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The Wheel of Fortune Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

A change in situation, observe this change and notice its pattern

Card Details

All of the major arcana cards have figures; the Wheel of Fortune is the only exception, and it is evident that this card is unique. A wheel hangs in the deep blue sky, and the wheel consists of three circles (as does the Pope's tiara); the innermost small circle represents creativity, the center is the formative force, and the outermost is the material world.

There are no symbols in the small circle because the potential for creativity is unlimited; there are four symbols in the middle circle, clockwise from the top are mercury, sulfur, water and salt in the Chain of Gold, respectively associated with the four elements of wind, fire, water, and earth, which are the basic elements for the formation of the material world, and also represent the superconsciousness, self-consciousness awakening, subconsciousness, and decomposition, which implies that human beings must break down the material around them to absorb and extract the essence of the material, and then use the The outermost layer is the material world, the upper right, lower left and quadrilateral are the four letters of TARO, in the spelling of the English alphabet, there are many different combinations and combinations, resulting in many different meanings, these four letters can be formed into Rota (Wheel), Orat (Saying), Tora (Law), Ator (Goddess of Hatoea) [Egyptian goddess in charge of music, love and beauty], forming a whole and beauty], forming a complete sentence "The Wheel of the Tarot speaks of the Torah of the Goddess Hathor", and the remaining four symbols are the Hebrew letters "י", "ה", "ו", and "ה" (YHVH), the most ancient names of God. The "four letters of the Holy Name," tetragrammation, are used to signify the will of the Supreme Being.

The wheel has eight straight lines radiating from the center, representing the radiant energy of the universe. To the left of the wheel is a downward-moving serpent, Typhon, the god of evil in Egyptian mythology, whose downward descent carries the wheel into the dark world of disintegration. In contrast, the jackal-headed animal carrying the wheel thirsts for ascent; it is Anubis, the god of Egyptian mythology. The sphinx above is a symbol of wisdom, balanced and neutral, remaining constant in the midst of change. The sword it holds represents the element of wind, indicating mental ability, thinking power and wisdom.

The four animals in the four corners, clockwise from the upper right, are an eagle, a lion, an ox and a man, and they all have wings. These are the Four Living Creatures, which are from the fourth chapter of the Book of Revelation in the Bible, "And there were four living creatures round about the throne, and their eyes were full in front and behind them all over. The first living creature was like a lion, the second like a calf, the third had a face like a man, and the fourth was like an eagle". The Jerusalem Bible mentions that the four living creatures symbolize the four evangelists (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). In divination these four animals became associated with astrology, representing the four fixed signs and the four elements; the eagle is Scorpio (water), the lion is Leo (fire), the ox is Taurus (earth) and the man is Aquarius (wind). They are all reading books, drawing wisdom, learning things about life from their own point of view, and the wings give them the ability to remain stable in the midst of change.

They are all drawn in yellow because although you know the four elements mentally, you do not yet fully understand them. They will reappear in the World cards and are painted in full color because they have been understood and successfully combined. On the Wheel of Fortune you may have seen the four elements present, but you have not yet succeeded in combining them.

The Wheel of Fortune represents the lessons learned in your attempts to balance the changes that life presents. This wheel is constantly turning, and you may or may not like a certain state or moment on the wheel, yet it will pass, for life is inherently fickle. You may enjoy a particular time and want it to last. However, in how it is, things will always change.

The serpent represents Set, the Egyptian god of darkness, who governs death and decay. Much of Set's activity is directed (in a negative or hostile way) toward Osiris and Horus - gods and goddesses who represent productivity and order. Set represents strife and decay, constantly trying to minimize the order of the universe. While Set goes down with the wheel, at the other end of the wheel is Anubis, a wolf-headed figure at the bottom right, who goes up with the wheel. Anubis is the teacher of dead souls and therefore the beginning of new life. Anubis offers refuge, especially in the spirit. From death comes rebirth; from change comes the opportunity to find the new.

Above the roulette wheel is the sphinx with the sword, which has the form of half man, half lion. The sword is tilted, suggesting that things may not be as easy to understand as you initially expect. The sphinx represents the fact that secrets can only be revealed by those who are vigilant, those who can see beyond the surface of life, who know that there is valuable knowledge in what is happening and where it leads.

By looking beyond the present to the causes of things, you can learn more about the cycle of cause and effect. It is a subject in itself, and one that appears in the Justice card. The Sphinx will guard such knowledge from those who wish to utilize it, but do not respect its power.

The "Wheel of Fortune" is meant to express the correspondence between the constancy of destiny and change, and that what really never changes is constant change, the impermanence of the world. The whole arrangement of this card is actually interlocking, very structured and regular, which means that fate actually has its own laws. However the systems that are accommodated are very diverse, and this complexity implies that even religions and beliefs are inexplicable, making it difficult to grasp the will behind fate.

