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The Sun Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

You are oriented towards greater splendor, like a sunflower.

Card Details

The golden color of the sun, against a blue sky, almost fills the picture, and the sun rays have all extended to the ground, with the implication of nourishing life. Adorable naked child on horseback, crossing a gray fence, with a smile on his face. The child holds a flagpole in his left hand, and reinforces the character of the sun by holding aloft a red flag, which is a long strip of red cloth that unfolds in a downward wave and rolls over the slender flagpole. The color red itself represents enthusiasm and exuberant vitality, and the red flag represents joyous celebration. The sun is already alive and hot, and the red flag is meant to emphasize, in particular, the fiery emotion and love that exists between human beings.

The child wears a wreath of daisies on his head, as well as a red feather. This feather is the same one that appears in the Fool and the Grim Reaper, symbolizing that the sun sign has crossed the line of death and is reborn. Behind the wall, sunflowers are planted, and inside is a man-made garden. The child leaps away from the garden, signifying that he does not need these man-made products, and that he is the most innocent, natural, and does not need to hide, just like his naked body. The child feels the wisdom of innocence with simplicity, and wherever he goes, the kind face of the sun is always watching over the child, and thus the child has some magical behavior ~ he can get along naturally with horses without having to ride his mount, and moves around in almost complete harmony and integration. The Son of the Sun represents the enlightened mind of self-awareness, and the White Horse is the natural nature of the animal, the revived mind is the conscious dimension that will guide the natural nature and the subconscious mind to move forward in a state of perfect harmony.

On the upper edge of the stone wall of the garden, several sunflowers are planted and they are standing upright. The sunflower is a symbol of light and represents the sun, and these plants also indicate thriving. There are four sunflowers in the picture, representing the four elements merging again, symbolizing the four elements and the four decks of Little Arcana. Each sunflower is an alter ego of the sun, receiving energy to blossom into life. Interestingly, the four sunflowers are directed toward the child, not the sun, indicating that this happy child already has enough energy.

These sunflowers are also linked to the daisy wreath on the child's head, which concentrates the energy on the child's head. The energy is concentrated in the child's head, suggesting the union of man and nature, with the spiritual power of the sun being given to mankind. Because of the child's innocence, he is able to truly possess the seal of Nature and the seal of Art, which means that he is receptive to nature and has a talent for art, and this card shows artistic achievement.

The Horse is a symbol of active life force. The white horse is clean and fresh in color, representing high spiritual willpower and a high level of innocence. There is no saddle on the horse's back, and the child does not control it with a halter, not even with both hands, showing that the energy symbolized by the horse is fully under control. The child holds the red flag in his left hand, which symbolizes the subconscious mind, and the red flag, which also symbolizes action, indicating that he no longer has to control it with his right hand, which symbolizes the conscious mind, as in the chariot, and that he can control everything easily and naturally.

Behind the child and the white horse is a whole wall of stone, which crosses the whole of the picture below, and occupies a considerable weight. This wall, made of stone and brick, is of a grayish tone, a symbol of solidity and rigidity, of stagnation, and of indifference. It is the wall of a garden; the wall is a boundary behind which suggests the past, the receding. A fence in the sun also implies being favored and protected.

The wall represents a barrier that divides two different worlds, which denotes the separation of human viewpoint formation. Only the transcendental consciousness, which universalizes all things like the sun, can have a broad vision and an inclusive heart. The stone wall is an isolating effect, keeping out external dangers, but it may also form a barrier to the outside world. So this card also serves to protect from outside elements.

Behind the wall is an invisible garden, representing the original state of real life, in which life is stable and regular and protected. But one day the boundaries can be crossed and a richer world will be revealed. The child and the white horse symbolize the transcendence of spirituality. Jumping away from the wall means breaking away from barriers, allowing freedom of mind, body and action, and suggests that one should break down the barriers between people, dissolve the coldness of the mind and allow oneself to have a broader vision. And then, like the child and the white horse, one can continue on a broader journey, so that one can truly thrive and let one's boundless thoughts shine like the sun on the earth.

The child is naked, representing the innocence of the heart, and his arms are open and his limbs are stretched out, revealing his innocence. The gesture is in the shape of a large zigzag, a gesture of stretching and cheering, and the child is riding a tall white horse!

The sun in the background is the source of life, the source on which everything depends. The sun's rays are self-generated, not reflected, and are very different from the moon's, which is depicted in the upper part of the picture as a kind and benevolent face. There are 21 rays in all, alternating between two kinds of lines, one straight and the other undulating and curved and darker in color, with a clear distinction between the two. We clearly see that the straight rays divide the sun into twelve equal parts around it, and although the top yellow straight line is missing, the whole is the twelve houses of the zodiac in which the sun travels from week to week.

