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Page of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Unwillingness to recommit again after facing a setback

Card Details:

Reversed Star Coin to be subordinate to, for keeping exclusive objects is actually very rusty, Star Coin is difficult to hold up, easy to slip down without notice. This means that you are not good at managing your money, or you are not attentive enough and make careless mistakes. It is also possible that you are overly generous and do not economize, or even wasteful and extravagant, and you want to squander your savings when you have a little bit of it.

The reversal of the Star Coin to be subordinate indicates that the subordinate himself has problems and is not able to stand on his own feet, making the situation even more difficult. Because he is inexperienced and a novice, his ideas are too unrealistic, he is unable to recognize the obvious, and his thoughts are chaotic and illogical. He is even rebellious and does not listen to others.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The Star Coin to be from Retrograde may suggest a lack of commitment. It may describe an immature person who exhibits mobility, transmutation, an inability to follow through on plans, or a waste of physical energy. It may suggest that you are scatterbrained, prone to changing goals, and distracted.

The presence of this card in reversed position during divination indicates a poor career, or even facing unemployment or inactivity, and a very tight financial situation. Perhaps you are unable to pull yourself together after a setback, so that your work has come to a halt. Financial competition fails and there is a great loss of money. Benefits are taken away, affecting subsequent operations. It also represents getting unfavorable news, especially financial.

Reversed Stargazers usually have a constant craving for money and material things, without taking on the responsibility that building wealth requires. They measure those around them by what they have rather than who they are. As students, they do not take their studies seriously and may become too attached to eating as a means of compensating for their inner hunger. They may also like to compete with people on material things.

In the reversed position, the Star Coin to be from ceases to work hard, often skipping classes and failing to catch up with their studies. It may also indicate a temporary relaxation after a period of work or hard study. If it is an event, it brings bad news about finances, perhaps a bill or a fine, or loss of property. Work plans may be canceled.

In the analysis of gender relations, this card inverted may symbolize a lack of commitment and an indulgence in carnal pleasures, as well as in the pursuit of sexual desires. When it appears next to the Three of Diamonds, it means that you are not sure if you want to continue your studies, or that you have completed a certain course and may not want to pursue it now.

Overall, the card's reversed position shows a loss in monetary pursuits, especially when it comes to investments. There are certainly setbacks regarding career. Love and relationships will be delayed due to practical problems. Academics will not perform well because you miss the point and find it difficult to perform.

As an example, Carla was planning to take a very long overseas trip, so she had to sell her car - at least she thought it was necessary. She asked me how much she could get for the deal, and there was a Star Coin to be Subordinated in Retrograde. The guy had only paid a small amount as a deposit and was still raising the rest of the money, but now he had changed his mind. The next day Carla called me to tell me that the buyer couldn't raise the money to buy the car.

Core Tip

The reversed Star Coin To Be From suggests a lack of commitment to refining new skills.
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Knowledge Expansion

If it's a question about work or study, you're not exactly trying your best to achieve a positive outcome.
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Card Meaning Extension

In terms of specific events, it may be possible to quit your job or interrupt your studies before the completion of a course.
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