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The Star Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

A source of dreams, creativity and confidence in the possibilities of life

Card Details

This card is one of the Tarot cards that is peaceful and serene, cozy and beautiful. The creation of the image points to the beauty of the starry sky, the beauty of the landscape, and the beauty of the Star Goddess. There is a clear pond or lake, a source of water that invites endless thoughts and reveals that this is an oasis. The oasis represents a vision of beauty and all the hope of getting what you want. Bright prospects, full of confidence and optimism, feeling satisfied and happy. A longing for life. This is your promised land, the fountain of desire, the source of joy. There must be a lake within the oasis, bringing you substantial nourishment and moisturizing, and the dense greenery around the lake, allowing you to rest peacefully and experience warm feelings.

The woman by the lake can be seen as a visualization of the main star in the sky, representing eternal youth and beauty, while the star is the "bright crystal" in the sky. Her body is naked, with her left knee kneeling on the ground, which symbolizes the manifestation of the consciousness, and her right foot stepping into the water of the pool, which symbolizes the subconsciousness. She holds a water pot in each of her right and left hands, which is filled with Water of Life. The water from her right hand pot is poured into the pond, causing ripples, while the water from her left hand pot is poured onto the verdant grass, splitting into five streams symbolizing the five senses of human beings, and one of them flows back into the pond to enrich the fountain of the subconscious mind once again.

Behind the woman was a large expanse of flower-filled grassland, and a mountain range, with a clear sky, a huge golden eight-pointed star, and seven smaller white eight-pointed stars surrounding it. This large star represents guidance, the indicator of the heart, and this star is also the Star of Hope, which represents infinite power and hope for the future. The large star is surrounded by seven other smaller stars, representing the Seven Observations or the Seven Stars that make up the week, which is related to time and the calendar, day counting. There are eight stars in total, and each star is an octomom, eight representing stability and blessing, and the 17th card contains both the numbers 7 and 8 ~ 1 + 7 = 8, hence the use of 8 as a numerical symbol for the asterism in the pattern.

The naked blonde woman, with the raised hill to her back right, has a short shrub at the top of the hill, with a few leafy branches growing from it. It is a fig tree, representing a hopeful and spiritual life force. On a tree sits an ibis with wings outstretched to symbolize wisdom, the ibis being a hieroglyphic sign or symbol of Thoth, the god of Egyptian mythology, the guardian of time in ancient Egypt, the creator of all the arts, and the guardian of the Akashicreconrds, which were the sacred books for the gods and goddesses of the world. guardian of the Akashicreconrds, which were transcribed for the gods and the patron saints of healers.

The low mountains in the distance symbolize a psychological barrier, giving a sense of protection and security. The fig tree is full of energy as well as waiting for the expected fruits. The rebirth and anticipation of the immortal bird, the ibis, symbolizes the message, representing Thoth, the god of wisdom, the culture of writing, astronomy, astrology, etc., all derived from this deity, and also represents magic and wishes and good omens.

The whole night sky is blue, the greenery is clear, and the visibility in the distance is very high, indicating that it is a bright and clear night sky, with low mountains clearly visible in the distance. In fact, if you look closely, you can still see the reflection of the water, which is the reflection of the sky and the stars, and of course, it will also reflect the figure and face of the Daughter of the Stars. The composition of this card also resembles another card, Temperance, in many ways, and can be considered another form of expression of Temperance, indicating harmony with the earth.

Whenever you draw inspiration from that creative source (the pool) to produce something exact and tangible, a portion of what you create flows right back to the source (note the water that flows from her left-handed kettle to the ground, flowing back into the pool). And so other people in another part of the world will be able to approach your ideas because they are stored inside the pool. Corl Jung called this the "collective unconscious". It is also called the soul of the world or the memory of the universe. This is why Turtle is part of the star, as he is the deity in charge of the "Akasha Book" - a record of all the activities of all beings, both those who have lived and those who will live.

The star points the way to the subconscious, and in the Pope's card, she can only vaguely feel its presence because of the curtain separating her from the pool. The eight corners of the star mean the eight gods that accompany Turbot. Eight is a number that represents strength and regeneration, and since Turbine is the patron saint of healers, it is also seen as a symbol of healing oneself.

