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Knight of Pentacles Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Planning before acting, steady and careful planning

Card Details:

The young knight sits upright on the back of his black horse, scrutinizing the star coin in his hand. The strong black horse with its thick red saddle and reins and soft red cushions draped over its flanks stands firmly on the ground, the only motionless mount in the four Knight cards, reflecting a prudent and pragmatic attitude.

The rider pauses to take in the view ahead and to contemplate and calculate past profits. The Knight wears a helmet decorated with spikes of green leaves at the top of the helmet, the same spikes on the head of the Black Horse. He is clad in heavy armor and a dark red robe, and also wears red gloves. The Knight of the Star Coin was in the middle of an open expanse of land that should have been endless before him, and he knew in his mind the situation ahead of him. The ground in the distance was a carefully plowed field with a bright yellow background.

The Knight of the Star Coin's visage seemed honest and simple, with firm, persistent eyes looking ahead. His hair and eyes were dark brown, a sign of a stoic and pragmatic character, and even his stature and dress were thick. This knight sits on his horse but stops for a moment, holding the star-coin cupped in front of him, but instead of resting on it, his gaze extends past the top of the coin and looks out into the distance, and his horse seems to be heading in the same direction. The prospect of the star coin is on his mind, and the whole stopping is also to wait for a better opportunity, expecting to build up momentum at the most opportune moment.

The posture of the Knight of the Star Coin can be seen in the image, the slowest of the four, yet the one with the strongest carrying capacity and the most steady pace. The posture and look of the Knight of the Star Coin fully demonstrates the qualities of the pragmatist, even his mount, the black horse, also gives people the feeling of a long way to go, its thick body indicates that the endurance of the endurance of a long way to go. The saddle and cushion of the horse are red in color, which represents the heat and compulsion of the horse, and the addition of a red coat on the body shows that he still possesses the impetus and eagerness of a knight.

The knight's helmet is decorated with green leaves, indicating that he draws his strength from nature. Armed with dark armor, he is ready to fight at any time, and such protective equipment shows his cautious character, and his preparation for any action will be very thorough.

The scene where the Star Coin Knight was located was a slightly undulating wilderness, and although the horse's hooves stepped on green, the surrounding rocky veins and distant mountains showed that this was not an affluent place. This signifies that the present environment is still to be exploited and must be fought for on its own to succeed, the fruits of the harvest being in the foreground and the future.

The Knight of the Star Coin is usually dark-haired with blue or black eyes. He is fully absorbed in the pursuit of the material world, and it is not until he is approaching his prime that this serious personality wanes a little.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The Knight of the Star Coin is the most consistent and down-to-earth of the four Knights. He is diligent, practical, careful, hard-working, punctual and faithful, the most reliable assistant and the most loyal employee. His career is not yet as great as that of the King of the Star Coins, but like a tortoise he is working very hard to climb up the ladder one step at a time, with the ultimate aim of attaining the security of wealth. He buries his head in the crowd and plows and perseveres, even carrying other people's work on his own shoulders and not complaining even when he is tired and hardworking. For money, he counts very clearly, never waste, may seem a little catty.

For his goal, he has his own reckoning, like a turtle that bites and never lets go. He is the most stoic of the four knights. He doesn't like too much change in his life and is not willing to take risks. If he is your friend, you can rest assured as long as he does his business, because you know he is the friend who values Ranno the most. On the other hand, you may find him too boring, too serious, a man of few words, with little sense of humor, not knowing how to enjoy life, and a bit stubborn.

The Knight of the Coin is a man wiser than his actual age, with a practical and hardworking attitude. He has already made plans for his career before he knows he's retired, and while it's not specifically written down, it's already taking shape in his head. The Knight of the Star Coin longs for a comfortable journey through life, though he quickly learns that working hard in his youth can make retirement in his old age anything but lackluster. He was a serious student and eager to take on work responsibilities. While his fellow knights are out having fun, he is planning his business or real estate empire. He will be shy and aloof when it comes to a possible mate, and will appreciate someone who is hard working and shows self-motivation. This young man usually takes on responsibilities at a young age and becomes the youngest manager or the youngest director of a large corporation.

The Knight of the Coin usually refers to reinforcing your plans and making progress towards a defined goal. It means working hard to achieve a goal. In the case of a person, this individual is very serious about commitment, whether it is to a career, a personal ambition or a gender relationship. Usually, he believes in this maxim: "If you want something done right, then do it yourself."

If it is representing a situation, then the Knight of the Star Coin describes thinking deeply about a long-term commitment, perhaps referring to a career. It means the perception of serious work - encompassing the pursuit of some long term goal. It also describes adjusting one's pace until the goal is reached. While the Beyonder may occasionally lend a helping hand, it is, after all, something that concerns you, so your goals require your determination and hard work.

