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The Tower Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

A sudden change, an unavoidable alteration in life

Card Details

The Tower of Babel is a tall tower on the top of a mountain that rises up into the clouds, symbolizing mankind's self-satisfied mentality and pride in material victories. Such a scene is very reminiscent of the construction of the Tower of Babel. In this story, this building, the blueprint of which was designed by mankind, should have been built with God's commendation, but mankind became so inflated and complacent that they thought they had to build the Tower of Babel in order to spy on God and leave their eternal name in the future. They even thought that from then on, they would be able to live a trouble-free life and be on a par with the heavens and God. Such an attitude led mankind to extinction, and they were finally punished by God. The etymology of the word "Babel" is: Hebrew means "chaos", while the Babylonian meaning is "gate of God".

The lightning in the tarot picture destroyed the tower of Babel. The lightning bolt, which came from the sky, shone with a golden color and turned three corners. At the end is an arrowhead, resembling the Mars symbol, which is a powerful destructive force. This lightning bolt, too, represents divine arbitration and revelation. It also symbolizes all plagues, the sword and weapons of war, and fire. It forms the shape of a "W", which is close to the word "ש" in the Hebrew alphabet, which is a type of sin and punishment wherever it comes from. Whose lightning is this lightning? Thunder and lightning were originally feared by mankind, and early Western also believed that lightning was a weapon used by the god Zeus to punish mankind. Zeus was the mythological god of lightning and the Lord God, lending this weapon of the identity of the master of the universe to express the actions of this supreme lord in punishing mankind.

This flash is also an electric wave-like, yellow fluorescent bright color that expresses the idea of the awakening of a clear consciousness. There is something about enlightenment, breaking the chaos of ignorance. In fact, the lightning is also a kind of stimulation and enlightenment, a head-banging, thunderous, heady wakefulness. Higher wisdom is gained only at a higher cost, by sacrificing and breaking with the past.

What kind of a building is this battered tower? The entire tower is constructed of stone or brick, with a grayish appearance, representing rigidity and perseverance. A crown was used in place of the top of the tower to indicate that this building was the top of wisdom, the crown of glory, and the indicator of spirituality. The lightning strikes the crown directly, causing it to tip up and fall, a failure of intellect and a crisis of faith, and suggesting that the lightning is selective in its aim. The crown symbolizes the spiritual side, and the crown, which was held aloft by materials such as stone and brick, is still not immune to falling. The whole tower is crumbling and disintegrating, and in addition to the top of the tower catching fire and emitting smoke, there are several fires coming out of the windows of the tower, and smoke is everywhere.

The tower was struck by lightning and burned up in destruction, and two men in the tower fell on their heads and feet. The crown at the top of the tower was struck by lightning and was about to fall. The tower symbolized material things, and the crown symbolized domination and achievement, as well as material things and wealth, which were destroyed by the lightning strike. While one of the people falling down is still wearing the crown, they can represent the Emperor and the Pope, signifying the collapse of the organization. The High Tower card represents a sudden and unforeseen change in your immediate life. The change comes so quickly that you are unable to assess it carefully and find the best way to cope with it. It may not be a bad change, and it could come in the form of an unexpected lottery win, an unexpected reduction in your workload, or falling in love just when you've given up on it.

The thunderbolts in the sky come directly from God's language, and there are twenty-two sparks on either side of them, as if they were scattered from a building. However, the shape of these dots is very special and contains a special meaning. This shape is called the "Finger of God" and is derived from the Hebrew alphabet. This is the tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, י Yod. This letter has only one dot, the simplest stroke, and the most foundational meaning. This Hebrew letter is also the first of the four letters of the tetragrammation י "ה "ו "ה "ה, which represent the name of God, the first creation of God's will. The "finger of God," י, represents God's creative power revealed here. There are twenty-two of these "Finger of God" points, twenty-two being the number of the Tarot Major Arcana, symbolizing the twenty-two Major Arcana cards of the Tarot. The points on the left side of the tower have twelve dots, twelve being a holistic number representing physical and spiritual perfection, the overall zodia

c, the twelve months or twelve hours. The right side of the tower has ten dots, representing the end of an old cycle and the beginning of a new one. The presence of these "Finger of God" points of light also indicates that God is involved in this event, and that the overall event is actually related to God's will. These dots, their number and arrangement, can also be taken as signs of causality and predestination. The gray cloud rains disaster on everyone, regardless of gender or class.