The card meanings are deduced

After the shifting of the Hightower, a state of tranquility has now set in. The Star is a card that represents deep confidence in oneself and in the possibilities of life. After some emotional turmoil, a sense of peace and emptiness has returned. This is not a negative feeling of emptiness, but rather nothing in particular to worry about or resolve. The sense of urgency often found in the Higher Towers is now replaced by a sense of calm and peace.

The star corresponds to the astrological sign of Aquarius, number 17 in the Major Arcana, and we can think of it as the higher 7 Chariot card, where the star has moved beyond the stage of the Chariot controlling its external circumstances with strong willpower, and remains purely inner confidence and serenity. In numerology, 17 equals 8 (1+7=8), and we can also see this implication in the eight eight-pointed stars in the sky, so the Star also represents the higher Power card, where the uncontrollable desires of the heart (the Lion) are no longer present, and there is only a feeling of contentment.

The Star has quite a bit in common with the Temperance card. Both cards appear in the aftermath of a crisis, and both figures in the cards are holding water jugs, one foot on land and one foot in water, but the Star is more open and free than Temperance, which stays middle of the road. The woman in the Star is naked, without concealment or restraint; and she pours water unreservedly into the pool and onto the ground, as if the kettle will never run dry, whereas the water that Temperance pours is confined to the two cups. Moreover, the star appears after the Tower card, and the man in the caged tower is released by the lightning, and is at last truly free in the star.

After the Star appears in the Tower, when all the worldly values of the Tower have collapsed, the mind is finally given the opportunity to make room for what it really needs. The Star is the tranquility that comes after a dramatic change, when spring finally arrives. Sometimes it is when man has nothing left that he is fearless, for he has nothing left to lose. When he is free from the world's fame, fortune and social expectations, he is truly free and comfortable, and understands the truth of "crisis is opportunity". As the story of Pandora's box reveals, when Pandora recklessly opened the box and allowed all kinds of negative things to come to earth, at least there was still a "hope" in the box.

The stars represent hope, harmony, healing, calmness, serenity and tranquility, and are also associated with meditation, which is not an outward action, but an inward state. The Star represents a connection with the subconscious mind, even if the person does not feel it. There is a school of thought that considers the Star to be a card of destruction and loss, due to the fact that the Star and the Tower cards often imply each other. That is, the Tower's crisis is often followed by a deeper sense of serenity, while the Star's hope and faith are usually followed by a crisis, even if only one of the two is present in the spread, so that the significance of the other card is still implied. Therefore, if the person is in a period of great change and suffering, the presence of the Star is a good sign that the person will be able to follow his/her destiny, find a new outlet after the change, and remain emotionally stable. In the case of illness, the star indicates that the person will be able to heal the body and mind calmly.

The star gives us the question of how to keep faith and hope in the midst of life's storms, and not let the external world affect our inner peace. It is important to look at the current adversity from a broader perspective. Even in a situation as terrifying as a tower struck by lightning in the dark of night, believe that soon the sky will brighten, that the earth will be filled with birdsong and flowers, and that you will be able to pour out the unending fountain of life in peace.

After the materialistic Devil card and the Golgotha card, which could not warn of a change of heart, we have now moved on to the simple, stable and serene Star card. Clear skies and natural surroundings allow one to connect with the land and appreciate all the elements. The Star card can represent a vacation, a break from the stresses of everyday life, or simply a strong link to your creativity. This card represents the astrological sign of Aquarius, so when the Star card and/or the King of Swords are in the deck, it could be suggesting a certain Aquarius. The subject of Aquarius involves crossing the barrier between the conscious and the subconscious, and then being able to smash through the narrow-mindedness that exists between the real and the conventional. That barrier that separated the Pope from whoever was behind her in the Pope card no longer exists, and so sees this pool of clarity. In this pool of water she could see the clear imagery of inspiration, intuition and life. The action of pouring the wat

er on the land and the water flowing back into the pool meant an exchange of energy between the conscious and subconscious mind. He now stays in the center, so that he doesn't find his way to the sun like the Temperance card does. It is always a joy to have this card for the important moments.

