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The Sun Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

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Card Details

The reversal of the Sun card is a gradual diminution of the original energy, which means that the Sun is gradually eclipsing. We can say that the Sun is covered by clouds, and in the visualization of the reversed position, it means that the Sun is setting. Thus the Sun inverted also means that things are going downhill, that the peak has been passed, that the period of exuberance is over, that the brightest and hottest moments are no longer there, or that there is a moment of cloudy weather.

Perhaps the exuberance represented by the square card still exists, but it is weaker, as when the Sun is in a momentary haze and dims down. When the Sun is clouded, you are not in as good a mood as you could be, and you start to think a lot, even worry and worry, which makes it an unhappy time. Of course, the passion that the Sun represents also disappears, especially if it refers to love, or even a broken covenant or marriage, but the gloom always passes.

The child in the picture is jumping on a horse, yet after the reversal the horse is prone to losing its footing, perhaps prone to tripping, or even falling and tumbling off. The horse is unable to cross a fence and is blocked or fenced off. This wall will eventually become a kind of fence, and the original protective effect is no longer there, but will form a closed state, as well as loneliness, isolation, despondency, thoughts stuck at a certain point, can not get through and difficult to let go.

The card meanings are deduced

Although the Sun is said to be so bright, too much is too little and there are hidden dangers in everything. While the Sun brings us warmth and energy, it can also burn people and bake the earth into a desert.

When reversed, Witte believes that the Sun still has a positive significance, just to a weaker degree. The meanings commonly used in divination at the moment are: small success, belated success, success but still not satisfied, getting only to realize it is not what you want. At this time the person concerned may not be able to feel happy as easily as the child in the card, and even if he gets what he originally wanted, his big appetite is not satisfied. Or he may encounter some minor problems, like dark clouds temporarily blocking out the sun. You can treat the reversed Sun as a good card that is slightly weaker than the positive one, like Witt, or attach a bit of negative meaning to it, as long as it feels right to you, that's the meaning of the card that suits you.

Although the Sun is reversed, it means you still have some fears to overcome, but it is still a positive card. When the Sun card is positive, life and the world has your back, when it is reversed you have certain doubts. Clouds are now obscuring the Sun, so although it is still daytime, the warmth and light has diminished a little, as you still have the same feelings of fear within you that you were exposed to in the Moon card.

The Sun reversed can symbolize a competitive attitude towards life and creativity. This is based on the fear of inadequacy - of not having enough support, of not having enough opportunities or love. It can be a fundamental fear that the world will not support your efforts. In gender relations, it may suggest two people who are in competition with each other.

In a career analysis, this card suggests that in order to stand out in a sales or creative endeavor, one must be extremely competitive. It could be describing a creative program that is successful in the eyes of others, yet you expect more and you want more to feel satisfied. So the Sun card reversed can also be seen as competing with yourself, or with an ideal of perfection.

When the Sun card is reversed, it indicates that a competitor is unkind to the goals you desire. A creative lifestyle makes you work hard to fulfill your dreams. Those around you may be jealous of your lifestyle, not realizing that it takes hard work to maintain this form of life. The reversed Sun card means that during this time, your accomplishments will draw attention to you and compare you to those who are successful or more experienced than you in your field.

This reversed Sun card is like a singer who has made it to the top ten of the charts and is missing out on the competition that is right behind her. A return to the positive Moon card is necessary to overcome your fears. Perhaps your creativity has gotten in the way, or you're feeling competition more than opportunity right now. So you focus more on getting opportunities through competition, which requires constant creativity, but forget to enjoy the joy of creativity.

If there were no night, how could people be so loyal to the light of day. Re-entering the Moon card and facing your deep fears will set you free before re-entering the square Sun card allows wisdom to arise from innocent experience. Perhaps this is also the time to revert back to the other card representing the Power card subject of Leo, get close to your inner power and you can move towards the World card.

The significance of money, you are now being catapulted out by big goals, investing money and energy once again to build up bigger opportunities for your own sake. The reversed Sun card represents a return to the Moon card of unrecognized fears, and these underlying fears push you to be stronger in pursuing opportunities. Fear of poverty forces you to work throughout the glorious summer, and as a result, it measures you away from enjoying the rewards you deserve.

This card inverted usually means that the questioner is engaged in sales. It shows a strong competitive instinct, and this is the dark side of Leo, there is an innate desire to dominate, and there is always with a gusto for competition. This card, even when reversed, can mean success in the field of sales. While a reversed Sun card usually confirms financial success, he suggests that you may not enjoy this achievement as you will also have the ongoing ability to maintain or expand this source of income. It is time to return to the subject of the Moon card to reflect on what motivates you to work so hard in order to confirm or recognize other directions in life.

The Meaning of Life, Sun card reversed may suggest that in order to change the state of your life, your life needs more time for play and less competition. This advice is like a horse's ear, though, because competitive people still like to compete even in the middle of a game.

When the reversed Sun card appears, it's time to take more care of the body. And letting go of stress may harmonize the body. Certain creative (rather than competitive) endeavors are proving beneficial to physical and mental health, such as painting, playing music, writing, yoga or gardening.

Core Tip

The sun card inversion still has the power of the positive, just temporarily obscured light, how heavy clouds will eventually be dispersed, how dark the night there will always be the time of daybreak, you are a general, and why worry about not having an army of thousands of horses.
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Knowledge Expansion

When the sun is covered by dark clouds, which cannot be reversed by human power, the individual is prone to a state of powerlessness, and the life force is in a state of weakness, but the sun will not disappear, waiting for the clouds to clear, and the time will come when the sky will be clear.
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Card Meaning Extension

In event divination, this card reversed can see the temporary cancellation or delay of plans, and the success of the matter in question may be diminished or delayed, but not to the point of total loss.
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