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Four of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Letting go when it's time to let go in order to grasp more opportunities

Card Details:

The Four of Coins in reverse will make this lord's gold coins insecure, first the gold coins on his head will roll off, then the crown he is wearing will fall off. Then the gold coins at his feet would not be suppressed, and in the worst state the hands would be slack, and he would no longer be able to embrace the gold coins. We can also think of the gold coins under the feet because of the opposite position, which becomes a picture of a person being suppressed by money, which is a picture of a person becoming a slave to money.

In the reversed position, although this lord wants to keep his wealth, he is unable to maintain it, so he has to give up his original insistence, and even starts to enjoy and squander and waste it, not wanting to face the actual financial situation. Otherwise, because the money has been stored in oneself for too long, it depreciates and slips in value, causing losses instead. Even if there is an opportunity to increase the value of your money, you will be hesitant and delay the opportunity, and you will not be able to further develop your finances.

Your money and crown will be lost, which means that you may lose your status and wealth, and your original stability will no longer be there. In serious cases, you may even lose your original honor and dignity, and you will become embarrassed. The reversed position of the Four of Coins may represent a negative message in financial or other aspects.

Card Meaning Deduction:

From a financial point of view, the reversal of the Four of Coins represents money slipping by your fingertips. And this could be intentional, for example, when you're on vacation there's a chance you'll spend more money than usual. The reversal of the Four of Coins could mean generosity and freedom. In the analysis of gender relations, it suggests that you give yourself full freedom and set no limits on your partner. Sometimes he may also indicate that you give more than you receive.

The Four of Coins in Retrograde may also be saying that you are incapable of constructing your life, work or gender relationships. When it is square it suggests stability; when it is reversed, it may represent this instability or freedom from change. If this card appears in a question about a trip or a big deal, rather than a result or answer, it may suggest that you are not saving towards your goal. If he refers to the answer or result of this question, then it refers to spending money, or the actual sale being made.

The Four of Coins Reversed is warning that money is being spent faster than wealth is being accumulated, and therefore liabilities are about to be incurred. It is talking about spending money freely and generously without considering that there is not enough income to pay for it. A recent King of the Coins declared, "Absurd payoffs are liabilities." This card inverted occurs when you live a life of borrowing, such as using credit cards, or expanding your mortgage, and taking that money to pay for a vacation. If you still want to retain your ability to pay off your debts, be careful not to let the period of spending more than you earn be prolonged.

The reversed Four of Diamonds, in addition to the pettiness, selfishness, rigidity, and stubbornness that have been mentioned in the positive position, may also represent him trying to hold on to his possessions, but it's not working out the way he wants it to. For when the card is reversed, the Star Coin above his head falls and the Star Coin at his feet is in jeopardy.

The significance of money, the reversed Four of Coins means an investment that is costing an ever-increasing amount of money while earning a limited amount of income, which is weakening you due to the constant requests for money from you, which makes you go back to the subject of the three of Coins in positive position. This time you see an opportunity to rebuild a solid financial foundation for future growth and development. This opportunity could mean that you embark on more study to refine your knowledge and have better control over your time, or perhaps it's talking about you making more pragmatic financial plans.

In a life sense, the Four of Diamonds Reversed represents generosity, but sometimes it could be suggesting a lack of personal space that has caused you to be emotionally or physically drained. It could also be suggesting that hidden underneath your life's problems is a fear of passing money, perhaps saying that you can't afford adequate insurance or can't afford to be making investments that maintain a positive outlook.

Core Tip

The reversed position of the Four of Coins indicates that the current direction is not under your control, and you will encounter a lot of obstacles, if you act rashly at this time, it is easy to cause losses.
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Knowledge Expansion

This card represents a period of time when you can't make ends meet, and if you don't handle it well, it could lead to a long-term crisis.
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Card Meaning Extension

The reversed Four of Coins means that if you can't make enough money, you need to cut back on expenses, but be careful not to be isolated by others and not to be overly suspicious of others.
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