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The Tower Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Fear can stop you from seeing things clearly!

Card Details

The reverse position of the Tower, if understood in terms of the picture, is still one of collapse and rupture, and the meaning of the Tower in reverse is exactly that, there is still the catastrophic phenomenon of destruction and devastation, the difference being on other subtle levels. The Tower in reversed position also represents all these accidents and misfortunes, difficulties and disasters.

The destruction in the reversed position may be more complete than in the positive position, but in the midst of the destruction, people can survive, as in the reversed picture ~ the tower has fallen, but the people are standing upright. The two in the reversed picture can be seen as preventing, rescuing, redeeming, making amends, or escaping from a disaster, and the encounter at this time is like a desperate attempt to find a way to survive in the midst of adversity. Therefore, even if the environment is very destructive, the person concerned can be less hurt.

In this reversed Tower, we can see a rare spirit, a perseverance to save the day. However, this persistence can sometimes lead to an unnecessary persistence, an inability to break down ideas, and a strong defense of old traditions and ways of doing things. Sometimes it also means being trapped in an unhappy situation, living a standardized life, or even being subjected to long periods of stress that are difficult to abandon, and the person is powerless to direct any worthwhile change. It is most often seen in family relationships.

Card Meaning Deduction

The Tower Reversed has a similar meaning to the Aspect, but the change is not as drastic as the Aspect. It may be that the person is deeply repressing themselves and controlling what is going on, however this is not necessarily a good sign. Blindly suppressing can deprive oneself of valuable experiences and may eventually evolve into what Weart calls, the person imprisoning themselves in the Tower.

When the Tower is reversed, signs of change are still evident, though not as much as when it is positive. It may be describing a constant sense of being blocked or imprisoned as you don't allow all change to happen. This pain can be alleviated by taking firm control of your actions, but doing so can also slow down your growth. This reversed card means that you need to return to the Devil card so that you can become proficient in the subjects you must learn.

The reversed Hightower indicates your resistance to letting go of what you've suppressed, which could lead to another force emerging and bringing about another sudden, explosive change. No matter how much you resist change, it will happen sooner or later.

The High Tower card inverted means that a sudden change sweeps across your home or work, though you remain standing. Perhaps you dodged a bullet amidst a wave of layoffs, or a fire just happened to break out in your office the day you stayed home due to illness. Yet being a survivor under change is not always pleasant. When the reversed High Tower card appears in Jason's analysis, he explains that most of his friends are HIV-positive, and several of them have already died of AIDS. Although the AIDS virus hasn't gotten to him directly, for thirty-five-year-old Jason, he knows that in the years to come, perhaps he'll have to bury most of his friends. Maybe that was his special purpose in this life.

The significance of money, as implied by the High Tower card reversed, is that when circumstances change, you are saved from loss or destruction of your possessions because of your quick action and decisive decision making. Unless you are able to be confident and calm under the pressure of the overdraft process, you may not want to risk engaging in financial speculation.

The meaning of life, through conscious action or just subconscious decisions, is avoided through sudden illness or health problems without warning. The passengers who didn't get on the Titanic are examples of people who changed their own circumstances before an unprepared accident occurred, saving them from becoming the protagonists of a tragedy. Because the reversed Hightower signifies a return to the positive Devil card, perhaps you are experiencing life issues represented by this card, such as temptation, bondage, lust, or sexual problems.

It could also be describing you holding on to a situation that is long out of place.

Alfred has been broken up with Christine for over two years and when I visit him, it's as if she still lives over there. Everything Christine hadn't taken with her was there as before, even her clothes were still in the closet. Alfred lived in a house so full of Christine's shadow that it was a museum dedicated to her.

"You could have a big auction of fire-damaged items." I hit the nail on the head when I said, "I have a box of matches in my car if you want to have a real or in damage item sale."

Alfred refused to change; refused to adapt to his new life and was blind to the fact that life in its meticulous way was going to help him change.

Core Tip

The reversed Hightower represents your efforts to suppress matters that are about to explode, and sudden changes come from a place where the causes of these destructive events have been present for a long time, and cannot be resisted on their own, so the nature of the situation is yet to be explored.
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Knowledge Expansion

This card inverted also has this perspective, in which the person is imprisoned and does not jump out, surviving upside down from the world, confined to his own fence, like the last emperor's castle, holding on to the last corner of his territory.
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Card Meaning Extension

Sometimes this card also represents a force that is brewing, on the eve of an explosion, like a feudal system and tyranny to be overthrown.
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