The Knight of the Coin is the most serious of all the Knight cards and is quite quiet compared to the other Knights who are so active. He wants to know exactly what the return on his investment of time, effort, energy and Star Coins will be.

He likes to plan and get caught up in his plans, and will work tirelessly towards his goals. Although his age is usually between twenty-one and thirty, he is much more mentally mature and responsible than his age would suggest. However, he often appears emotionally immature, as his ambitions may get in the way.

This young man knows that he will be materially successful, and he wants to choose a partner with whom he can get along well with his future business partner. He sees a love relationship as a long-term investment. His eyes look beyond his star coin to observe which path to take and the possible outcomes of each choice. Although he plans long in advance, he will remain motionless until the plan takes shape. Usually he is a responsible, hard-working as well as independent person. He prefers to have his own business because he doesn't like to have someone else telling him what to do. He always tries to be in control of his life and himself, and often works a little too much for that.

While other Knights run out to play, fall in love, play and explore, the Knight of the Star Coin works, studies and organizes his future. By the time the other Knights turn their attention to their careers, he is already far ahead of them. The Knight of the Star Coin is a card that can represent the sign of Capricorn, which is similar in meaning to the Devil card in the Major Arcana.

This card represents a young man who is very active in the pursuit of money, who has been involved in economic activities from a very early age, and who has the ability to organize and handle his affairs, with a special expertise in financial operations and harvests. He is practical and conscientious, working hard to achieve his goal of becoming rich.

The Knight of the Star Coin is such a promising young man who can represent a figure engaged in business finance or securities or investments. Mature, reliable and trustworthy, his future is looked upon favorably, especially his patience and drive to struggle and persevere for his goals. His mind is calm and quiet, with a depth of self-confidence. Everything is done in a step-by-step manner and there is no rush or hurry.

The Knight of the Coin can also indicate that there is a specific plan or program that will bring successful results. It could also be that there is a task at hand, whether it is a commission or a spontaneous matter that is being carried out. The Knight of the Star Coin is very responsible and on a mission, with an unquestionable ability to get things done. It is likely that the Knight is carrying money in his possession, concerning the transportation of money, or the movement of material or valuable goods, of which the Knight himself has mastery, and which mostly become his own, rather than being faked for someone else.

The presence of this card in divination most often represents a figure related to the problem, who possesses the qualities and roles described above. If interpreted as a state of affairs, it describes a successful financial competition in the face of events related to financial operations, due to the abundance of funds, skills and expertise. This card may indicate that the subject is very active in his finances, or that he is in the process of making a profit. It is also likely that the subject will encounter excellent opportunities, especially in terms of money and profit.

The Knight of the Coin represents the fire part of the earth element in the sense of gender relations - enthusiasm, effort and energy put to practical use. Usually he is tall and thin and has a serious personality. Money and material things are of the utmost importance to him, and he seeks a partner only when he feels he has the material means to do so (that is, if she hasn't waited for him very patiently for years).

In general, the Knight of the Star Coin is uninterested and unmotivated to fall in love. If he's your lover, you probably appreciate his hard work and upward mobility, while at the same time can't help but complain that he's always work first, love last, and has no romantic feelings whatsoever, being a nerd.

The Knight of the Coin is very committed, and he'll either avoid relationships until he's accomplished something in his career, or he'll want to get married and settle down. He likes things to be stable or predictable, and would rather put up with a very difficult situation than change it.

He can be emotionally cold, though his heart is tender but well hidden. Usually he has some outstanding issues with his father and may become very much like his father at a very young age. He is a good provider, conservative in taste and careful to maintain his reputation. It is only after entering middle age that he knows how to relax.

When faced with adversity, the Knight of the Star Coin, rattled and disheveled by circumstances, usually becomes more decisive and works more diligently toward his goals. To relieve his rising tension, he may take a nice walk in nature to soothe his mind and body. This young man can only really rest when he is away from people and his responsibilities. If he has savings or profits from his investments, he is usually better able to deal with life's setbacks positively, as financial stability adds to emotional stability for the Star Coin type.

Overall, this is a very successful card, especially when it comes to monetary profits. Career is not a problem, and although there is no immediate result, there is a guarantee of profit, which can represent a phase of waiting for subsequent favorable developments. On the relationship front, we are entering a calm and pragmatic mode of living together, and relationships tend to be more realistic. Regarding academics, if you work hard, you will get something, so you have to be practical and work hard.

Core Tip

The Knight of the Star Coin is Earth in the element of Fire, a combination of pragmatism and zeal. Describes a pragmatic, conservative and responsible young man. Excels at strategizing the best approach for long-term success.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Knight of the Coin is generally associated with investing money and work, and a cautious and pragmatic approach is recommended.
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Card Meaning Extension

The Knight of the Coin represents travel in a weaker sense than the other Knight cards, but it is possible, and usually indicates slower travel by train or automobile, or business travel.
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