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Eight of Pentacles Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

A promise, a commitment to someone or a situation.

Card Details:

A carver sits on a bench, intently and diligently carving a five-pointed star coin, with six completed in front of him hanging from a pillar, symbolizing his past accomplishments, and one unfinished at his feet. There was a yellow road connecting the distant municipality to the carver, connecting work to community, and no matter what the work was, the purpose was to serve people, and the carver had not forgotten that.

His left foot was scrunched up, while his right foot was stretched out in front of him, placed between two star coins on the ground. He wears blue, loose-fitting overalls with a black work bib in front, symbolizing the use of his mind to focus on his work. The lower half of his body is dressed in red leggings and brown shoes, symbolizing enthusiasm, energy and constant speed. His blue tunic with short sleeves reminds us that the physical work he accomplishes is also symbolized on a spiritual level. His work takes his skills to the next level, while his self-discipline and his ability to translate ideas into concrete form Since this person represents spiritual energy expressed through physical form, his ideas (star coins) become viable or real.

In the background can be seen columns of buildings in the distance, a small town almost identical to Star Coin IV, with a small road leading to a castle height building in this town. The town is still the backbone of the Master, and this is where the products are peddled or traded after they are finished.

In Star Coin Eight, the craftsman knows what is needed in the town, knows the quality and malleability of the materials, and knows what he wants to create. Eight is a favorable number for business, and has long been preferred by Chinese merchants. He is also a number associated with the use of personal power and inner motivation, as evidenced by the fact that the Eight of the Major Arcana is a card of power. (Arthur *Witte lists strength as eight and justice as eleven according to numerology. Other Tarot card arrangements may vary slightly.)

First we can compare the sculpted 'smith' of the Eight of Coins with the sculpted 'master' of the Three of Coins. In the Eight of Coins, the Man is a hard-working craftsman who is meticulous and detail-oriented, working very hard to carve the same thing, whereas the Carver of the Three of Coins has accumulated enough experience and credentials to become a true artist. This does not mean that the carver is inferior; the point is that he is focused on the process of his work, and this is the most precious virtue that will enable him to acquire the required skill or learning more quickly.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The Eight of Coins is a card that represents work to earn money, and also indicates the ability to accumulate wealth and concentrate on earning money. The Three of Diamonds is more like concentrating on the refinement of the work itself, and the Eight of Diamonds is not a division of labor, but rather an individual's efforts and achievements, or a concentration on mass production.

By the fact that the man in the picture is 'building money', it is clear that the main purpose of this work and productive activity is focused on money. The purpose of his hustle is very practical, and certainly not without forgetting the seriousness and dedication, but it just favors the indication of building and learning, as well as the accumulation of business and achievements over time.

The five hanging up star coins are fruits and finished products that have been pre-ordered and represent having been paid for. They are also a display of achievement and brand reputation, which he is still working on in earnest. These star coins are the fruits of his work and his actual wealth, and they are accumulated one by one, very exact and specific to his labor.

Thus this card represents an occupation that is directly capable of earning money, where service and customer-facing have little component, and where there is a recovery for the labor paid. Following a fixed program will result in a fixed paycheck, a guaranteed income that will inevitably lead to a steady accumulation of savings over time. The act of making money directly from star coins may feel tricky, but it is also a specialized skill, so the work can be judged as a technique, an art and a professional skill. However, it's not particularly about work that is only creative and varied in nature.

In addition to representing a job or an order for business, being appointed to a position or a job, this card is a symbol of starting work. But it can also represent the process of internship, or in the middle of a probationary period, a preparatory or transitional stage. This is a time to learn skills, to build up skills for the future, and to do so efficiently and effectively, with outstanding academic performance. Whether you're working or studying, you'll have a dedicated attitude of learning with an open mind, humility and dedication, and you'll need to be practical and down-to-earth.

Unlike the Eight of Scepter, which is like flying, the progress of the Eight of Stars is slow and solid, which is exactly the hard-working and down-to-earth quality of the Earth Star. The Eight of Scepters is the student who studies hard, the employee who works hard, the skilled craftsman, and the athlete who practices hard. They are not necessarily geniuses, nor do they know how to play tricks, but they definitely put more effort into their studies or careers than others. In love, it may indicate a fierce pursuit and careful management, but it may also indicate neglecting your love life in order to build up your career. Asking for a job indicates that a job is coming up soon. Asking for investment indicates a slight gain.

