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King of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Man is harnessed to material things and is deep in the mire of material things

Card Details:

When the King of Coins is reversed, it seems as if the King's coins can't hold on to them and roll down, and there is a serious problem with financial operations, and the accumulated results are not preserved. The King's prudence and prudence are also affected, and he is inclined to speculate and take chances on dangerous things, and may do anything to achieve his goals.

The reversed King of Coins over-exerts the element of Earth and the Star Coin, and is inclined to greed and indulgence. At this time, the King of Coins loses his self-control and abuses money and material things, being wasteful and unthrifty or lazy and perfunctory, which can easily lead to corruption and degradation. This man appears to be very stubborn and obstinate, without any real commitment. He has even lost the ability to operate, unwilling to make sustained efforts yet stingy and greedy, most stubborn and diehard, hard-hearted. Lack of business ethics, lack of integrity, and worst of all, may become evil and an old unashamed man.

Card Meaning Deduction:

When the King of Coins is in a reversed position, he can be a greedy person for material things, running his company and treating his employees on a tight budget, yet spending money generously on himself. If he is forced into a job by his parents or circumstances, sometimes he will not succeed. He is the type of person who wakes up and realizes that the dream he wanted to pursue is over, because it would cost him too much to run away from the beginning and start a new business. He craves money, but lacks the inner stability to keep it. His financial state is ambivalent, always generous at first, then in a fog of misery.

Unsuccessful financial management or mediocrity may be the result of pursuing a career that is not what your heart desires. Following in your father's footsteps and ignoring your heart's call to take a different path is what this reversed King of Coins is all about, and you may often reward yourself with material things to fill the void you've felt for years in a job that doesn't inspire you.

When the King of Coins is reversed, he doesn't seem to be as good with money and material things as he originally was. It usually takes risks without thinking. It wants money very badly but is not strict about making money with solid work. He can represent a failed businessman or a person of mediocre talent.

In some cases, the King reversed suggests a dishonest businessman, someone who will blatantly pay bribes, or who will use any means to get what he wants. He has become detached from nature and as a result he may overemphasize the material world. He craves possessions and comfort, and finds it difficult to prioritize any worthwhile spiritual goals that are useless to him because they are out of sight and out of mind.

The King of Coins in Retrograde is unsuccessful in his finances, perhaps due to a lack of financial acumen, or stubbornness to the point of stupidity. Because of his insecurity, he exploits others and becomes selfish and greedy. At this point, he is either a workaholic who tries to make money by any means necessary, or he is extremely lazy and unproductive. If he is your father, he may not be able to provide enough security for his family and may be cold or even strict with his children. If he is your father, he may not be able to provide enough security for the family, and he may be cold or even strict with the children. If he represents events, pay attention to your income and expenditure.

The presence of this card's reversed position in divination represents the appearance of a character with such negative traits, or the character's original traits presenting or transforming into such negative characteristics. In terms of the situation, the person in question is in a bad situation as described above and is facing financial difficulties. Therefore, the subject may not be able to get financial support and may not be able to control his/her finances. Most likely, the financial crisis is caused by human management problems.

Overall, this card's reversed position indicates problems with money, especially in managing finances. Career is eventful and not very promising. Love and relationships are chaotic and entangled with money issues. Academics can lose organization and memory.

Core Tip

The King of Coins card reversed suggests that the success of a particular situation will be short-lived because it is less meticulously and thoughtfully planned.
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Knowledge Expansion

The attitude expressed by the reversed King is "If I can't see it or touch it, then I don't believe in it.
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Card Meaning Extension

The reversed King believes that things are worth more than people, and he may be caught up in the mundane world of materialism.
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