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The World Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

joy that comes from within, which is a lasting success.

Card Details

At last we come to the end of the Fool's journey. A huge oval laurel wreath surrounds the naked woman in the very center, a naked dancer free to dance in the air, echoing the divine beasts in the clouds around her. She was a perfect integration of an ideal, the ultimate hope of mankind, a perfect form, an archetypal presentation of the form to which mankind aspires. Although she appears to be female, in many versions of the Tarot she is androgynous, symbolizing that the Fool has finally succeeded in integrating the two forces of yin and yang.

She symbolizes a state of perfection of body and soul, but also a state of true freedom and the ultimate in life. The dancer's body is wrapped in a purple silk scarf, a symbol of nobility and sanctity, gently and softly tied, a spiral scarf that extends from her head to her feet and is blown by the breeze, symbolizing that divinity is in fact in everyone. The Goddess wears a laurel wreath on her head, the wreath is the Goddess' crown and symbolizes the manifestation of truth. Her long blonde hair flows in the same rhythm as the fluttering scarf, and the flower crown on her head and the scarf on her body are knitted together as one.

The Goddess dances, stepping wonderfully, in an endless eternal dance of perpetual dance, she obeys the ribbons, dances the song of life, and treads the magical rhythms of the universe.The goddess practiced it with skill and ease, yet it seemed to have a mysterious energy.The ribbons on her body seem to indicate that she is drawing energy from her feet to the top of her head, where it swirls around her body.The dancer gently and casually holds two scepters, symbolizing the forces of evolution and degeneration, both of which she possesses.

The Goddess dances with a grace that brings out the inner joy of life, as if the soul were whirling in ecstasy in an earthly paradise.She symbolizes the ability of the divine soul to be aware in consciousness, reflecting the spirit of self-awareness and clarity in the state of ecstasy.Her dance illustrates the fulfillment of being in the most beautiful realm and universalizing all human beings on earth, not just individuals.This is the pursuit of the Absolute Truth and the accomplishment of the Great Work, which is the perfect and elevated realization of the Mystic Laws, and depicts the state of the world as it returns to life.

Surrounding the dancer is an oval laurel crown, which symbolizes success, a crown of the highest level, the highest glory attainable on earth, and a symbol of completion.At the upper and lower ends of the wreath, red ribbons are tied to each end of the wreath, forming the inverted 8 symbol of the "infinity" interlocking cycle, representing the echo and connection of the upper and lower levels, heaven and earth, and also suggesting an infinite connection cycle, symbolizing infinity and eternity, which has appeared in the magician's and the power cards.The oval crown of laurels is also complete in its meaning, and the oval it surrounds resembles the shape of the Fool's 0. The Fool's infinite potential is fully realized in the World Cards.

The four living creatures from the Bible reappear in the four corners of the picture. They are sometimes called the four mystical beasts, which are the incarnation of the four evangelizers, and the pictorial representation of the miraculous "four-lettered Holy Name", "JVHV".The four mystical beasts are gathered around the wreath as if they are chained to the wreath, giving the wreath a sense of life.The arrangement of the four beasts is exactly the same as that of the Wheel of Fortune: human head on the left, eagle head on the right, ox head on the left, and lion head on the right.However, their looks and demeanor are different, and the direction their faces face is different from the Wheel of Fortune. They also held books to draw knowledge in the Wheel of Fortune and now fulfill their mission in the World Cards. The reappearance of the four living creatures represents the reorganization of the four elements, and the world is now complete and peaceful.

The card is set against a blue sky, with clear white clouds behind the goddess, and presents an overall peaceful implication. All the figures in the picture are created out of nothing, floating in the air, a most magical depiction, the garland that occupies a great part of the picture is like a lens screen-like image, presenting a state of mind, which is an allegory of the world.It is more a space of the mind, a mysterious interdimensional dimension.This circle also symbolizes any space, any community, any circle between people.Of course it can also be expanded to the universe, and this boundary also symbolizes the big universe and the small universe, which in turn connect and pass through each other. The space within the wreath is another dimension, a world in a mirror. The Goddess wanders through it, but is not restricted. The mind within the world has a self to dance with, a true joyful delight. The circle is a complete connotation and can also be seen as the visualization of OK, and the space created in the garland makes the effect of the sub-dimensional shift even stronger.


