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King of Pentacles Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Virtue is the key to success, pragmatism and firmness.

Card Details:

The Star Coin King sits at ease in his garden. He holds the Star Coin in his left hand and the Scepter in his right in a relaxed manner. The castle at the back symbolizes his material success and dominance, yet he is not in the castle, but enjoying his garden.

The surroundings are filled with grapes and various plants symbolizing the fruits of the harvest, and his clothing is filled with grape motifs, making him seem to be in tune with nature. The throne is decorated with a bull's head, the family totem of the Star Coin.

The king's right hand is leaning on the arm of the seat, holding the handle of the precious ball in his palm. In his left hand, he holds the gold coin of the Pentagram and rests his left foot on his knee to make the large gold coin more stable and secure. The king leans back in his chair and lowers his eyes to examine his gold coin peacefully.

The King's face has a bony, square and hard profile, indicating steadfastness and patience. His face is deep, steady and calm. The Gold King looks down at the gold coin he is pressing in his left hand. In his other hand, he grips and holds upright the scepter, a symbol of power.

His robes are wrapped in armor, and his left foot shows that he is in battle gear, which means that he is always ready to meet challenges and face all kinds of situations. His left foot, which is wearing an iron shoe, is stepping on an animal ~ a wild boar, which is his prey, which shows that he is aggressive and predatory when he seems to be calm and gentle.

On his head this king wears a golden crown decorated with flowers and leaves and encrusted with flowers and a ring of circles around them, a laurel representing glory and victory. The crown is topped with three red five-petaled flowers, and lilies that appear yellow and less visible. This is again a combination of roses and lilies. The red scarf wrapped around his neck and chest had an inherent passionate undertone. The dark-colored king's robe drapes to the ground, and the ornamentation on the robe merges with the green of the scene, filled with grapes, the more distinctive ones being the grape leaves, and the inverted triangular shapes of purple particles, the fruit of the vine. Surrounding the perimeter are also grape vines, filled with grape leaves, and real grape fruits can also be seen.

The king's throne is made of black marble, dignified and heavy, yet it cannot help but feel cold. Four bull's heads can be seen throughout the seat, with two cast bronze bull's heads mounted at the ends of the back of the chair, and the front of the two armrests are also carved, much like the emperor's four goats. These bull's heads are a symbol representing the birthright. The throne was situated in the midst of his estate, with a wall at the back, surrounding the king's castle or palace. In the king sits in the midst of nature denoting the abundance of material goods and the enjoyment and management of all that he possesses. The throne is entwined with the flowers and leaves of plants, becoming one with the environment and nature. The king's robes are decorated with green leaves and the tails of the robes hang down to the ground, also merging with the green of the scene. Everything in the background of the scene is owned by this king, including the buildings and lands, the royal city and the manor.

The qualities of the Earth element are maximized in the King of the Coins, who achieves material success. This king is successful, wealthy, financially astute, and enjoyable, a modern day banker and industrialist. He was surrounded by grapes, and according to his hard work the fruits were quite plentiful, but he still demanded that nature be kept in balance.

You can imagine him as a big boss who plays on the golf course. When he wasn't working successfully, he liked to work out or be close to nature. He was the most practical and persistent of the four kings. His style was not the headlong rush of the Scepterists, but cautious, diligent, carefully planned, and quietly worked his way up. He tends to be conservative most of the time, and even when he shows bold ambition in his endeavors, it is only after careful evaluation that he lets it go.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The King of Coins represents the earth component of the element earth. It is firmly rooted, practical, active, stubborn, defensive and hard working. When this person is working, I'm afraid you'll have a hard time imagining him having a moment of rest, yet when he's resting, you'll have an equally hard time imagining him running off to work. This king represents the successful businessman or professional. He sits proudly in the middle of his throne, holding in one hand the precious orb that symbolizes kingship and in the other hand the star coin. He is not satisfied enough with life, for he must be able to feel and touch success.

This card can represent the astrological sign of Taurus when it appears next to the Pope or the Four of Star Coins (note that there are two bull's heads on top of the Throne, and two engraved in the place of the base), and Gemini when it appears next to the Lovers.

The King of Coins represents a down-to-earth and mature person. He has a solid, reliable and conservative personality and is able to work hard to fulfill his promises and take up his share of responsibility with care. He is not as adventurous as the King of Sceptre or as creative as the King of Cups, but he can achieve success through a slow and steady pace and careful practice.

He can be a good business manager because he knows what to do and usually does what he asks of others. Based on his "one-handed" approach, he gets results. The King of Coins was successful, and he liked being successful. He didn't have to run around like other kings to understand life or find inner emotional peace, because he knew he was living in a material world, and material comforts made all the difference in the world.

If the King of Scepter is the founding monarch, the King of Star Coins is the king who leads his people towards the world of governance. He is steady, practical, generous, trustworthy, and gives others a sense of security. If he is your partner, he is very responsible for his family and will give you a good life to make you feel secure. Although he doesn't know how to sweet-talk you, his generosity to you is a sign of his love. His temper is usually very stable, not easy to get angry.

