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Five of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

No matter how chaotic and dark a situation is, patience and finding order is the best way to deal with it!

Card Details:

Weart's book states that the Five of Coins in reverse position represents 'incongruity, confusion, ruin, discord, debauchery'. Perhaps in reverse position the fate of these two beggars will be even more eventful, as the church is below and even more hidden and unseen.

Another interpretation would be to survive the hardships of adversity and turn the situation around. It depends on the other cards in the spread or the current intuition as to whether the fate of the person concerned will be more miserable or turn out to be good, but the person concerned must also bear the responsibility for his own destiny in order to do his best and get the best result.

In any case, the toughest times will pass, and when they do, everything will be over. Just like these two beggars, even though it was hard, they still insisted on living. In the darkness the dawn will still appear.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The reversed Five of Coins represents an upturn in finances and a beginning of a recovery from a grueling state. The whole environment has changed and recovered, the temperature has picked up a lot and it is no longer snowing heavily. Both people are certainly in a better place, at least overcoming the blizzard and being soothed and helped. Having been through the trials and tribulations and the dependence on each other, this is a time of inner peace and a sense of survival, a quiet moment of respite.

This card's reversed position represents a new movement in affairs, a new opportunity and a fresh start. However, there is still chaos and confusion after the storm, which must be reorganized. Destroyed and exhausted resources must start from scratch, and there is still a need to face reality and clean up the mess.

However, in the area of human relationships, emotions, love and marriage, there is also a new phase of problems, a phase of restoration, or a return to the mediocrity of reality and neglect of feelings, and there is always a gap to overcome that needs to be drawn closer to each other.

It can be described as freedom from the bondage of a person or a situation as you allow change to take place. All Tarot cards with the Five of Fives reversed belong to the card of change, and the fact that you recognize that the current way of dealing with a situation, is not the only way, ensures that you will be willing to change. Life doesn't have to be static. You can change, and as you change deep within, life will change what it offers you on the surface.

Winter has drifted away, and now the opportunity and the means are present again. This change announces that you are back to being square the Four of Diamonds, which gives you the opportunity to stockpile money and enjoy the comforts that material wealth provides. It offers you the chance to use your wealth to live a comfortable life. After a period of financial hardship, you are now finally able to use your money more freely, giving you the opportunity to pay off a debt or save for a worthy goal. The Five of Cups in the Tarot represents change, and the reversed Five of Coins describes an improvement in financial circumstances and brings more choices and a better life style.

The Five in the Tarot represents change. And when these cards are square, they mean narrow-mindedness; when they are reversed, they mean broad-mindedness. The only certainty in life is that everything changes. Whether the change is good or bad, right or wrong, depends on your point of view.

Financially, when the Star Coin is reversed it means that the worst of the financial winter is over and an improvement in the financial climate seems to be on the cards. Sometimes it's a sign that you may be about to retreat from a business or investment that's making you unable to make ends meet.

Life makes sense, and the worst of it is far away from you at this point. Those around you are ready to offer you support if you are willing to accept it with an open heart. When the Star Coin is in Reverse in your life's card chart, fill up your emotions and your mind first, and this will help you to enjoy the good things in life.

Core Tip

The Five of Coins Reversed is more positive than when it's positive, it suggests a change is coming, a change that will open up opportunities and choices for you, no matter how fearful you may have been of what has been going on so far.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Five of Coins reversed suggests that you will become more open-minded. The worst is now behind you and as you continue to change, life will reflect your inner self in the opportunities it presents to you.
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Card Meaning Extension

This card also suggests that you should be careful about what you are doing at the moment and not rush into anything until you have a good understanding of what is going on.
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