The whole scene is full of chaos, as is the conception of the pattern and its meaning. The blue-black background represents darkness, emptiness, heaviness and oppression. The dark blue part is a confusion of melancholy and sanity. The card is a failure and a going off the deep end. The physical structure of the Tower tends towards God, but the spirit turns away from God and tends towards the Devil, a period of darkness.

Card Meaning Deduction

The imagery of the Tower is often reminiscent of the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel in Genesis, as well as the more recent events of 9/11, when the famous landmark Twin Towers collapsed in an instant. The Tower corresponds to the destructive planet Mars, and its primary significance is sudden change, usually external and sudden, often beyond the person's control, and the shock may go deep within, affecting the person's overall values and beliefs and loss of security.

The Tower's number 16 is a higher number 6. Comparing it to the Lovers card, it is easy to see that the man and woman in the Lovers card are blessed by the angels, while the two people in the Tower are punished by heaven, which seems to imply that the union of pure love will be blessed and selfishness will be punished for acting against heaven. The Tower also implies the number 7 (1+6=7). In the Chariot card, the use of will to pursue legitimate victory will lead to success; whereas people in the Tower not only pursue success, but also delude themselves into thinking that they can surpass God and act against the heavens, which finally leads to failure. This reminds us that modern technology brings convenience to life, but if human beings abuse it, they will eventually suffer the consequences.

Natural and man-made disasters, unemployment, accidents, and changes, all these changes make sense from a macro point of view, but very few people can happily accept these catastrophic changes. When the tower appears, while complaining about how this happened to you, don't forget that the narrow gray tower is actually like a prison, and the sudden lightning strike, though unpleasant, frees those who are in the prison and still think it is a blessing. Listen carefully to the message from heaven, and the deeper meaning behind the event will emerge.

Without extraordinary destruction, there can be no extraordinary construction. The process of destruction is painful, but for the sake of a brighter future, the short-lived pain is worth it. It is like if the government starts to rectify the traffic, the people have to go through a period of darkness before they can enjoy the pleasure of smooth traffic. It is also like the creation of an ideal country is preceded by a bitter revolution. In divination, the Tower usually means that the person concerned is facing a crisis and undergoing a sudden change. In relationships, sudden quarrels, breakups, or changes in external circumstances affecting the relationship, such as strong opposition from both parents, or having to be separated from a lover for work or school. In work, a sudden shock. In health, the Tower may represent a sudden attack of illness, an accident, hospitalization, or injury in a natural disaster.

Disillusionment is the beginning of growth, and the Tower provides the disillusionment that precedes growth. There is a true story of a well-to-do young man growing up in the American South who grew up with racial discrimination and extreme hatred of black people. In an accident, the young man lost his eyes, but he has since been able to see purely into the hearts of people and no longer judges them by their appearance. Eventually he marries a black woman who walks down the aisle with him, and they grow old together. This story is a reflection of Tower, losing his eyes and seeing more.

The subject of Towers is not an easy one; after all, people are limited by their habits, and it must be very hard to accept when their daily patterns are disrupted in an unexpected way. But the tower also brings the apocalypse, which can be an extremely rare opportunity.

The world's most recent memory of the Towers, the most vivid and large-scale imagery occurred in 2001, when the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York, USA, were attacked by terrorists. It happened so fast that many of the people who were there didn't have time to carefully evaluate their options, in which case all you had to do was "survive". This huge event shook the world.

The towers represent a false structure, or inappropriate values. Your attitude towards life is no longer supportive, and you need to let go of these things in order to grow. It is possible that the inspiration for this attitude, which is enough to create a new understanding of life, came from an aura that was revealed at first glance.