He is also the most loyal man who is good at long term love. Although the Knight of Cups is most women's idea of Prince Charming, the King of Coins is probably the one most people would choose if they were to get married. If he's your father, he'll make you feel secure, give you plenty of material fulfillment, but he also attaches great importance to traditional values, and may be a bit old-fashioned, so there may be a generation gap between the two. His disadvantage is that he is stubborn and doesn't know how to change.

The King of Coins is a successful business manager who also has ideals and is always realistic about them. The card suggests that this person is very trustworthy and a man of his word, most likely a prudent but generous businessman, who is very happy with his present situation in life. If the card is related to his personality, it suggests that he understands the principle of contentment and should be grateful for what he has.

This patient and practical man shows an understanding of life's path, preferring regularity and stability over adventure. He is usually a hard worker and will reward his efforts with a small amount of real money, such as an expensive car or watch. He is the type of person who likes to go on vacation every year to a fixed location and would be more satisfied if he owned his own vacation home. That way, he could also fix up his country vacation home every year and spend his retirement there. He understands the need for a stable financial foundation in order to pursue a rewarding life.

The King of Coins suggests reaching success through physical endeavors. It can also mean that pragmatic endeavors bring material success. Sometimes it may also suggest that there is a dark-haired and practical person in front of you who will provide you with practical help. In terms of health analysis, he could be referring to tension in the neck and shoulders.

If it refers to people, this person loves food, music and animals, as well as nature and materialistic things. He follows the rules in everything and acts in a disciplined way, so his caution becomes overly conservative. He is good with money and material things, and food is usually enough to soothe him when his temper gets out of control, though he is usually very patient.

This card represents a practically striving, affluent and successful man with a calm and introspective manner. His character is steady and orderly, his actions are prudent and practical, and he treats people in an easygoing but friendly manner. His character is upright and full of wisdom, which makes him feel more responsible and reliable. When he is in good spirits or in high spirits, he is very willing to share and is your loyal friend.

This kind of Gold Coin King attaches great importance to reality and is possessive, not giving up benefits easily. He likes practical and clear things, and he has his own way of carefully evaluating everything based on its value, thus he has unique taste and vision, and of course, he will also show the qualities of practicality and utilitarianism. What he is good at is the pragmatism and stability represented by the Gold Coin, with excellent perseverance and diligence, and the style of one footstep at a time. This kind of man is very stable and gives people a very solid sense of security, and is the object that most people want to rely on, but the emotional exchange with him is not enough, and he is often treated as a provider.

The Gold Coin symbolizes worldly material wealth, and this King is gifted with the ability to manage his money, and he is very concerned with recycling and security, and cares about substance. This card then represents the proletarian with wealth and assets, he has business acumen and numerology skills, an experienced and successful leader, a boss, businessman or entrepreneur, so to speak. He is practical, shrewd, capable and clear-headed. He understands very well the workings and changes in the economy and finance, and specializes in financial management.

The presence of this card in a horoscope is likely to indicate that the person in question possesses the character traits described above or plays such a role. When interpreted as a state of affairs, it is describing harvests, business, operations, wise investments, and the ability to acquire money and precious possessions. The card may indicate that the subject has a good grasp of finances, but it may also indicate that he or she will receive material help from powerful people. Many of the things that appear in the background of the picture can be divined as possessions, including castles, houses, and real estate. Thrones represent companies and management positions, and control of money. Crops, plants, and nature are also associated with this card.

When the King of Coins is frustrated by circumstances, he usually works harder. He seeks to get the job done to his own standards, which will bring him a sense of being in control of his environment. When consistently hit by life, he will secretly save money and plan an escape from his relationships, career or responsibilities. Sometimes he will also control the people around him through money. Sometimes he withdraws monetary support from a child until the child agrees to do the work he has assigned or to do it in a recognized manner. When frustrated, the King sometimes tries to spend money to buy a way out of the situation.

In the analysis of gender relations, the King of Coins suggests a carnal and worldly relationship in a comfortable material environment. It can also refer to a Taurus man or woman. When this King wants you to know that you are important to him, he will give you material things, perhaps rewarding you with a job, a gift, or lending you a car, a house, or an apartment for long-term use. It is equating happiness with a comfortable lifestyle, and possessions owned. If you complain that you're not happy, he might be confused.

"What's going on? You have a nice house, a new car and expensive clothes, and two trips a year when we vacation in New York and Paris where you go on a shopping spree. May I ask what you are not content with?"

It's a little more formal and conservative at times, but still a solid and reliable companion.

Overall, this is a great card, especially when it comes to financial money handling. And career and work go well. In relationships, there is patience and firmness, but not enough romance, and relationships are very practically oriented. Regarding academics it is only average and maintainable.

Core Tip

The King of Coins is the earth of the earth element, pragmatic with a conservative attitude. It describes a man who is pragmatic, conservative and believes in realism, and succeeds by pragmatically embarking on immediate goals.
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Knowledge Expansion

The King of Coins represents success through pragmatic endeavors. In specific events, it indicates a solid foundation for wealth or career.
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Card Meaning Extension

The rewards of a sustained orientation toward a stable goal include financial stability. Through the sustained pursuit of a career direction or personal goal, there will be slow but steady success as pragmatic endeavors lead to financial abundance.
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