There are curved lines in each house, with the exception of the upper two houses, which are still not drawn with the wave lines they should have, but are cleverly filled in with card numbers to give the yellow lines, 21 in all, representing the 21 Major Arcana other than the Fool, and on closer inspection there is a black curved ray next to the Roman numeral at the top, representing the Fool (or the center of the Sun, according to another theory). (another says that the center of the Sun is the Fool). Mary K. Greer, an American tarot reader, suggests that there is a little secret hidden in the Sun cards. In the lower right of the picture, below the artist's signature, the four letters LOVE appear in the shadow of the fence. Very unassuming, please come on a treasure hunt.

Card Meaning Deduction

The Sun, as the name suggests, corresponds to the Sun in astrology, and Apollo, the sun god of Greek mythology, full of all positive and positive forces, warm and bright. It is worth noting that in older versions of the Tarot there are two children in the Sun card, associated with the astrological sign of Gemini, but Waite has changed it to just one, where the Sun card is not associated with Gemini, but belongs to the Sun.The Sun in the 19th is a step higher, the Hermit in the 9th, where the Hermit has only a small lantern emitting the light of wisdom, and the Sun emits a light that illuminates the whole earth, indicating that the Hermit is here to achieve victory and his wisdom illuminates the whole crowd.

The Sun also implies the Wheel of Fortune #10 (1+9=10), and the Fool #1 (1+0=1) . In the Wheel of Fortune, we are not sure whether our future destiny is light or darkness, and in the Sun, we finally get the full light. And the newborn in the Sun is the Fool who has just embarked on the journey of life where he reaches success.

When the Sun appears, there is an atmosphere of hope and joy, and all is smooth sailing and all-round success. Ask for health without worries, for love to be fulfilled, for marriage to be a hundred years old, for academic success, and even more so for career. Most importantly, the person's heart will also feel happy. If the divination is on traveling, the person may go for sunbathing or go to a hot country. If you have ever done a weather reading, the Sun of course indicates a cloudless and sunny day. If you represent people, the Sun may represent babies, children, happy people, inventors, important people, and so on.

When everything is so beautiful, the mood is free and happy. At this time, any simple happiness brings great joy. Some people ask which is the best card among the seventy-eight Tarot cards. Actually, each card has its light side and dark side, but the Sun card is probably the one with the most light side.

As mentioned earlier, in the Marseilles or other ancient versions of the Tarot, there are two children on the Sun card. So traditionally the Sun card has also had a meaning of groups, such as partnerships, companionships, societies, etc., and usually very successful and happy groups. But in the Weart version, the meaning of the cards for groups is less obvious.

You have faced your darkest fears in the dream world and in the Sun card creativity reveals itself in a new form. The Sun represents a time of playfulness, a carefree summer day and is full of opportunities. In this card, a naked child riding a gentle horse, holding an orange flag (the orange lion in the Strength card) and wearing a red feather (the Fool's reminder) is still fearless. This is the second card in the Major Arcana representing Leo and the Beast in the Strength card transforms into a flag in this one. Reason now guides passion (orange), which can be seen by having the color yellow as the dominant color in this card.

The Sun card reveals a time of creativity, fun, and understanding of your goals. The Sunflower evokes the fervor of the Queen of Scepters (the third card representing Leo) and the protection and stability brought by the Fences and the Horse. The Sun card represents a time of inner peace with an abundance of creativity as well as the joy of life. You are aware of the beauty of life and are attentive to the changing seasons, realizing that although challenges still come to test you, you choose to continue to be happy.

The Sun symbolizes joy, inner peace, and the need to express yourself. It also represents the understanding that happiness is a choice. The Sun represents a delightful relief. It signifies the power of awakening enough to banish darkness. It represents a natural tendency to express the unconscious and subconscious forces within. It is hopeful, idealistic, and straightforward in its naivety. This card represents a time of clarity, optimism and joy in all things under the sun. Everything is now clearly visible and there is no trace of the fear experienced in the Moon. The Sun implies a deeper understanding of life, yet the ability to derive satisfaction from the superficial and simple. It shows a state of activity, creativity, and energy, a state that small children can naturally experience.

The difference here is that in the Moon you have confronted your fears and no longer have the typical fears of a child of the dark or the unknown. In the Devil you confronted your dark side, in the Moon you confronted your fears, in the Stars you experienced creativity, and in the Sun now you find that you can happily express your inner self in your own unique way. The Sun is a card that represents Leo, and it unifies three parts of the subject. The first part consists of recognizing the beast that lurks within you in the Power card.The gray stone wall represents the past and can also be used as a boundary, a self-boundary, to guard against the negative influences that others may bring to you. Establishing the boundaries of the self is the second part of Leo's subject. This wall prevents confusion and distraction and allows you to communicate directly with the unconscious and express it intelligently. The Sunflower indicates the bright personality and positive actions of the Queen of Scepters, which is also a Leo card.

