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Eight of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Letting go of your vision and looking at the outside world will reveal true value and beauty

Card Details:

The reversal of the Eight of Coins represents work that is not going well and is stopped by obstacles. Extrapolating from the picture upside down, the worker leaves his original position, which can sometimes be inferred as slacking off or losing his job. Of course, this kind of career failure can be traced to inappropriate or excessive ambition, greed for money, or an insatiable appetite. Either a lack of ambition and fighting spirit, or an arrogant and complacent attitude of vanity, causes a crisis in work or affairs.

Most likely because of greed and rush, or impatience and loss of patience and determination, did not follow the steps, disrupted the plan and procedures, ignored the important key, resulting in losses, the previous efforts have not been consolidated, so it is a lot of wasted work.

Sometimes even want to be able to do a few things at once, the clever mind to turn to cunning and scheming, the use of flattery or hypocrisy and other conspiratorial tactics, but often futile and waste of effort results. There is also the possibility of trying to win money by improper means, such as loan sharking or faking, watering down, or cutting corners, with naturally bad results.

Card Meaning Deduction:

With the Eight of Coins reversed, the artisan loses his original virtues and suffers from burnout, or is overworked and under-skilled, which will lead to frustration and failure. It is also possible that the person wants to change jobs, either out of dissatisfaction with the current job or because of focusing on monetary achievements without paying attention to the work itself. The message of the Eight of Diamonds is: enjoy your work, have fun with it, and wealth and fulfillment will come.

The Eight of Diamonds reversed indicates a lack of commitment to the job or situation at hand. You want to be paid a lot, but don't work very hard. Perhaps it's because you lack the training or skills needed to realize your plans. You need to go back to the subject of the Seven and think deeply about how you should play yourself and what you really want to achieve.

What the Eight of Diamonds Reversed describes is a lack of commitment. It's time to return to the Seven of Diamonds in positive position in order to remember how you expect all your efforts to be rewarded in the long term. The Seven of Diamonds can provide you with the opportunity to think deeply about the ten years from now and plan out what steps to take to get where you want to be. Perhaps you are tired of your job, your romantic relationships. You're bored with your life, and because you're not willing to give into these things, they're circling around you in a more boring, more endless manner. If you don't revert to the subject of the upright Seven of Stars to sort out your goals, abject old age will give you ample time to repent your lack of financial forethought in your youth.

In gender relationship analysis, a lack of commitment is indicated when the Eight of Coins is in retrograde. If the Seven of Swords is also on the card, it means that you have made a more significant commitment to something else, such as another relationship.

In career analysis, the Eight of Swords reversed may suggest that you don't like your job, but see it as a step towards success. In any case, since you don't like it, and all that is emphasized is the desire to be successful, then you will suffer for your work, and the success will be short-lived, and it may tell us again that work is both dull and repetitive, and that it requires no skill and offers no reward.

The meaning of life, the extent to which you are not paying enough attention to or practicing physical life. It could be that you are currently living a good life and you want to maintain it, or that you refuse to recognize that you are not living a good life. It could also be that you are so intent on increasing your income that you are paying the price of your health. The reversed Eight of Diamonds means that health as an option is currently ranking substantially lower in your mind.

In a money sense, the Eight of Star Coins reversed could suggest an unwillingness to take responsibility for your finances in the long term. Perhaps you are thinking that financial problems and decisions will all ship out. When Sandy came in for her analysis, the Eight of Diamonds in Retrograde had made his inability to take control of his finances unmistakable. Sandy carelessly squandered every penny she earned because she knew her parents would leave her a large inheritance when they passed away. When her father passes away, his half-brother jumps in to fight for it and takes all the inheritance (real estate). Sandy, however, couldn't afford to pay for a lawsuit and therefore couldn't claim her fair share. She has very few skills to make a living and not enough money to secure her old age. The time has come for Sandy to decide how much she will be obligated to contribute to a fulfilling life and how she will accumulate her finances.

Core Tip

Reversed Eight of Coins represents work that is becoming more and more miserable, but there is practically no development, so it's better to recognize your own strengths and find other opportunities to play.
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Knowledge Expansion

This card means to avoid unrealistic and lofty plans, and for major decisions, be sure to assess your own abilities and consider them carefully.
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Card Meaning Extension

Sometimes the Eight of Diamonds in Retrograde can also mean impatience, frustration, unrealized ambitions, or haphazard work.
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