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The World Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Truth has many different dimensions, not the truth you recognize is the only law

Card Details

The reversed world, since it is not possible to reach the realm of 'the world', it is difficult to accomplish the highest level of liberation. The reversal makes these efforts and expectations, stuck in the process, and even fall into the set cycle, falling into the cycle of reincarnation, making it difficult to jump out of it. The woman's dance movements are forced to stop and even the whole dance goes out of shape.

The image of the world inverted makes everything feel out of place, it feels like the positions of all the components of everything are completely reversed and there is imperfection all the time. Sometimes it may be good, but it is not what is wanted, or it may be that the original intention is forgotten, so that everything is meaningless even though it is achieved. World reversal represents shortcomings, imperfections, imperfections, and regrets.

On the inner level, the world inverted represents a feeling of reluctance, a feeling of regret, an obsession with all that cannot be obtained and has been lost, but not able to grasp the present moment, and in the end, it is easy to end up in disappointment, and even lose the vision and ideals in the heart, and live a life of degradation and decadence, but it is difficult to break out of this cycle.

When the World is reversed, she can't hold these scepters anymore because her judgment becomes clouded and she believes things that she hasn't let go of in the Judgment card. She must return to the Judgment card again to purify her understanding of the universe.

Card meanings deduction

With the World in reverse, success is diminished, and there may always be a lack of that finishing touch, or it may be that after reaching a goal with great difficulty, the person realizes that there are still problems that need to be solved. The perfection of the positive position begins to show small imperfections, and the person wants to give up after a small setback. The energy that was free is blocked, as if the dancer has retreated to the Inverted Hangman card, and the person may refuse to enter the new phase that the world is bringing, wanting only to stay in the old environment. Whether it is moving, traveling, or changing jobs, he is reluctant, and even if he is willing, things may be delayed. It's really just a matter of understanding that when a phase of life comes to a natural end, rejoicing in the next phase is the best way to help yourself grow. To learn from the Dancer's spirit of joyful freedom, as long as the energy is flowing, things will flow and opportunities will be offered to those who are ready.

When this card is reversed, it still suggests traveling around. It can also suggest success in a career or in a gender relationship, but that success can't be saved, so it has to be let go. An example would be an actor who is recognized all over the world, only to sink back into obscurity once again. As a proverb says, "It is better to have loved and lost it than never to have loved at all."

There will be greater successes beyond this one, because although you can't have the world in your hands right now, yet it's only a matter of time. Nor is this your last challenge, for there are other, more important challenges that will follow close behind.

I liken this card to being in the process of climbing a very high mountain, only to find that its steep slopes cover another higher and more demanding mountain to climb. Some people think it is this success that brings joy, not realizing that it is actually the joy that brings success.

Though you have reached the top, your ascent has also opened your eyes to another, higher mountain. There is another mountain to climb, which means that even though you've accomplished the milestone, you'll still set another, better goal to reach. This current success is neither your last nor will it be the greatest one.

The reversed World card also means that this is the time to return to the Judgement card of organization. Good to sort out your judgments. Perhaps you're chasing after smaller targets without considering the longer term, spiritual level goals. Simply seeking transient rewards at the expense of the ultimate spiritual goal can leave one in a perpetual state of dissatisfaction.

The significance of money, and the presence of the reversed World card in the financial deck, suggests temporary financial success, with the possibility of greater success to follow. A reversed World card may also be suggesting that although it is a temporary success, it is still valuable, especially if your money has been deposited into an account that everyone shares in to use for business, seek to witness your savings before pursuing a long term goal.

The World card may also suggest that your path to making money lies on the other side of the world, and perhaps pursuing this path is warranted in answering questions about career investments or the future of unemployment, which is preparing you for a broader financial journey of your own. This news can be uncomfortable for Star Coin types, who prefer to stick to one approach, whereas Scepter types are more able to be able to find additional benefits from second chances.

The Meaning of Life, the presence of the reversed World card in the Life Issues deck suggests that life is going well, although mental stamina is not as good as it used to be. There may be occasional trials in the future, but this is still a positive card in life analysis.

Core Tip

The reversal of the world indicates that things have come to a standstill and are stifled, and that goals within reach are having trouble achieving planned results or ideal conditions. When this happens in the final stages, beware of lost causes, or success that was so close but seems out of reach.
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Knowledge Expansion

This card is reversed and also represents a person whose activity is out of whack and whose life and spirit are out of whack. Negativity is dull, life is decadent, and one is very stubborn and unapproachable for a period of time. When inquiring about relationships, the reversed world represents too much distance, a cooling, lonely circle of life, and an inability to work well with each other, making relationships worse and worse.
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Card Meaning Extension

The reversed World card also represents a situation where things are not going well, where things are not being accomplished, and where it seems to be very difficult to make a difference. Some matters represent interruptions, blockages, perhaps traffic jams, or contact failures, network congestion.
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