The sphinx, holding a sword, warns us that no matter how circumstances evolve or what happens to us, we must maintain our mental clarity, and that we may be able to control our destiny with a wise will. The sphinx is located in the center of the picture, and this posture and the continuity of the overall environment seem to be the key to mastering luck and grasping it.

The four living creatures in the four corners of the picture are not distinctive, representing that the person concerned is not aware of the fate of the situation, and that the changes of fate are like hidden secrets, which are only vaguely captured but not clearly recognized. The four living creatures facing the scriptures represent the continuous reinforcement of a certain kind of knowledge, which also means the continuous reading or spreading of knowledge. The Four Living Creatures hold four major types of matters and knowledge, representing several facets such as emotions, money, power and states of mind, which can lead to greater stability and certainty.

The turning of the Wheel of Fortune represents the turning of destiny, and the changes in the events of the divination may even be related to the destiny of the whole life, which can be not only limited to the issue itself. According to Waite's own definition, the positive position of the card represents good change, and therefore whatever question is being divined is evolving for the better at the time of the tangent. The stillness of the picture at this time represents the capture of a fortunate state. However, it is important to note that this state does not necessarily last forever, as the factors of change are hidden in the many patterns of the picture, so that at any time in the future, the wheel of fortune can turn again, and the wheel of fate in a different direction will deviate from the path of good fortune at that time.

Card Meaning Deduction

The Wheel of Fortune represents the observation that you are in that place in the seasons of life where seeds are planted as soon as spring arrives and anticipate the successful results of summer. It describes winter as being far away as spring's fast approaching and suggests that you dust off your plans and the homework that goes into preparing for the rewards you want to receive. The reason you are currently where you are is the result of previous decisions and actions, and where you will go in the future depends on the decisions made and the actions taken now.

The Wheel of Fortune is meant to express the unpredictability of an individual's destiny. When the Wheel of Fortune turns, the happy people who were on top turn to the miserable world below, and the people below turn up. The proverbial "wind and water rotate" is a reflection of the Wheel of Fortune. Life is like the ebb and flow of the tide, day after day, no one can escape the natural cycle.

Often the wheel of fate symbolizes a destiny that is beyond human control. Just like the car breaks down and you miss your flight, or the ecstasy of winning the lotto jackpot, but do not forget the pain of disappointment when you are happy, and do not be devastated when you are not happy, because the flight you missed may crash, and winning the lotto jackpot may lead to death. In Greek mythology, the imagery of the Wheel of Fortune is the Three Goddesses of Fate, one who spins the yarn of destiny, one who distributes the yarn to everyone, and one who is responsible for cutting the threads at the time of a person's death. They were said to have ordained the blessings and misfortunes of people when they were born.

A story from King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table can be used as a reference point: one night King Arthur dreamed that he was sitting in a chair tied to a wheel, and he was fully dressed in the world's most gilded and glittering clothes, and then he realized that underneath the wheel there were all the lurid black waters, snakes, insects and beasts, which seemed very horrible, and then all of a sudden, when the wheel was turned around, King Arthur fell down into the black waters, and all his limbs were tangled up with the poisonous snakes, insects and beasts. In fact, although the fate of individuals may seem unpredictable, the entire universe runs the law is in fact very orderly, as gamblers go to Las Vegas to gamble, everyone wins or loses depending on the luck of the draw, but the ultimate banker (casino) is always making money. It is also like the hands that control King Arthur's wheel behind the scenes, where to turn next, those hands always know.

The Wheel of Fortune spins non-stop, and when it does, it primarily indicates a shift. When it is positive, the transformation seems to be fortunate, just as its astrological counterpart, Jupiter, also represents luck; when it is negative, it seems to be unfortunate. Therefore, in divination, when the Wheel of Fortune is in positive position, it is like a wheel turning upwards. In terms of relationships, it gives both parties a feeling that their marriage is destined by heaven, and perhaps love at first sight is also a new beginning. There are often surprises in work and finance. Reverse, as if the wheel to turn down, at this time there is no such good luck, and the person concerned may refuse to change, refuse to accept the unchanging run as if against the sky, absolutely can not win. Therefore, the person concerned is advised not to forget that the wheel is always spinning, and that luck or misfortune at this time may be unexpected in the long run, so please accept this change and find the most appropriate response.

Transformation, whether fortunate or unfortunate, is always an opportunity. As you are facing a turning point in your life, it's best to take advantage of this opportunity to change your destiny. A positive aspect indicates that the person is able to seize a rare opportunity, while a negative aspect may suggest that the person is unable to do so. The most important thing to do is to grasp the present moment and seize the opportunity. If something has not been resolved for a long time, the appearance of the Wheel of Fortune will bring changes, opportunities and good fortune, and it is very likely that great progress will be made, and this progress is usually not the result of hard work, but seems to have fallen from the sky somehow.

