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The Star Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Seeing things in such an overly glorified light that you can't see the truth of the matter

Card Details

The stars are inverted, a bleak light, distant unattainable hopes, unrealistic ideals, an illusory world, broken dreams. This is a time of unfulfilled wishes, disappointment, pessimism, unfulfilled expectations, and loss of hope for the problems of the horoscope.

If you want to explore the reasons, perhaps it is because your own consciousness is confused and unclear, or perhaps you have been blinded by the phantom, and thus you are looking in the wrong direction and recognizing the wrong star. Not their own star, not their own road, not their own life, looking for the wrong goal and lost their way, in such a situation, the mood of the chagrin and sadness can be imagined.

If you look carefully, the water has a reflection, with the reflection of the star, the woman's face. That is because what you see is a reflection, an illusory star in the water, an impossible hope. So it represents an illusion, a phantom, an illusion. To be in a hallucination is to be unconscious, to be absorbed in the fantasy, not wanting to come out, not recognizing the truth. Over time one can become stubborn or bullheaded, appear a bit arrogant or thoughtless, restless or insensitive, which is actually caused by inner weakness and powerlessness.

Card Meaning Deduction

The Star inverted means that you are not currently in touch with the source of your subconscious energy and may feel limited by life or disconnected from the source of your creativity. This card could represent an artist or someone with a creative career who seems unable to come up with new ideas. Currently you lack inspiration because you can't touch your subconscious mind.

It may be that you feel the need to take a break for a while, take a vacation, or have more freedom, but what you need should be freedom of the mind, not the flesh. When the stars are in retrograde, it means that the soul connection to life or the world is severed. Thus emptiness, loneliness, or a retreat into the intellect can occur, which can lack the confidence that "things will improve in the future".

It can also mean that you have lost your purpose, which is what you are supposed to be doing in this lifetime. Things are not able to bring you the fulfillment they once did, and you are not able to give them the same level of commitment as you once did. It's time to return to the High Tower so that you can eliminate those things that no longer have value in relation to your life, and further discover a clear, simple connection with your subconscious.

The reversed Star card suggests that you are not confident that life will support you in your endeavors. It's time to go back to the Higher Towers so that you can remove any obstacles that may be holding you back in your endeavors. When you have full confidence that life will support you, you are free to return to the positive Star card to explore the freedom that leaving behind financial and repetitive structures gives you.

You're in touch with your subconscious mind now and it's possible to feel disconnected from your creativity, intuition and inspiration and you may feel as if you've lost your purpose. But remember and pursue that goal, the first thing you need is the confidence that the Star card gives you. In matters of career or travel, a reversed Star card may suggest work-related travel, so you won't be able to rest and relax while you're on the road. What the reversed star card shows is traveling with a specific purpose inside your head.

With the stars in opposition, the person loses the ability to maintain inner confidence and is cut off from the subconscious mind, leaving only despair and frustration instead of hope. The person becomes distrustful of others or of their own abilities, believing only in superficial values. Furthermore, when confidence is gone, the inner inferiority complex may turn into arrogance, and the person may treat others with disdain. At this point, the person should understand that the more complete the inner person is, the more mellow he or she will be.

In the money sense, you currently lack confidence in your finances and want to control them. This card suggests taking an annual vacation only to have your time taken up by an urgent call from the office. It's also possible that you're at the beach and you're worried that it's going to be a rainy day because you can't relax and enjoy your well-spent vacation.

The reversed star card is a message that if your job is a marathon race, your vacation is a rest stop along the way. Perhaps there's no way for you to get a break because you're currently overwhelmed by financial commitments.

The Meaning of Life, Reversed Stars card means that you have no confidence that life issues will stabilize or improve, suggesting that it's time for you to return to the subject of the Higher Towers card and take ownership of the changes that the Higher Towers offer. When Tanya took a mini vacation from his happy financial problems and stressful work life, his allergy symptoms clearly cleared up. He's a busy man, and knowing that he turned over the reversed stars card made him associate his annoying skin problems with his work stress. When you need confidence the most, it's actually when you need to seek control the most.

You have very little faith that life will support you, and when you're overwhelmed by the responsibilities of your job, you can become foolish, lethargic and deeply frustrated. The antidote is to take a well-deserved vacation.

Core Tip

The disillusionment caused by the star's reversed position can also be a complete awakening, which is a new realization, or a return to the reality side of things. So there can be a small closure to a situation or relationship ~ an end to an unsatisfying or unpleasant experience, or a poorly run business.
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Knowledge Expansion

As the orthostatic star is harmonizing and balancing, the retrograde position is unbalancing and loss of smooth life and hopes. In the face of these disappointments, blame it on bad luck and lack of opportunity. In fact, as long as you have solid confidence and pursue your goals, hope is in the distance.
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Card Meaning Extension

This card is damaging to friendship, not to mention disillusionment of feelings. Regarding love, it's just an illusory shadow, mistaken for truth, mistaken for what it is, a mistake in a relationship or a misunderstanding of feelings.
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