The High Tower will either realize your options for you or force you to face them, leading you in this way away from demonic oppression. It leads you into the change that is desired and feared in the Devil's cards.

If you get out of touch with the rhythms of nature or the earth, you risk getting out of touch with life. Life inspires you to keep up its rhythms, and if you don't, it has no way of supporting you fully.

The meaning of this card is one of destruction and disintegration and is caused by a strong external force and is perhaps one of the most destructive cards of all. Although this card in the Tarot is called the Tower, the meaning is not the completion of the Tower, but the destruction of the Tower. This card usually brings a shock of panic.

Because of the material and technological nature of buildings and the powerful infusion of the human spirit, the Tarot suggests that the triumph of the material overcomes the human spirit, and thus invites disaster. This point is still valid today, for example, the technological achievements of mankind have caused even greater environmental destruction and repercussions, and there are many dangers and fears that technology is still unable to solve.

When confronted with the effects of this card, some people focus on material disintegration, while others focus on the degeneration of the rational and spiritual dimensions. In fact, this card is also used to symbolize the ups and downs of life, seeing him raise a tall building and seeing it collapse. This is very natural, the person concerned will feel sudden and unacceptable, onlookers will feel karma or divine retribution, but in fact it is just a part of the possibility of the invisible creation.

When the High Tower card appears, it means that you are being snatched and pushed back into the rhythm of life, something that can be expected in the near future, as gravity beckons you to materialize on the earth. When this change occurs, the High Tower card may appear on the deck to affirm the change. This change comes suddenly and sometimes violently, especially if you resist it. It is a change that is easy to submit to and difficult to resist. Often your subconscious calls to it for this change, and the attitude you show toward the change can determine whether the change is exciting or painful.

The Higher Towers may appear when you are away from your partner, lose your job, have friends and family who confront you, become suddenly ill, or are involved in a car accident. If the problem is dealt with in a rational and pragmatic manner, then the phenomenon represented by the High Tower will not occur. The Universe will not allow people to cut themselves off forever from the spiritual path and the consequences of their choices before their purpose. When we are stuck in a rut and unable to peacefully self-liberate, life will do whatever it takes to liberate us.

If another card is added to the Hightower, you may be able to sort out what this sudden change will bring. If added the Seven of Swords means poverty, the Chariot card represents a car accident, the Ace of Swords or the Six of Coins in square is earning money, the Six of Coins in reverse means a tightening of income or a loss of income, the Justice card indicates an unexpected lawsuit, the Queen in reverse is a sudden disruption in the home, and the Eight of Scepters in reverse points to accidents while traveling.

When the Hightower is placed in the position of the result or answer, plus another card, the upside is that it allows you to draw conclusions for the divination. Storms don't last forever and you have to know what you can expect after the storm. The Hightower is life's way of helping us to free ourselves from the people, finances, and behavioral patterns that hold us back in our pursuit of a meaningful spiritual path.

In relationships, it's shedding a past relationship or cutting off a friendship. From a change in shared circumstances or situations to problems and strife in the relationship between two people, there is the potential to break off and sever friendships. There is also the possibility of deception, falling out or bad blood between the two parties.

In terms of money significance, asking questions about investing your money on the High Tower card suggests that this is an unwise pursuit. A sudden change in circumstances could bleed your overdraft. This card is sometimes seen in the analysis of the stock market just before it is about to crash, and in the late 1980's, but it was the economy that went into recession, this card was often chosen.

In career analysis, the High Tower card shows that your job or the company you work for will have a sudden shift, a total and sudden dramatic change in circumstances, a tendency to bankruptcy, collapse, closure, decline, and the loss of a stable shelter in your life. This card was once seen on the face of a company that was about to be taken over and the querent was about to be laid off before he was laid off.

The meaning of the card in life, the appearance of the Ghota card on the analysis of life problems means, suddenly sick. It is possible to add another card, or view other cards in the deck that may give you other ideas about the aspect of life that should be of concern. Often this life issue comes too suddenly to be avoided.

