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Nine of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Maintaining a clear sense of reason and direction so as not to be confused by the situation at hand

Card Details:

With the Nine of Coins in reverse, the situation will be the opposite of positive, the original abundance will disappear going downhill, the fruits in the garden fall, the original harvest and wealth is damaged. Or wealth will be depleted because of a wasteful and extravagant mindset. Perhaps it is because you encounter a storm, possibly a danger, a crisis, thus blowing off your fruits.

Originally, many Venus symbols on the noblewoman's body, the reversal seems to become Mars, this is the time when Mars traits are strong, full of passionate agitation and lost peace and quiet, and cautious traits become impulsive and restless.

The reversal of this card indicates a setback on the material plane, an unfavorable situation. Another condition represents a mentality of sitting on the fence, obsessed with money and taking shortcuts to reach a plan, even by means of misdemeanor, deception, or fraud, but of course the results of such a starting point will not be successful.

Finally, it is the feeling of losing something valuable, whether tangible or intangible, is counted. Examples include the loss of precious finances, treasures, collectibles, and even friendships and favors.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The reversal of the Nine of Coins suggests an inability to succeed due to a lack of self-discipline. It implies there is no way to do something from scratch to completion. You want to get something for nothing.

The reversal of the Nine of Diamonds suggests plowing too much and reaping too little, or not having enough money to be good enough to enjoy the form of life you are pursuing. This is a subject where you return to the Eight of Stars to work with love, or to the Seven of Stars to reflect on past behavior and decide on the best mode of action.

It can also mean that after one thing you start another but don't finish anything. You are not allowing the seeds planted time to bear fruit. In career analysis, the Nine of Stars in Retrograde could mean a job where you have to work even nights or weekends, or commute to and from work at unusual hours, or work too many hours.

The Nine of Diamonds inverted is describing the pursuit of money overriding everything else in your life. You're spending too much energy on making money for a living without enjoying the rewards of your efforts. Perhaps it's time to return to the Eight of Diamonds to acquire additional skills to increase your income or the ability to take control of your current paycheck.

Despite the deep contemplation of the Seven of Coins phase and the promise of exceptional financial and career direction offered by the Eight of Coins, the presence of the Nine of Coins in Retrograde means that you're being overwhelmed by daily expenses and the drudgery of the workplace. Now is the time to decide which route is worth your commitment and which direction is no less safe to give up. The Nine of Diamonds retrograde may be describing how working overtime in the evenings or on vacation days has turned into a low-paying job, so it's time to return to the eight of diamonds in positive alignment and put in more training to find a better-paying job.

Generally speaking, the Nine of Diamonds in Retrograde describes putting too much energy into the wrong things. For example, a ballet dancer spends so much time working as a waiter in a restaurant that he has no time, energy, or enthusiasm for his dance work.

The significance of money, the reversed Nine of Stars means that you may be working and studying at the same time, or it is also possible that you are doing both jobs. At this stage your financial income is not commensurate with your hard work, so if you don't learn something (as this could potentially increase your income) then perhaps now is the time for you to return to the Eight of Diamonds in positive position so that you can focus on becoming proficient in a skill that could bring you great wealth.

The meaning of life, your job or the effort you are currently putting in for five bucks may be crippling you. Long hours, dangerous working conditions, or not taking enough breaks between shifts can drain your energy. It's time to go back to the Eight of Diamonds in positive position so that you can make a commitment to yourself to eat a balanced diet or exercise regularly to ensure long-lasting health. Not taking due responsibility for your life is what the Nine of Diamonds reversed means.

Core Tip

With the Nine of Diamonds reversed, low self-esteem will be a serious problem, and the person concerned may make plans but not carry them out, wasting time.
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Knowledge Expansion

This card may also mean that you are doing a lot of things that are not beneficial to your goals, wearing yourself out, but to no avail, and your success will be farther and farther away.
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Card Meaning Extension

The Nine of Coins in reverse is also sometimes used to indicate the possibility of loss in the area of possessions, so pay careful attention when purchasing large items.
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