Many of the elements of the world card's graphic design are designed to echo, connect and unify with each of the previous cards. As the last Grand Arcana, many of the main themes of the content are related to "finality", which cannot be ignored. It is necessary to show the perfection and the end of the cosmic system, and to portray the deeper feeling that the ecstasy of the universe is when it realizes that it is in the midst of God.

The World card is the card of the set, the woman is draped in a purple cloth (Justice), holds two scepters (Magician and Chariot), and is surrounded by a wreath of zeros (Fool). A pair of infinity symbols wrapped around a red cloth are positioned above and below him (Magician and Power), and the four animals in the four corners of the card (Wheel of Fortune) are colored. The subjects of these cards have all been mastered and mastered to bring continued success.

The wreath that surrounds her symbolizes success, and it is a success on the move, for the wreath has neither beginning nor end. She is on the move, as are all things in the world, including the air-filled lungs, the planets orbiting the sun, and the galaxies of the universe. True success does not stop running, for when a state of affairs or a person stops progressing, it brings stagnation and decay.

The band of honor is the magician and the infinity symbol in the force. She is reminded once again that the universe is energy, and she is a manifestation of that energy. She has transcended the rituals and understands that all she needs she will receive, and all she has to do is ask for it, and ask for it in a way that the universe understands.

The four elements are once again assembled and distributed around the card, representing the same perfection in all matters of divination. The guardianship of the four beasts of God, watching over each other and witnessing each other, also represents mutual reliance and dependence, and the whole card has the meaning of integration, which can also be regarded as a synthesis.

Card Meaning Deduction

The World is a card that symbolizes permanence and continued success. Your soul is in harmony with the soul of the World or the Universe, and when there is harmony between the two, all things are possible. The circle above the Fool's head now surrounds the person in the World card, and it is clear to her that there is no such thing as a beginning and an end, for all things are intertwined. She now holds her scepter gently as she understands that it is the intention that brings about the end you want, not the ritual. The four animals in the four corners of the card (including the animal that is man) are now in full color as she notices these four elements and the need to bring these four elements into harmony. All four elements have a spiritual basis as they all appear amongst the clouds, and the same cloud or spirit appears in the trumps of the Scepter, Chalice, Sword and Pentacle. In this way the subject of the Minor Arcana is recalled and put into realization.t in line with the trend of the situation.

The composition of the World and the Wheel of Fortune are also very similar. Both cards have the sky as a backdrop, a central circular composition, and images of people, eagles, lions, and cows surrounding each of the four corners. In the Wheel of Fortune, people still have to accept the test of destiny and cannot help themselves; but people eventually succeed in the World card. The wisdom hidden in the Wheel of Fortune has been fully revealed at this point.

The Dancer in the World card is often corresponded to the Greek mythological Hermaphroditus, who, as the name suggests, was the son of Hermis ) and Aphrodite, and who was later united with the nymphs, and whose name became the root of the word androgynous. Thus, on a spiritual level, the world implies a good combination of the male and female sides of the human being, or a good combination of manpower or resources.

Instead of the world representing the end, it is a natural completion, a final victory and a happy ending. The end of death is often heartbreaking, but the completion of the world is a stepping stone. The person in question may have reached a successful passage in his career, his studies have been successfully completed, his goals have been reached, and love may have reached a stage of completion, whether it is a walk down the aisle or a good separation, at least everything is natural. The world is a complete passage, when nothing is missing and everything is perfect. World can also represent traveling, especially extensive air travel, or even around the world. Sometimes it represents moving or emigrating.

This card represents success, traveling around the world, or understanding the main goal you have set for yourself. When the World card is in the deck, it may represent the culmination of your ardor and hopes, and you feel supported by life and those around you. In the case of relationships, it suggests a long-lasting, fulfilling relationship, and sometimes alludes to the fact that the partner is from the other side of the world. It may also allude to a first encounter in another part of the world. This card also appears in the analysis when a relationship begins with a meeting on the Internet. This is because even though both partners stayed at home, they met across the world.