This is a card of commitment and focus on the task at hand, while the intention is to work towards a longer term goal. This person works hard and accomplishes his tasks, which brings him income and supports his family and himself. If his discipline in his trade was to make money, then he would be successful, for his income would not only provide for his sustenance, but he would be able to invest all the extra income to ensure a secure old age. Thus his risk-taking with regard to his work will not only benefit him today, but also in his future retirement.

The Eight of Diamonds suggests a deep commitment to a person or situation. Whereas in the Four of Diamonds your focus was on money, now you are focusing on your skills and how to become more refined. Taking your skills to the next level can be done through relentless effort or further study.

This card says that you have found your place in the group and are doing what is right for you. You understand that work shouldn't be dull and boring, but rather an opportunity for self-fulfillment. Work isn't just about filling your time, stomach or pockets, it's about making your life complete.

"Work is a visible love;" writes Kahlil *Cibran in his book The Prophet, "you work to be in tune with the earth and the soul of this world. For idleness will cause you to become four-fold, and to stray from the track of a life that sails toward God with solemn and honorable reverence." The Eight of Diamonds suggests that if you are not enjoying your current job, then leave and find something you enjoy. The best job for you will be a labor of love.

This card can also indicate taking a course of study, that would be for you to become an expert in a particular field. For example, let's say you are a psychologist, you could choose to complete a course such as grief counseling, or industrial workplace relations to become an expert in these areas. Or if you are a professional musician, you may choose to learn another instrument to develop your area of expertise.

By and large, this card shows commitment to work, to romantic relationships, to health, and to life in general. Commitment and focus can make almost impossible tasks accomplishable, and your area of focus will produce results. If you focus on the problem, the problem itself grows larger and larger; and if you focus on pursuing solutions, you will see them. In a recent industry coaching program, Karen complained that her massage business was getting worse. The conclusion was that Karen was focusing on having fun, that she was stealing time to take a walk in the botanical gardens every day, and that she was being paid by a client who immediately left the office to go shopping. In her analysis, the Eight of Diamonds implies that if she were to put more effort into the customers she booked each day, her career would be quite remarkable, and it proved to be so. The picture painted by the Eight of Coins is that when we focus on a matter, that matter will flourish.

The significance on gender relationships, the Eight of Coins implies that you have a deep commitment to a particular gender relationship, to fulfill a need and to build something that will last. It could also mean that you have to work harder at sustaining the relationship so that it grows to another and better stage. It could also indicate a wedding, the birth of a child, or you supporting your partner as he raises a child.

Money wise, this card is a promise of financial stability and growth. It describes certain people who love what they do and the quality of their work is often outstanding. I recently attended a luncheon for twelve people and our waiter, who clearly loved his job, provided unobtrusive but quite outstanding service. He set the table and waited on his guests in an artistic style, and even suggested directly to one of the men that after lunch he might take a walk along the beach and enjoy a brandy and cigar there. This suggestion was enthusiastically embraced by the five non-smokers, who left their shoes and socks at the door, rolled up their pants, and strolled along the cream-colored sand with cigars in hand. And the waiter's apt job performance earned him a generous and well-deserved tip.

Meaning in life, this is a commitment made to improve and sustain your life, especially physical health, as the Star Coin card refers to focusing on the real world. The Eight of Coins points to a quantifiable, pragmatic approach to sustaining your long-lasting health.

Core Tip

The Eight of Coins implies a commitment to someone or a situation. In career analysis, this is a card that denotes success, meaning you have the opportunity to build on past successes.
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Knowledge Expansion

In the analysis of travel, it suggests a career-related trip. In the analysis of health, it indicates a decision to take care of the body.
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Card Meaning Extension

This card suggests that the seeker should utilize his/her potential, and that his/her natural talents will lead to wealth and a career, as long as he/she is willing to work hard and conscientiously, without worrying about his/her livelihood and future.
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