natural feelings as they visit the deep, dark recesses of the mind.

The Moon card may mean that strong dreams at night disturb sleep, or that you are unable to sleep at night, and that there is a strong link to your subconscious mind through your dreams. Sometimes when you are experiencing an omen-like dream, or dreaming of a possible outcome to a current problem, the Moon card is chosen in the analysis of the deck. If the Moon card and the Chariot row come together, it may represent a Cancerian person or a Cancerian subject that is overcoming your fears so that creative ideas can be transformed into a realizable form. When the Moon card is square, it may refer to a person whose reason drives their emotions.

The Moon corresponds to the astrological sign of Pisces, which is associated with psychic, mystical and sensual qualities, as well as the Greek mythological goddess of the moon, Artemis.

The Moon, number 18, is a higher level 8 power card, and can be compared here to the 17th Star card (1+7=8). The number 8 is implied in both the Moon and the Stars cards, however, the two cards express the power implication in different ways. In the Star, the lion's animalistic nature is gone; the Moon takes the lion into the wildest of wildernesses, restoring it to its original animalistic nature and confronting it with its primal fears. In numerology, 18 also implies 9 (1+8=9), so the Moon card is also associated with the 9 Hermit card.

If the Hermit ascends to the peaks in pursuit of the highest consciousness, the Moon is a quest into the deepest recesses of the human heart, which often harbors many unexpected things, some of which are not even very pleasant.

The Moon conjures up images of romantic evenings in the modern world, but this does not apply to the Moon in Tarot. In contrast to the bright and positive feelings of the Sun, the Moon is much more subtle and strange. Although the Moon reflects the light of the Sun, it is weak and subtle. In English, the word lunacy means insanity or madness, which comes from the Latin word for moon, luna, so why does the moon give people such an impression? We can imagine the creepy image of a werewolf howling at the full moon. It is a statistically proven fact that during a full moon, crime and suicide rates increase, as well as mental illness. The moon's appearance at night is often the most frightening time of the year.

Humanity's deepest fears often come from the unknown. In the image, only the faint light of the moon reflects on the road, while the end of the road is unknown, even if it leads to an exit, few dare to go forward at night, because we cannot see what lies ahead. The dogs and wolves guarding the road also feel the fear and bark at the moon, they represent the animalistic nature of the human heart, which is mostly irrational emotions. The crayfish looming in the pool also show that the most frightening moment is when facing the unknown, not after the enemy has already appeared. Just like when we watch a horror movie, the moment when the ghosts and monsters have not yet appeared is the moment when we feel the most nervous.

Imagination is quite powerful, and it can produce peace, harmony and joy very quickly; it can also produce pain, fear, sadness and anger just as quickly. If I were to describe to you a hairy, long-legged spider crawling across the face of a child sleeping in a wicker chair on a balcony, an image, or some kind of reaction, would come to your mind. If I were to describe a clean white linen tablecloth fluttering around your feet while you sipped a cold drink and watched the sun set lazily into the sea, then you would experience another image, or another reaction.

Think of someone who has hurt you deeply in the past, think of an unresolved issue. Whenever you think of that person or that situation again, you may experience some level of pain again. It is your imagination that is hurting you now, your imagination that is taking advantage of that person or situation, taking advantage of them without their knowledge and without their unity. Do you know how many people are using their imagination in this unhelpful, even harmful form?

On the other hand, the Moon also symbolizes the subconscious mind, and we enter into unknown subconscious explorations in the Moon card, perhaps through dreams, fantasies, or by experiencing particular emotions and fears. The appearance of the Moon may indicate that the person is experiencing strange daydreams, hallucinations, psychic visions, dreams, or all sorts of weird and wacky things, as well as out-of-body experiences, bizarre coincidences, hypnotherapy, and other special experiences. Sometimes the person may feel an unending stream of creative inspiration and a dramatic increase in imagination. These are all mediums of contact with the subconscious mind, which should not be resisted or denied, but should be seized as a good opportunity to explore the subconscious mind.