In the analysis of life, it represents a sudden change, or a shock. The High Tower shakes you up, brings you back to the present, and brings about a fresh start in life or existence. Remember, some part of you needs this change, and on some level, some part of you may strongly desire it.

Spiritually significant, the High Tower card is a startling reminder to the world that no amount of possessions can prevent a sudden change in life. The High Tower card is somewhere between the comfort of the Devil card and the fulfillment of the Star card, and it's a stark choice. You must choose between rejecting the call of your soul and communicating with your deeper self in the face of uncomfortable change. The High Tower reminds you that no amount of money can compensate for your soul's deepest unhappiness. However, inner peace can reduce the desire to live.

When the High Tower card appears, it is time for change. It's too late to prepare for change, or to choose how to change, all you need to do now is throw out the old.

The other day while I was in the shower I smelled a whiff of smoke, the smell of bananas, or maybe wood and plastic. As I was getting dressed I noticed that the smell had gotten stronger again and I could hear the fire trucks so I looked out and the thick, black smoke was going straight up, even the sun was blocked out. A small group of people had gathered on the pedestrian walkway beside the road, while the roar of the firemen was interspersed with the sound of sirens and the spraying of water.

A young woman with wet hair, wrapped in a bath towel, stood on the front lawn. As the roof collapsed and flames leapt wildly into the sky, she watched it all with skeptical eyes. Within three minutes, almost the entire house was finished, while the neighborhood was shrouded in dense smoke.

Later, people told me the house caught fire while she was bathing. I remember thinking to myself, what change was she trying to avoid making that caused this sudden and tragic change to happen? Or what opportunities might this drastic change present for her? This is very typical of the High Tower cards: powerful, swift, and sudden. The whole process was over in forty-five minutes, leaving only a few uniformed men to try to get a ten-ton truck out of her flower garden and pull off the fence wrapped around the front bumper.

Meaningful in gender relations, the High Tower card describes a sudden change or disintegration in a gender relationship. It implies that a certain structure or pattern no longer has a way of continuing to exist, and that the sudden change has occurred so that you can grow again.

I once did an analysis for a man that resulted in a high tower and death in a past position. I asked him to pick another card and he picked the blank card. I studied him closely for a while.

"In terms of the changes you've gone through these past two years, you seem extraordinarily relaxed and calm now." I commented so. He laughed.

"Oh, finally someone who knows what I've been through. You probably won't believe it, and I don't, but it just happened. I was engaged and every thing was so delightful. But then one day I was suddenly laid off. Within the next six months, my car was seized, the bank foreclosed on this mortgage, and my fiancée left me and ran off to live with my parents. Can you believe that? It's my parents. It's like she doesn't have parents of her own. To this day my parents won't talk to me, I'm single, my fiancée's parent's don't even know I'm alive, and most of my friends ignore me."

"But you don't look the least bit unhappy!"

"Unhappy? I feel great. Life has been good to me, and I'm really grateful for that. I could have gotten married with Mom and Dad's blessing, driven a boring car, and lived in a matchbox house in the suburbs. And now I'm single, driving a beat up old car and doing what I love. Now my life is gradually coming back to me, though that said I've never understood that I ever abandoned it."

Core Tip

A tall tower symbolizes an inevitable change in life. It may be suffering from an unforeseen disaster, a disaster that may not be natural, yet is inevitable, even if it is an unexpected event.
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Knowledge Expansion

The main theme of this card portrays the relationship between the material world and the spiritual side. The tower is a materialized representation of the spiritual intention, and the collapse of the tower is the collapse of the intention. When beliefs are strong, a tower can be built on top of a mountain, and when beliefs collapse, the material environment topples.
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Card Meaning Extension

The High Tower card also represents that suffering a severe blow can sometimes be beneficial, after all, human beings need lessons and vigilance all the time, and encountering the 'High Tower' can also promote you to break the stereotypes in your concepts and change your past actions to make a difference. It is important to remember that there is no building without breaking. Destruction and construction are inherently two sides of the same coin.
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