The Star is a card that represents healing, inner healing, and understanding your true purpose in this life. All of your materialistic desires have been addressed in the Devil card, and you've crushed those unrealistic beliefs in the High Tower card, so by the time you get to the Star card, you have the freedom to pursue your true purpose. You are free to listen with your heart to the heart of the world, you can listen to your inner needs and let them express the plan of the universe, or you can go into the pool (through the subconscious level where the subconscious mind operates) and draw on the knowledge and energy you need to do so.

The stars can represent the astrological sign of Aquarius, as can the King of Swords, symbolized slightly less by the other court cards of the Swords. One of the subjects of Aquarius is the discovery of freedom to pierce the veil between the conscious and the subconscious, and to shatter the narrow-mindedness that exists between truth and tradition. The subject also includes recognizing our inner master (the subconscious) and channeling this energy into the body. This is usually met with opposition, inner opposition stemming from your respect for tradition and outer opposition from your natural resistance to change.

While the High Tower removes certain things that you believe are valuable in life, the Star is a card that represents rekindling hope. It represents the inner confidence of believing that tomorrow will be better. You can experience the subconscious mind directly, rather than its various symbols or imagery. You can experience this powerful energy and channel it into your life. For example, artists work with this energy to create something that touches the viewer's mood and soul. It is a card that represents confidence, hope and inner peace.

In layman's terms, the stars may suggest a vacation or a time when you can feel unhurried and at peace. With this card comes a sense of "room to think and act". During this time, you learn that you are the connection between your subconscious and the physical world. What you choose to express your subconscious mind is entirely up to you, so your best work or performance comes from the clearest communication with your subconscious.

The meaning on gender relationships, the stars suggest that you have faith in the relationship and believe that things will be optimistic. You have enough freedom and space to fulfill your own destiny and are in a loving relationship. The stars may be describing a relationship that is helpful in strengthening the connection between the subconscious and conscious worlds. In other words, in a relationship that offers support and freedom, you can live your truth or be your true self.

This card may be suggesting a vacation with a partner, or a partnership where you have autonomy and space. The cycle of karma is also a metaphor for this card, so you may well be destined to be together, or destined to experience the events that will manifest in the relationship.

As far as love is concerned: of course it is very beautiful and romantic, not too passionate or passionate and impulsive, it is more gentle, pure and longing, favoring spiritual love, pure love, the feeling of first love. Get along harmoniously and pleasantly, love and expression of communication are smooth. It is more of a beautiful friendship, warm and long term affection. This card can also represent the mingling of the past and present, a memory of past feelings surfacing.

In the money significance, the Star card represents a deep confidence in the possibilities of life, and this confidence may come from income generated by your creativity, or as a result of being creative in financial matters. The Star card may suggest that your needs are not great and that life supports you in an uncomplicated way. It could represent a vacation, or a time of leisure, and suggests that you can afford to spend money now. The Star card suggests that you have confidence in your future financial stability.

In a life sense, the Star card represents the astrological sign of Aquarius, and generally speaking, the Star is a positive card in a life analysis, suggesting that you have a healthy and positive outlook on life. He may also be suggesting that taking a vacation or short break now will help keep your life healthy.

Spiritually significant, the stars give you a break on your way to a spiritual peak and allow you to replenish your spiritual energy in a pool of clear, crystal-like water, allowing you to regain your confidence in the process of reaching your goals. Once you have awakened, you will feel connected to the abundance of life around you, and joy, happiness and creativity will surround you, slowing you down as you approach the finish line, not wanting to rush your arrival. You are confident that you will receive all that you are meant to accomplish in this life at the right time.

Core Tip

The Star card implies creativity and faith in the possibilities of life. The role of the stars is one of hope, and this card is a vision of light, hope and redemption, purification and peace. It is a projection of our inner longings and the fulfillment of those wishes.
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Knowledge Expansion

This card also represents inspiration and insight, where the clarity of water and the wisdom of the god Turbot come together to create a fountain of wisdom and inspiration. Enough wisdom to become the promised land of wishes is like the magical element of the heart's desire.
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Card Meaning Extension

There is moderation and equilibrium, strength and rescue in desires and work, hopes and results. The difference with the Power card is that the power comes from within and the star comes from without.
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