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Four of Pentacles Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Save your money or physical energy for a bigger challenge.

Card Details:

The man in the picture wears a crown and a red robe symbolizing ruling authority, the hem of which is trimmed with blue, indicating high lordship. He is seated on a chest, with one star coin at his head, another clutched in both hands, and two more on each foot, with a tense look as if he is deeply afraid of losing any of his possessions. The man was rich, but isolated from the city's population. The Four of Coins is nicknamed "The Cheapskate" or "The Scrooge".

He had to stay still or the gold coins on his head would fall off first, but he seemed to be happy to sit on this wealth. This lord had a greedy look in his eyes, pursed his lips, and his whole body appeared rigid in a state of stillness. He wore a dark reddish-brown tunic, revealing two sleeves and the hemline, with a black cloak on the outside, displaying a noble stance, but it was also evident that he was closed off inside.

In the background behind the rich man is an entire town with various building patterns and colors, with rows of tall and short buildings clearly visible, which we can take as real estate owned by him, and can also be regarded as the objects of his management or transactions and dealings. It's a very peaceful environment, with mountains looming in the distance as a barrier. But he had his face turned back to it, and was concentrating on the question before him. The ground in the foreground was flat and colorless, while the sky in the background was also colorless.

The wealthy man sits unchanged, his life seeming uninteresting and boring, and not richer in the joys of life brought about by his wealth. The stone chair and the flat, colorless ground are a reflection of the flat version of uninteresting. For he only wants to accumulate and hoard his wealth for the sole purpose of maintaining the status quo, and even leads a careful and tense life as a result.

This is a miserly and miserly trait, and he overly loves and values material wealth cherishing past or established achievements, and in his heart he may even be complacent. He is unwilling to share his wealth with others, or even a penny, guarding the original materials and refusing to circulate changes.

The location of the gold coins is precisely blocking and preventing this person from connecting or circulating with the outside world. The gold coins on the top of the head block the connection (of the top chakra) with the above, which is a blockage of the spiritual side. The gold coin on the chest blocks the front body, including the throat, chest, and abdomen (the three chakras of the throat, heart, and abdominal chakras) from communicating and interacting with others, especially out of the openness of the heart and chest, which is the main focus of this gold coin. The two gold coins on the soles of the feet block the authenticity of his stepping on the ground and isolate the union with nature.

It follows that there is a stubborn and obstinate side to the conception and that there are many anachronisms and deviations. For money luck, this card represents the possibility of keeping the money you have, trying to make more money without any guarantee that you will be able to do so, and certainly not enjoying the wealth you have.

Maybe you and I have such a miser around, bought an expensive car, all day maintenance, usually can not open, open out and afraid of being stolen and scraped, parking time must be careful for fear of crashing, a little bruises on the heartache, said he is the owner of the car, it is better to say that the car slave. It is also like a petty rich man, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but only donated 10,000 dollars to disaster relief when the earthquake struck. These are typical examples of misers.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The Four of Coins in positive position often represents material gain and stability, and the source of gain may be a job or the receipt of a gift or inheritance. However, while the Four of Diamonds represents material stability, it does not guarantee spiritual growth. The reversed position of the Four of Diamonds emphasizes control, dominance and possession. Like the man in the chart who is holding on to his coins, the Four of Diamonds represents holding on to material assets, or holding on to someone (because he thinks that person is his). If he is a lover, he will be a jealous lover who is very jealous. If he is a boss, he will be the kind of stingy boss who refuses to raise his salary, although his financial management ability may not be bad.

All the cards of the number four in the Tarot represent some form of stability and order, and the earth element of the astrological coin also represents stability. In this way, stability plus stability, unchanging plus unchanging, inevitably leads to rigidity and stubbornness, especially when in reverse position. Perhaps in the positive position, when the red of the robe of the Four Lords of the Coin, symbolizing authority, is in balance with the blue of Jupiter's charity, he will be a good leader, enjoying life without being petty. In the reversed position, he can become selfish and egotistical.

The Four of Coins implies a period of saving your money or experience. The Four of Diamonds is describing someone who feels secure in his or her money. All the fours of the Tarot have another meaning: consolidation. And the Four of Coins refers to financial consolidation: in other words, it refers to actions that make a financial situation solid or realized.

The person on this card is all alone, although for the sake of money or something tangible, he must be careful not to alienate himself from others. The strong need for stability and security makes it difficult for him to leave money and commit himself to life.

The Four of Coins implies the astrological sign of Taurus, especially when seen with the Pope or the King of Coins. Part of the life issue for the Taurus person is to recognize what a person's true value is in their relationship with wealth. As far as business is concerned, it represents a solid and powerful state. It may suggest financial stability by and large. In the case of coordinating negotiations, the Four suggests that the person is not very receptive to new ideas or changes.

Of significance in gender relationships, the Four of Coins may suggest that one of the partners values material things more than the relationship itself. It could also be suggesting jealousy and possessiveness, as it's hard to get a hold of something tangible without first trying to get a hold of the other person's interests and psyche. One of the partners may feel that his significant other belongs to him and that what is his belongs to him logically. This card shows that you have been clear about what you want to get when you give; this means that it represents an exchange of benefits rather than a gift. This card can also mean selfishness, and the difficulty of giving if there is no way to get a reciprocal return where the take would be more.

Life wise, this is a card that represents Taurus and in some cases it simply means that your work or your pursuit of wealth is affecting your health.

The Four of Coins is a card that has a positive meaning in terms of finances, it is describing having enough income to bring you a sense of security, or it is representing an available amount of money that can be utilized, and that can still be saved some around to double for retirement. This card means that you have the financial strength to make investments of time or money.

The Four of Coins also means that you are saving money, saving energy, accumulating wealth, exercising moderation and planning how to make money work for you, and it represents knowing that financial security is important and that surroundings offer opportunities to improve your finances. It could also mean stabilizing your financial situation by saving money, paying down debt and living within your means. Perhaps you're devising ways to increase your income or reduce your expenses to make sure you have more money coming in than going out. The Four of Coins indicates that you are doing one or the other, or both at the same time.

In a recent analysis, a woman asked me if she should put her money back into a particular business after her current investment had matured. This positive Four suggests that a solid investment is one that can be continued.

Core Tip

American tarot celebrity Mary K. Greer once compared the four coins: Greek mythology, there is a king Midas (Midas), want to point stone into gold ability, and finally even point his girlfriend into gold.
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Knowledge Expansion

This illustrates the greedy nature of the Four of Coins, who wants to "own" material things, not realizing that material things are not everything. The querent is warned not to place too much importance on possessions, otherwise he will only become complacent in material things and refuse to take risks.
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Card Meaning Extension

This card also shows that the seeker is cautious and prudent, especially when it comes to finances and health. This pays off as both of these things bring the seeker much joy and fulfillment.
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