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Ace of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

One should not over-worship materialism at the expense of spiritual pursuits.

Card Details:

The reversed Star Coin First Card is the rolling down of a gold coin held in the hand, symbolizing the loss of monetary wealth. Such a feeling is one of loss, of losing what you have. It can also be interpreted as holding in your hand fakes that should be discarded, devalued materials, a false wealth. Therefore, it also means that you have been deceived or swindled and have suffered a financial loss.

Buildings depicted on the chart, when reversed, are also indicative of problems, real estate or real estate in trouble, or a place to live that costs a lot of money. These growths on the ground will wither and fall, representing investment losses, which may cost a lot of money.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The hand that reaches out from the spiritual world will not be able to hold the Pentacles anymore, suggesting that money or opportunity is passing through your fingertips. In financial analysis, this card may suggest that no matter how much money you earn, there is more to spend. It disappears without a trace because of the inability to hold on to money. It's possible that you're spending more than you earn, or have gotten yourself into poor spending habits. When the Star Coin First Card appears to be inverted, it means that a career or financial opportunity has slipped through your fingers.

The presence of the Gold Coin ACE reversed during divination represents difficulties in financial and economic activities, failures of plans, or upsets. It will be difficult to keep track of money and financial money may slip away at any time, but it is tempting to hold on to it. Of course there may be autonomy in using up gold coins and spending that money, which may be well worth it or exchanged for other goods, but more likely there will be losses and leakage of money. This card's reversal indicates that one is using money inappropriately, managing it in the wrong way, or otherwise wasting it excessively, thus causing finances to spiral out of control.

The Head of the Coin inverted signifies a delay in starting a new business or investment, perhaps due to financial constraints. It highlights financial difficulties, loss of a job or lack of a source of income. If it is answering the question of limited investments, then it suggests financial loss.

Not having the means to get a grip on the material (real) world is an indication when the first sign is upside down: "I want to do all these things, but I don't have the money." It can also indicate a missed opportunity for someone who is not grounded. You may be better at spending money and worse at making money.

The Star Coin First Card in Reverse indicates that financial decisions may be lost, payoffs too little or delayed, pay cuts, frivolous spending, and financial ruin. When reversed, the person is advised to adopt a conservative attitude and keep to the right.

Core Tip

It symbolizes a loss of opportunity or the inability to carry out something new. These delays can be caused by a lack of money. Although the opportunity may be a material one, yet it can still provide spiritual growth.
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Knowledge Expansion

It is not necessarily the case that finances are already in bad shape when this card appears; it is also possible to be very wealthy but still feel inadequate or unhappy in your heart. Or you may be rich and comfortable, but unhappy.
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Card Meaning Extension

In addition, it also represents a lack of knowledge in dealing with practical matters, a state of cognition and intelligence that is not good enough.
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