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The Wheel of Fortune Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Let go and accept nature, you will find more space and wisdom!

Card Details

According to Waite's own definition, the positive aspect of this card represents the role of good fortune, while the negative aspect is the opposite. Subsequent interpretations of the Weart Tarot have followed this traditional interpretation, so the Weart Tarot's "Wheel of Fortune" interpretation is very simple, and the reversed position becomes the opposite of good luck ~ synonymous with bad luck, accidents, and disasters.

With the reversed "Wheel of Fortune", the wheel of fate turns in a more magical and strange direction, more unpredictable, and many events are elusive and difficult to grasp, a kind of incongruous force. Understood by the feeling of the picture, the Wheel of Fortune turns in an inverted direction, or sways from side to side and rotates irregularly. These are indicative of unfortunate events and encounters, bad luck or calamities. These are symbols of events that appear and evolve out of the ordinary and are too different from the current situation, and because of the excessive changes, it is not easy to recover from the effects of the event.

Card meanings are deduced

A reversed Wheel of Fortune is like a wheel turning downwards, so luck becomes misfortune and good karma becomes bad karma. In addition to misfortune, indecision and inability to take advantage of opportunities, and inability to accept the meaning of change, it may also represent failure, retribution, and lack of progress, and it is especially inadvisable to engage in speculative endeavors, such as gambling. However, in any case, a decline in fortune is only a temporary phenomenon, bad in the short-term perspective and probably good in the long term. I'm afraid there's not much we can do at this point in time in the face of changing fortunes, except to go with the flow and trust that it's all being organized for a longer term purpose.

We all want to have a better and better life and can always keep it that way, yet it's hard to learn anything if the challenges don't keep coming. When the Wheel of Fortune is reversed, the changes that occur can be more difficult. It suggests trying to work against these events, and usually in vain. The universe contains forces greater than each individual, so we have to work hard to understand what this change is really going to teach us.

Perhaps there is a repeating pattern in your life, which may mean that life is once again challenging you with the same form of problem so that you can learn the lesson of the problem. The seasons are always changing and the opportunities for life to unfold are becoming fewer and fewer, making it all the more important for you to reflect on what you have done in the past. Find your way back to the Hermit card and reflect on what you no longer need in your life. The reversed Wheel of Fortune is simply to minimize what you should have discarded in the Hermit card.

This is a time to examine what is useful in your life and what you don't need, and to happily let go of those things you no longer need. Return to the Hermit card and spend some time contemplating its subject matter, and perhaps you'll be able to shed the shadows of the past and influence a new future.

When the Wheel of Fortune is reversed, it announces the approach of winter and the subject of returning to the Hermit card. This gives you the opportunity to retreat from the world of spectator appearances and rekindle the fire of a richer, more rewarding inner life. Remember, the reversed Wheel of Fortune only appears to those who don't understand the changing of the seasons and are continually confined. As for those who remember the opportunities of the past summer and the winter doldrums, they know that the Wheel of Fortune turns, as do the seasons, and that a reversed Wheel of Fortune means that the chances are getting slimmer and slimmer, and that it may be more appropriate to look for alternatives. Now should be the time to gather energy. When the Wheel of Fortune is reversed, it is advisable to hold off on expansion plans.

In the money sense, there are fewer opportunities for money at the moment, so it's wise to be prepared for a financial winter. A reversed Wheel of Fortune means that if you want to be financially secure and comfortable in the coming months, preparations are needed, and the current environment is not conducive to making big investments or committing to risky new endeavors.

The meaning of life means a gradual decline in the state of living, which could mean that the energy is gradually waning. There is a need now to return to the positive chariot and think deeply about your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health in order to retain true physical and mental well-being. In most life analyses, however, the reversed Wheel of Fortune is suggesting a personal, temporary winter, and now is the time to be cautious with your energies, as it is expected that in the near future, your physical and emotional energies may drop to low watermarks.

Core Tip

This card generally represents a time of relatively poor fortune, in a place where you are unable to fully utilize your abilities, a time when switching ways and means can help you turn around a bad situation.
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Knowledge Expansion

The reversed position of the Wheel of Fortune means to change the environment and start again, it is useless if you try harder in the current environment, you need to look at the current situation with a higher vision.
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Card Meaning Extension

Looking at your current situation from a higher level, you need to rely on yourself to save yourself. People around you are often of little help to you, so keep your distance to stay safe.
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