This full-bodied, naked child on horseback is not limited by fear, custom or inner opposing forces, as these things have already been resolved among the previous cards (subjects). The garden represents the inner garden or soul, while the feathers in the child's hair represent the Fool or embarking on a journey. This card links the tangible world represented by the animal (horse), the plant (sunflower), the elements (sun, air) and the stone wall. The subject of the third part of Leo is expressing yourself in a simple and joyful way or manifesting God or the Creator through yourself.

The Sun is a card that represents Leo astrologically, especially if accompanied by the other court cards of Power, Queen of Scepters or Scepter. It suggests some kind of creative endeavor, including self-expression, such as an acting career, painting, dancing or singing. It represents major success in life, career or gender relationships. The Sun symbolizes joy and inner peace, and a sense that the universe is a fun and creative place. The Sun is the full manifestation of freedom. It is a complete liberation from the daily limitations of the conscious mind to a state of openness, awakening and freedom. It is an inner freedom that can lead to physical freedom. The Sun shows joy, peace, happiness and a creative approach to life and a deep appreciation of the beauty of life.

The Sun possesses the optimism of the Fool, the purpose of the Magician, the intuitive understanding of the Pope, and the passion of the Empress. This card also includes the pragmatism of the Emperor, the spiritual awakening of the Missionary, the realization of the role others play in your life in the Lovers, and the training of feelings in the Chariot.

The Sun absorbs the inner strength in the Power card, the wisdom gained by the Hermit from introspection, the tenure of the Wheel of Fortune over life and its cycles, the perception of the cycle of cause and effect in Justice, and the obedience of the Hanged Man. It is also the product of a synthesis of the cards: obedience to change in Death, appropriate use of behavior in Temperance, confronting the Dark Side in the Devil, freedom from bondage in the Tower, confidence and hope in the Stars, and finally descending into the unconscious to face fear in the Moon, building confidence based on knowledge and direct experience.

Above all, the Sun is a card that makes you happy in your life and in yourself. It represents an inner knowledge that you understand that challenges are important; that challenges can test you and make you grateful for some of the little gifts that life continues to bestow upon you. It also represents the knowledge that you know that happiness is a choice, and that it doesn't need to have any connection to the tangible things around you. It may be that someone is offering you a course in happiness. A diploma of happiness is a credential you can wear on your face and buried deep in your heart.

Money-wise it makes sense that by picking the Sun card in the deck of financial issues, you are like being in the middle of a financial summer. Money comes and goes too quickly for you right now. Creative solutions provide a steady income and new opportunities are at your fingertips. The Sun sign means you can afford to do what you want to do.

Life significance, when conducting a life analysis the Sun card appears to represent a burning love for life, this card may also suggest vitality or fever. Broadly speaking, a square Sun card suggests a healthy and energized life.

Spiritually significant, your spiritual journey is filled with feelings of creativity and wonder. Life is both glorious and abundant, and you feel like a child of the universe. When you live your life with a sense of joy, natural nonchalance and playfulness, then creativity will flow. Like a child, you adapt easily to your environment and make the most of each day. The Sun card gives you time to explore your creative opportunities and share your understanding of life with others.

When inquiring about relationships, it represents a sincere and passionate love that is direct and unobtrusive, so it's not ambiguous, it's a bright union. Of course, it also represents a happy, beautiful and sweet intimate relationship. Because of the sun and the red color assurance, ask about engagement and marriage, are beautiful answers. The red carpet is already going to be rolled out, the engagement and marriage will be consummated, and the married person is even happier and happier with their married life.

What the Sun card covers is not necessarily narrow love; the picture is not specifically limited to the world of two people, and can encompass all kinds of human feelings, all healthy and harmonious relationships. It can even be said that the love shown by the Sun card is the love of love.

The significance of the sun in gender relations is that it depicts a creative and fun relationship, where childlike innocence and playfulness can be seen at any time in everyday life. I know a man who spends a lot of time thinking of fancy ways to tell his partner how much he treasures her. From a short note of love in the fridge, to a large heart pattern on the kitchen floor; from little ribbons tied in the pleats of the living room curtains, to two tickets to her favorite ballet in her slippers, so she'd find them when she woke up early in the morning.

Together, these two couples play a variety of games, and they understand the value of friendship in a loving relationship. The Sun is a card that can share the simple pleasures of life, but they still have a deep understanding of life and a deep purpose that guides them, and the world will work together to support them and help them fulfill it whenever they need it.

Core Tip

This card expresses the view of being at the height of the day, at the peak and at the top of the heap. When this card divines events, they are undoubtedly all about success and achievement. With such a powerful energy, the Sun card makes one's spirit high and radiant, the whole person full of vigor and vitality, and life is incredibly fresh and interesting.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Sun has a selfless heat and spreads enthusiasm without discrimination, so it also represents brotherly love and love of mankind. In divination, the color red indicates warmth of heart, sincerity and selflessness, which creates good relationships with others.
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Card Meaning Extension

This card also represents satisfaction and contentment, pleasure in material and sensual pleasures and delight in life, the joy that comes from the simplicity of things. And in this state of simplicity, it is more representative of a thriving world.
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