In divination, the appearance of the Moon often indicates that the person concerned is feeling uneasy, confused and fearful, which may be due to the confusion of facing the future, or the uneasiness of facing unfamiliar situations. Sometimes it represents hidden secrets, dangers or enemies, misunderstandings and frauds, or even inexplicable rumors and slander.

In relationships, it usually represents the person's fear of relationships, lack of confidence, restlessness and moodiness. When faced with these situations, human instincts often act irrationally in order to survive. At this point, it is important to understand that after the Moon, the Sun card on the 19th is about to rise. Only those who are clear that the Sun is our ultimate goal will be able to pass the test of the Moon. Just as the expedition in the fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings set out on a long and thrilling journey represented by the Moon card, it is only by embracing the Sun that the people of the show will be able to make it through to the end and reach the Moon's ultimate goal of returning to the light once again. Although the Moon implies the 9 Hermit card, the Hermit does not appear here to lead us, because the deepest fears of our subconscious must be faced by us.

In terms of career, the Moon usually refers to an artistic or creative endeavor, or a situation where you work more at night than you do during the day. Typical endeavors in this area may include writing, interior design in photography, or anything that requires the use of the imagination. Sometimes the moon can also suggest deception. Something is hidden, so you have to look deeper than the surface to discover the truth about a certain state of affairs.

The Moon suggests that you need to face your fears as they may be holding you back from doing something or getting something. Pay more attention to your subconscious thoughts.

In relationship analysis, the Moon represents the idea that everything is good on the surface, but underneath there is a lot going on - in everyday life there is harmony, but underneath there is something undiscussed, unrecognized, or unresolved. Perhaps you have some fear of a deeper commitment, or you want to leave the relationship, but the fear pulls you back in. Your partner may be bringing back memories of past relationships between the sexes, or unresolved things from your parents' relationship. Things can't be taken at face value, and if you're willing to listen to your dreams or subconscious mind, you may be able to discover what's really going on deep down inside you.

In terms of money significance, the Moon card may suggest that you are making money by being creative. Now may be the time to analyze and admit that there are undercurrents in the workplace, as appearances may be obscuring the real situation. In career matters, the Moon can sometimes be seen when management is working on a reorganization plan that has not yet been announced to the workforce. It may be that the employees know that changes are being made, but fear prevents them from facing up to the sinister realities of the situation. When the Moon card appears in a career or financial problems deck, night work may also be the meaning it suggests.

Life-wise, this card is reminding you to pay special attention to the way you sleep. Anyone who has experienced insomnia knows how damaging it can be to your focus, vitality, sense of humor and mood. I had a client who was advised by his physician to undergo a physical examination, and when the Moon card came up during his health analysis, he was simply terrified. Two months later he called me to tell me that the practitioner had found a small mass in his left chest, not life threatening yet, but still a shock to him.

Spiritual in the sense that deep fears and insecurities come to the surface in dreams at night, like a dog barking in the night and making a lot of noise. Fear, hope, longing and eroticism haunt your subconscious, hoping to seek catharsis through dreams or creative writing. This final trial to the world row gives you a chance to see the doubtful and insecure parts of yourself. Great journeys sometimes hit mental or emotional roadblocks, but that won't stop you from continuing to sell your life's purpose.

Core Tip

The moon symbolizes listening to your dreams in order to find peace in your inner world. Due to human frailty, the moonlit night is low, the scene is disorienting and eerie, bringing terror and evoking deep feelings of unease. If we confront and analyze such feelings with faith, it will bring rewards and peace.
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Knowledge Expansion

This card symbolizes dark times in life, panic in all areas, fear and anxiety, especially in relationships, which are often turbulent and treacherous.
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Card Meaning Extension

In terms of specific events, it is easy to encounter unknown or hidden enemies. This situation is like encountering a villain, which may be related to some slander, vilification, or false accusations or blackmail.
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