The World card could mean a trip around the world, or major successes and joys. In a variation, it suggests that you are standing right where life wants you to stand, and you feel the support of life and those around you. It describes a joy that comes not from owning or plowing, but from being.

In terms of career, the World card describes a great successful fulfillment. In a recent analysis about career, this card and the Sun appeared. Both were positive. I would describe this as a creative career with great potential for success, perhaps overseas, or at least overseas recognition. This person is a cartoonist who is about to sign a contract with one of the top animation companies in the US. The Sun shows the creative nature of this work and the world describes success.

If someone asks whether it is wise to pursue a program, a relationship, or an action, and the World card appears as the answer, it represents a clear "yes." For a more correct prediction, the other cards would have to be taken into account.

The meaning of the word world in relation to gender symbolizes a good and continuing thing in a relationship. It shows that you are in a co-prosperous relationship. You and your partner are able to grow, develop and live fully within the boundaries of what you have agreed upon There is quite a strong drive in this relationship, and it is not a relationship to be taken lightly or lightly. If it's in a past position, it could mean a partner who lives in another place, or someone you might meet when you travel to another place.

In divination, the World card indicates the achievement of results, the substantial recovery of all efforts, and represents practical success. Various matters and tasks are accomplished. Whatever you have worked for and whatever you have wished for can be realized in a concrete way. Therefore, if you ask about your career, the answers are fruitful, your work is enjoyable, your efforts are rewarded, and you feel a sense of accomplishment, recognized and appreciated by others. If you ask about your life, you will be able to expand vigorously, and it is best for you to go outward.

And when it comes to specific divination, it is mostly taken as the world, the earth. Therefore, it has the meaning of global and travel, and can symbolize the global village. It can also represent the communication and exchanges that go beyond the boundaries of the world, and is related to communication, network and community. This card is peace and security, especially for travel and transportation, convenience, safety and comfort. All kinds of trips, voyages, departures, relocations, flights, movements, are within the main items of divination.

The World Cards represent the arts, especially the performing arts of dance and physicality, and of course all other talents. The World Cards are also in charge of the related industries and activities of performing arts, entertainment and communication.

Money-wise, the presence of the positive World card in the deck of financial issues is a harbinger of financial sustainability and success. Having balanced the four card decks of the Minor Arcana, you already have the enthusiasm (Scepter), the motivation (Chalice), the clarity of thought (Swords), and the pragmatic approach to accomplishing your plans (Pentacles) that can ensure financial prosperity. If the solution is an answer to a question about an investment, then the investment is likely to be fruitful, but it's important to refer to the cards that appear around you to draw conclusions.

In life, the presence of the World card in the deck of life issues means that life is going well. If the surrounding cards are also positive in the case of a difficult issue, it means success. This card can be described as a form of spiritual magic, where the power of the spirit is used to create results in the real world. Mundane perfection is hard to achieve, and what this card of the world grants is the greatest satisfaction and fulfillment of the soul. It can also be described as a return to the primal original perfection, and ultimately a connection with the original. To be honest with oneself, to live sincerely, to be real, yet not vulgar, is the most beautiful state. The present moment is eternity!

Spiritual in the sense that when you stand at the top and your eyes cross over those peaks and valleys that are beneath you, you realize what you have accomplished. You understand that this is just one of the many peaks you have to challenge and that the conquest will be filled with joy and fulfillment. It may seem to others that you are lucky, but you know how much hard work and perseverance is behind your success. When the World card appears in the deck, it indicates that you are currently enjoying the fruits of your success.

Core Tip

The World describes a joy that comes from within, and it may also suggest lasting success. Even though this card has more spiritual significance, it is not detrimental on a material and practical level, and above all indicates a personal and fulfilled life and gives eternal rewards for sustained effort.
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Knowledge Expansion

The world sign is an ultimate state, already set and not needing to move any more, because it has already reached the extreme, a transcendental state for life, jumping off the wheel of rebirth, entering nirvana, or having become enlightened.
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Card Meaning Extension

The "World" represents freedom, a true freedom, free from all constraints, no bondage, no bondage can restrain his heart, it is a kind of liberation and emancipation, and is also the achievement and the highest state of life - to follow one's heart's desires without going beyond the boundaries.
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