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Nine of Pentacles Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Harvest and comfort, material abundance and corresponding constraints.

Card Details:

The main character, a rich and wealthy woman, stands in her estate surrounded by lush grapes, just in time for the harvest. Her right hand is caressing a gold coin, dressed in a graceful dress embroidered with a floral pattern of red lines, which also resembles the symbol of Venus in appearance, and the symbol of Mars in reverse. The fusion of Venus and Mars indicates enjoying love and all that is good.

The noblewoman's right hand is resting on a star coin, with a grapevine clasped in her thumb, and a bird resting on the back of her left hand's palm, which is gloved to prevent the bird's claws from hurting it. The pet bird had a cloth covering over its head so that it could not see and could not raise its wings to fly away from its owner.

Beyond the garden there are two trees spread out on either side like landmarks. Also visible is a house at the far right of the picture, which is the homestead where the noblewoman lives. This vast territory is the manor house that belongs to her, the garden and fruits of her bountiful harvest. The hills in the distance in the background are red land and the sky is beautifully colored.

A snail is moving slowly on the ground in the lower left of the picture. The spiral shape of the snail indicates the cycle of life and the endlessness of life, and also symbolizes the state of time, the slow time. The snail in front of the woman's feet indicates that the lushness of the garden is not only the plants, but also the entire ecology, with which the owner coexists and does not mutilate these beings. The noblewoman has merged with everything she owns, and she cherishes and cares for the things around her, whether they be animals or plants, as one with herself.

The woman in this image is standing in an orchard on the estate's property, with lush vegetation, grape vines that are very fruitful, and she is in the middle of a vast garden. Her face is serene and pleasant, like a noblewoman sitting on money. She lives a privileged life, and the crops in the vast field behind her, and the gold coins on the ground, all belong to her possession.

This card represents the joy of enjoying wealth and material things and a comfortable life, all of which belong to her, and however she got them, she has paid a considerable price for her wealth and accomplishments. She is able to enjoy life and her surroundings beyond her material resources. What this woman had was truly an enviable life that women would want to be and men would want to marry.

The bird resting on the noblewoman's hand is her pet and the support of her soul. Such a pet can be taken as a symbol of freedom; the raptor with its head blinded, though it will not fly away, has lost its freedom. This image is arranged to imply that the woman also had to sacrifice what was originally valuable - free time - as a price for the wealth she has today. And to maintain this wealth and make it last, she had to spend a lot of time and freedom.

This noblewoman is also a shrewd woman, and her wealth did not come from nowhere. She is not only prudent and considerate, but also has the ability to see and discern, and can be said to have a vision. She cares a lot about the safety and security of her future life, and emphasizes on insurance and security.

However, the Nine of Diamonds also has a hidden significance, which we can see from a few clues. This woman, whose clothing pattern is full of Venus symbolizing love, is alone and enjoys a rich life; furthermore, she is in a manor house which is actually isolated from the outside world, and her white gloves are also a symbol of isolation; and the bird should be free to roam the blue sky, but the bird raised by the woman wears a hood, and cannot fly. But the woman's bird wears a hood and is unable to fly. All of these symbolize the sacrifices she makes to achieve success, sacrificing love and freedom. For a young woman to make these sacrifices, she must have incredible discipline and perseverance. The snail moving slowly on the ground echoes the woman's perseverance. However, perhaps the desire for love or freedom will be an important issue after the person has achieved success.

The same woman is very similar to the Queen or the Queen of the Gold Coins, at least equally a noblewoman, yet the situation is different in that she does not have other dimensions of power, especially autonomy, like a kept pet who gets the money she aspires to, but loses her freedom. And while the richness trait of the Queen and the court figure (the Gold Coin Queen) is more of an inborn trait, the Noblewoman of the Gold Coin Nine is a result that must be exchanged for a price.

The Nine of Coins can also represent the card of love of nature. This noblewoman has a love for nature and living creatures, and values and cherishes the beauty and conservation of the environment.

Card Meaning Deduction:

Clear skies mean that the good times seem to be continuing, and a snail at the bottom of this card confirms that this success is firmly in place. Some may feel that success is really time-consuming, however the Star Coin type is able to understand that solid success takes time.

