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Ace of Pentacles Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Control your wealth, you have enough money to carry out your plans.

Card Details:

A hand extends from the cloud holding a star coin. This star with five corners (representing the five parts of the human body: head, hands, and feet) is pointing upward and has a circle around it. And the square thumbnail symbolizes the earthy, pragmatic nature of the five-pointed star type; the atmosphere or vibe of practicality can be felt around this hand. This hand extends from the spiritual plane ...... of the universe or the source of all things.

In the background is a flourishing garden full of flowers and plants, with a white mountain in the distance beyond an arch of greenery, suggesting that the Star Coin Head is not only about the material but also extends to the spiritual plane. The flowery courtyard is surrounded by a fence to protect it from wind damage. There is a path that extends beyond the courtyard and leads to a distant hill. This courtyard symbolizes the connection between the Pentagram type and nature, and the path leading to the hills suggests that, with the pragmatic style of the Pentagram, the money, time, or energy you invest may bring a great return.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The Earth element of the Star Coin deck represents the most practical things in the world, including money, wealth and the body. When the First Card of the Star Coin appears, it usually represents a new plan for money or material things, such as an investment plan, shopping for a home, starting a business, etc., with a bright future. It doesn't mean that it's all going to be great from here on out forever, but it's a reminder that what you want is just out of reach. In practical terms, the First Sign of the Coin can indicate a raise, a profit, an income, an investment opportunity, a reward, an inheritance, a gift, and so on.

Money is spent, which corresponds to leisure and pleasure, so the First of the Coin can also signify recreational activities such as shopping, eating, drinking, and entertainment, mainly of the physical and sensual nature. In rare cases, it can also symbolize spiritual abundance. In relationship divination, the First Card of the Star Coin can represent a stable and sensual relationship, as well as the materialization of an affectionate gesture, such as the giving of a wedding ring. The First of the Coin is a good sign in any divination related to the body.

The First of Coins is a card that materializes dreams. In the Grail deck, we dream; in the Star card, we build dreams, and they are no longer just dreams. The First of Coins makes us steady, solid and secure. The First of the Coin is associated with practical beginnings. It implies that you have enough money, energy, or sufficiency to begin a new program. It suggests that you can balance off spending. No matter how much you currently spend, what you make back is definitely enough.

In a career analysis, the First Card of the Star Coin may suggest a new venture, or a new phase in your career. The path that leads beyond the courtyard is telling you how far this opportunity can take you. If you get this Pentacle, invest in it, work for it, and it will smooth the path to your destination.

The First Card of the Star Coin may suggest that through your career or work environment, you are about to start a relationship with someone you know in it. This relationship could lead to a career opportunity - a business partnership or financial merger.

The First of the Coins card shows a well-funded new venture that is about to begin, and one that has been planned in an organized manner. This card shows a calm, deliberate pace, as in a marathon race, and this comes from knowing the business. In general, this card suggests that you are ready for the journey ahead. The work you're doing now feels fulfilling and brings in an abundance of income, and you've now grasped some tangible results, but it's only just begun, and the possibilities for the future are endless.

Core Tip

The Star Coin First Card represents a beginning. It may be a fresh start or the beginning of a new situation in a certain state. It represents a firm and solid start to a relationship or a new phase in a relationship.
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Knowledge Expansion

This securely cupped hand holding the Pentacle suggests that you are strong enough to hold your wealth at this moment.
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Card Meaning Extension

This card represents the ability to go after what you want whether it be monetarily or physically, it is prone to material success and has the potential to do so.
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