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Five of Pentacles Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Traveling far away from home, feeling detached from the things that fill you up.

Card Details:

Two beggars hobble along in the freezing snow, limping and hunchbacked, their clothes in tatters. They pass by a church, the five gold coins of gold, hanging high on the casement of the church, inside is a peaceful and sheltered world, symbolizing the material and spiritual shelter of the church, but they are blind, not attracted by the light and warmth, and no intention to stay, holding up the hungry and tired body, and rushed to go on their way.

The man on the left, with his left foot wrapped up in a wound, walks wearily with his clutches. On the right is a woman, cowering under a red cloth. Both are dressed in rags and walking with the same tired feet. They may be a pair, no matter how treacherous the circumstances they face, they are still with each other, supporting each other and adding some warmth, but there is no time to snuggle.

As the scene was a dark night, still filled with snow and wind, the church's architecture and facade were not clear, yet the bright, radiant window, clearly and distinctly presented, was a vertical stranded chain window, typical of churches. The door of this church is not open or even presented; it is a church that is closed for a slight break.

This card foretells trouble in material matters, and the pattern then paints a picture of poverty, which is very unfavorable for money and represents financial difficulties. The divination of finances represents the loss of money, failure and mistakes in decision making.

A snowy world is cold and unforgiving, and symbolizes spiritual barrenness and emotional coldness. A window in a church by the roadside reveals a warm glow, and two downtrodden people are still unable to get help; inside this window is a warm world, but it doesn't belong to them. They could not even find the door to enter this isolated and very different world. Although it is only a window, and if they go in, they can change and get material or spiritual help, yet that world is isolated from them.

In addition, the image creates two figures that are meant to imply that the young couple are there for each other and support each other, emphasizing the attachment to the relationship. It can represent emotions, love affairs and objects, but also any good and deep relationship, and getting along with each other and harmony. When asking for affection, this card is beneficial under conditions. This card is also the 'love in trouble' and the 'poor and needy couple'.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The Five of Coins depicts two hungry, cold, and weary men. One of them is in poor physical condition, which indicates a long period of hard labor. Behind them there is a church window that offers them a spiritual alternative to the material world. It implies that the root cause of their physical condition is spiritual emptiness.

They have a choice of how to discover, follow and implement the spiritual path. The church is really just an option for them. It represents the introduction of spiritual values to those who have no intention of pursuing them. In the card of five, these people do not see it and therefore lose an opportunity to make a difference.

Although they are together, they feel alone, and when you are incredibly spiritually empty, you feel a strong sense of inner hunger, loneliness and isolation. In a way you become detached from life. The church located behind the person on the top of this card symbolizes their inner sanctuary. As long as you let someone, or something, stand between you and God or your spiritual wellspring, you are risking losing your way.

The Five of Coins represents separation. It is a perception of a state of separation or loneliness, even if you are out of a group rather than referring to being physically separated from a person or situation. Sometimes when you are among a group of people whose minds are not connected, you may feel more alone than when you are alone.

Outer misery is a reflection of inner misery, so when the Five of Stars comes along, you need to embrace the opportunity for change that life offers you. "If you want to change the world, change yourself first" is the answer to this card.

Another meaning that Witte himself mentioned, the Five of Coins also represents love, especially the love of a couple who are still in love in a difficult situation, because these two beggars support each other in poverty, and they do not abandon each other even though they are poor.

The appearance of the Five of Coins shows a lack in some area, perhaps a lack of moral support, perhaps a lack of financial support, perhaps a lack of information or knowledge, or perhaps a lack of help from someone of value. Looking more closely at the picture, we can find that the church has a window but no door, which is a very thought-provoking question: is the beggar ignored the existence of the door? Or did they actually see it, but refused to enter themselves? Or is the church simply no door? The church should be a warm place to provide people with spiritual support, but the two beggars have no chance to get, the reason is worth looking into.

If it is the first hypothesis, we can say that there is in fact support, but the people concerned did not go looking for it or simply did not notice it. If it is the second assumption, perhaps someone was willing to help him and he rejected it himself. The third hypothesis, it means that the person's request for help was rejected, or there is no source of help at all. From this topic, we can see that the meanings of the Tarot cards can be very rich and free-flowing.

Although the windows of the church indicate that it is a place of refuge, the man and woman inside the cards are suffering from the cold, as well as being exhausted by constant arguments and isolation from each other, and conscious of the gifts of life. The cold weather, sickness, and financial distress forced the couple to make changes for which they were unprepared.

The Star Card is a card that represents hunger, whether it be spiritual or financial. When this card appears in the middle of a spread, it means that you have a heavy burden in your life. It could be that you've been fired from your job and feel banished from northern society, or it could also be suggesting that you're struggling for basic sustenance for yourself as well as your family.

In terms of gender relationship significance, the Five of Coins suggests that you are separated from your partner, and that you are alone and lonely whether you are apart, or still together. The reality of this relationship is a symptom of spiritual emptiness, where your hunger has reached a point where no physical or emotional relationship can feed you anymore. This card suggests that perhaps it is the right time for you to reconnect with your true purpose in life. In order to quell your hunger, inner change is needed.

In a life sense, the presence of this card represents a physical condition. Hidden beneath the physical symptoms is usually a mental and emotional emptiness that makes the body less and less able to cope. The Five of Coins could mean that the state of your life is affecting your ability to make money, or perhaps that you will be fired from your job because of poor health.

In terms of the overall view, the Five of Coins speaks of financial difficulties, poverty, illness and inner loneliness. In the midst of a constant struggle, it's easy to narrow your focus on problems and lose sight of your opportunities.

Deep spiritual change is in order when this Five of Coins appears, otherwise it may not solve your problems despite external help. Your current outlook on life is not your mainstay and now you must ask yourself if you are still willing to hold onto these beliefs.

The Five of Coins represents the physical signs reflected in the emptiness of the mind. In career analysis, it implies career or disinterest in work; and suggests that because your attitude has remained the same, things are as they have always been.

I once worked with a woman who hated every minute and second of her commute to work and was always wandering around at work. When I suggested that she quit her job and find something more suitable, she replied, "Not at all, I'll be retired in twelve years." She had put herself in a situation where she had no choice and it made her miserable.

Financially significant, the Five of Stars shows financial distress, poverty, or a serious financial loss. It is not advisable to go in a set direction if you are inquiring about a business or a financial scheme, and when James came in for his analysis, he was considering whether to accept a voluntary departure. As there are already people willing to join a newly formed company, he also feels that this seems to be a good time to let go, but he is comfortable in his current position, and he wants to ask if it would be wise to continue with his old company for two more years. The answer is exactly five star coins. It implied that now now seemed to be a change that he would not regret. So he took his severance pay and three months later his previous company went into receivership and many of the people still working there lost their rightful rights as well as their jobs.


Core Tip

This card signifies that something important to the querent seems to be in jeopardy for a brief period of time, perhaps concerning finances, a partner, or faith. It also usually represents a time of hardship, either materially or spiritually.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Five of Coins represents loss or scarcity in some way, such as unemployment, loss of possessions, lack of knowledge, understaffing, and impoverishment of resources. When the Five of Coins is in the suggested position, it shows that you must be firm in your beliefs to get through difficult times.
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Card Meaning Extension

The Five of Coins can traditionally represent marriage or a spouse, which is difficult to understand in Eastern societies. This is because in Western wedding vows, both partners promise not to leave each other even in sickness or distress.
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