The Wheel of Fortune is the 10th card, the first of the 2-digit numbers, and thus the Wheel of Fortune is a new cycle of the Great Arcana, a reappearance of the Magician #1 (New Beginnings), and implicitly, the unlimited potential of the Fool #0 (10=1+0=1). No matter how the times change, all phenomena are only temporary, and a new cycle will begin again at any time.

The significance of the Wheel of Fortune on gender relationships suggests that the chances or possibilities of a relationship becoming more successful are increasing, which is interpreted as: the chances of improving the situation are getting closer and closer. My client confirmed this by stating that his partner was about to finish her medical degree so that they could travel and have a better quality of life in the future.

In terms of money significance, the presence of the Wheel of Fortune in positive position on the financial analysis deck represents the promise of an improved financial environment. Opportunities are on the rise and there will be several positive financial opportunities in the coming months. Being prepared and focused on your specific financial goals will prevent you from becoming more distracted by other opportunities.

In terms of life meaning, this card represents an improvement in your life situation as you are able to balance your inner elements of Fire (Scepter), Water (Chalice), Air (Swords) and Earth (Star Coin), resulting in a healthy body. The period of lack of healthy energy and vitality is over, and there are more positive times ahead.

Spiritually, by identifying the most advantageous parts of your life's journey, you will be able to observe the seasons and cycles of human life. Just as some areas are always shrouded in clouds, others enjoy more sunshine. By understanding that life changes like the seasons, you will be prepared with ideas and plans that will increase your chances of success when circumstances are favorable. If one part of you is shrinking, look for areas that are expanding.

The Wheel of Fortune implies a change in your circumstances, observe this change and watch for its patterns. Life is fickle and when the Wheel of Fortune is positive on the card, the change seems favorable; when it is negative, the change seems detrimental. I use the word "seem" because it's just change, and change that seems harmful can actually be a blessing.

Let me give you an example of what happened to a friend of mine. Nicholas returned home after a twelve-month vacation and applied for unemployment benefits. The government refused to pay him any allowance because he had run his own business for a while before he went on vacation, so he was six months short of qualifying. Frustrated, he had to borrow a little money from a friend and put it into a business. This business made him over eighty thousand dollars last year and he expects in three years. He expects to turn over $150,000 a year for three years. If he had applied for the standby allowance, he probably would have started working for someone else. In doing so, he would have missed an opportunity that seemed difficult at first, but turned out to be a great one.

You have to look beyond the status quo to see the ebb and flow of life. When the tide is high, you have much to gain in life, and when the tide is low, there is much less to accomplish.

In the book You're Already Tarot, the author uses the story of the lost horse as a metaphor for the unpredictability of fate. It's an old Chinese story that aptly describes this situation.

There was an old man who had a son, a horse, and a small acre of fields next to his village. One day his horse got loose and ran away, and the villagers came running to the old man's house to visit him and to express their deep regret at his misfortune.

"Misfortune? How do you all know it means misfortune? It may still be a good sign!" He said.

They all left the old man's house with some confusion. A few weeks later, the horse returned and a herd of wild horses followed him. Now the old farmer owned fourteen horses. The village people came to visit him again in droves, telling the old man how lucky he was.

"Lucky? How do you know this is luck? It may still be trouble!" He said.

A week later, his son fell off one of the wild horses, was trampled by its hooves, and was almost crippled in both legs, and had to limp for the rest of his life. Those villagers visited again and expressed their consolation.

"Bad luck? How do you know? It could be God's blessing!" The old man responded to them.

The next year, the emperor declared war on a neighboring country, so all able-bodied men were drafted into battle. The old man's son, however, was exempted because he was crippled. The war lasted half a year, and all the men from the village who had been drafted to fight in the war were killed in action. The other villagers went to the old man's house to congratulate him again as usual.

"Lucky? How do you all know this is a lucky thing? It could be a nuisance, too!"

Often the Wheel of Fortune symbolizes changes in your life situation. Perhaps you don't understand the reasons for these changes, but how you respond to change is more important here. Are you going to embrace the opportunities that life offers you, or are you going to resist change? This card is telling you to adapt to these changes.

As far as the common perspective is concerned, the Wheel of Fortune suggests changes in life. Your career is taking off, or a particular gender relationship is becoming more fulfilling.

Core Tip

The Wheel of Fortune indicates the unsearchable and elusive nature of destiny, as well as its inexorable nature. It is impossible to resist these multifaceted forces, and it is always difficult to know with certainty how the inexplicable vagaries of circumstance will guide the course of the human heart.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Wheel of Fortune is full of such rich symbolism that, in a nutshell, a positive Wheel of Fortune means that circumstances improve after some opportunity.
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Card Meaning Extension

The four animals in the corners of this card represent the four paths of the Minor Arcana (Scepter, Chalice, Sword, Star Coin). They are represented in the color yellow, and while those four paths have been understood intellectually, they have not yet been applied in life.
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