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Knight of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Ideas tend to be short-lived, disinterested in goals

Card Details:

The Knight of the Star Coin in reverse indicates that the Knight falls off his horse and loses his footing, dropping the Star Coin held in his hand, or even that this elemental belonging will be taken away from him. This indicates that the Knight is intent on chasing after money but is unable to do so, and is likely to fail to pursue it, and even if he does gain it, he will not keep it for long, and may even lose more because of it. Whether it is money invested or other contributions, in serious cases, even the foundation or status will be lost. In case of financial competition, due to limited concentration, it is obvious that you will lose, or be won by others.

When the Knight of the Coin is reversed, it may mean that he seems rather lazy and disinterested in almost all areas of his life, and if there is only one thing left to be interested in, he will pursue it with missionary zeal. Despising the workaholic image of the proper knight, he is less giving, cold and detached. He may hate authority and often contradicts his father or challenges his father's imagery projections.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The Knight of the Coin Reversed describes someone who may be ambitious, but is unwilling to work hard or stick to his goals. He hates authority (often due to unresolved issues with his father), but has no way of disciplining himself at work. He may be withdrawn, aloof and constantly trying to control those around him. This reversed Knight is afraid of change or has no control over himself and his life. Liking books more than people, he may be a keen student. He has the feeling that time is about to run out, and therefore he is in danger of missing out on opportunities to accomplish what he must in this life. As a result, he is agitated and frustrated about the lack of purpose.

The condition described by the Knight of the Coin Retrograde is a lack of commitment to goals. Your ideas are ephemeral, leading to a possible disillusionment with current plans because of the lack of long-term results, and the Knight in Opposition may also be describing a feeling of being weighed down by responsibilities and obligations, with no room to breathe.

The Knight in Opposition suggests that you may be forced to rely on others at the moment. This may make you feel uncomfortable as you may feel out of control of your life and yourself. This is a moment that requires patience.

The Knight of the Star Coin in reverse position, although still yearning for money, has a stagnant attitude, empty ideals without concrete programs or actions, inertia and avoidance mentality is very serious. He tends to become narrow-minded and calculating about money. In fact, no matter what events you ask about, it's a similar situation. His lack of determination and direction, his restriction to dogmatic ideas, and his lack of care and shrewdness are the main causes of his failure.

The Knight of the Stars in Retrograde is usually one of two things, the first is that he becomes a real workaholic and a realist, he sees only money and work in his eyes, and he is not well liked by people. The other is that he is simply unmotivated to work, irresponsible and disoriented, muddling through the day, and the virtue of prudence and care disappears. It is also possible that he is burned out or unemployed.

The presence of this card in the reversed position during divination means that the career is not going well, or even facing unemployment or inactivity, and the financial situation is very tight. Perhaps one is unable to pull oneself together after a setback, so that work has come to a halt. Financial competition fails, monetary losses are high and benefits are denied, affecting subsequent operations.

Overall, the card's reversed position shows a loss in monetary pursuits, especially when it comes to investments. There will also be setbacks regarding career. Love and relationships will be hindered and delayed due to practical aspects. Academics will perform poorly due to missed focus and difficulty in performing.

Core Tip

The Knight of the Stars in reverse may drift into materialism, money-oriented, lack of sensibility, and a personality that favors isolation and independence.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Knight of the Stars in Reverse indicates a lack of means to solidify long-term plans or a delay in pursuing progress.
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Card Meaning Extension

When this card refers to a person, it suggests that you define your self-worth in terms of self-assessment and contributions or accomplishments, rather than the kind of person you are.
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