This woman's current success is the result of detailed planning and past endeavors, so she has time to take stock of the future, and those nine star coins at her feet can be a barrier of safety in the midst of a harsh winter. Not only will you be able to take care of immediate needs, but there will be room to invest, and with meticulous planning your wealth will increase.

The first significance of the Nine of Diamonds is success. After thinking about the Eight of Diamonds, the heroine has finally achieved success and now she owns a manor house with a good harvest, enjoying her life in it and being close to nature, how like the retirement of a rich person, really carefree. This is not only a card of wealth and success, but also shows the happy life that follows, where you can shop to your heart's content and have enough leisure time to do what you like.

The Nine of Wands represents the success and abundance of wealth, showing the level of practical commitment to life, and expressing the interrelationship between the material and spiritual dimensions.

A small bird with a hood is perched on her left hand. After she removes the hood from the bird, it is set free. However, once the bird is still wearing the hood, it still obeys her. Her success is no accident, through commitment, labor, discipline, learning, and reassessment, she has firmly established something concrete and has laid a good foundation for the future. She is committed to life and is inseparable from it. She is in control of everything around her through careful planning and constant commitment to her goals.

The woman's clothing suggests material prosperity. She has a serene and calm expression on her face, and clear skies are a predictor of continued success, as she is at peace with herself in the midst of nature. From the beginning of the first card, through the two of making a decision, the three of learning, the four of rewards, the five of signals of change, the six of responsibility, the seven of reassessment, and the eight of further commitment, we now arrive at the nine of rewards.

The Nine of Coins is a card that represents self-confidence or self-reliance, and that can be considered necessary to reach extraordinary achievements. Your self-confidence, if paired with self-discipline, will benefit you on many levels. If the Nine appears next to the Queen, it may suggest pregnancy. In the analysis of health, career or relationships, the Nine represents a sure thing.

Broadly speaking, the Nine of Diamonds describes a comfortable life due to past endeavors. When fifty-five year old Eric comes to inquire about his upcoming retirement, the Nine of Stars suggests a lifestyle that is not in jeopardy of deprivation. He himself confirms that he has earned more from his investments over the past ten years than he has from his work. In typical King of Coins fashion, Eric has planned ahead for his financial needs in retirement.

In terms of relationships, the Nine of Diamonds represents a comfortable and successful relationship, where material success gives you room to pursue your personal interests and goals. Financial independence and material goals should be the focus of this relationship. As long as you remain solid, many things can be solved. The bird depicted in the card is hooded, so it loses many of its freedoms. The woman is also losing some of her freedom, yet she knows that this is the price of success. Self-discipline requires choices that sometimes force you to give up certain things, such as spontaneity.

In this horoscope, the Nine of Diamonds doesn't mean that the subject should give up his or her relationship, but rather reminds him or her that even if he or she is in a relationship, he or she still needs to be independent and give himself or herself some time alone to pursue his or her own goals, and that sticking to the other person all day long like gumdrops won't do him or her any good in his or her own growth. If the person in question happens to be in a situation where he or she has to be separated from the person he or she is dating, the Nine of Stars reminds him or her not to be too obsessed with his or her feelings, and to spend more time on himself or herself, so that he or she can be as successful and fulfilled as the woman in the picture is, in order to wait for a moment of reunion.

When this card is used as an answer to a financial question, financial success is evident. Life is organized and stable because you are planning for the next step in your financial security for the future. The woman on this card has star coins on either side suggesting that she has diversified her investments, so assuming that one of them stumbles, she has other resources that are sufficient to sustain her through this period of poor income.

Meaningful, balanced life is the meaning implied when this card is square. You have time to figure out how to live between work and everyday life. Taking a long term view of maintaining a healthy life could lead to improvements in the coming year. Your current state of health may be the result of diligent physical exercise in the past. Perhaps you have an added interest in a fulfilling job that will feed back into your wealth, emotions and spirituality.

Core Tip

The Nine of Diamonds indicates that you can achieve success through self-demand and sacrifice, but also that you can relax for a while and enjoy the fruits of your efforts.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Nine of Diamonds is the recommended position for relationship astrology. It shows that you should stop clinging to the other person, spend more time following your own accomplishments, and learn to be at ease when you are alone.
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Card Meaning Extension

If the relationship with the family is not good, or if there is some chaos in the family, this card is a good sign that the querent will soon feel happy and contented.
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