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Page of Pentacles Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

To be ready to go, means to study hard for the ideal.

Card Details:

The Star Coin to be from has black hair and eyes, is practical and steady, and has a love of nature, the outdoors, and animals. This is a serious earthy child or young person. Often they are adolescent and their dreams are more pragmatic than those of the Sword to be, more cautious than those of the Scepter to be, and less idealistic than those of the Grail to be.

The Star Coin-to-be stands with his feet firmly planted on the ground, holding the Star Coin, something he is fascinated by, high in the air and scrutinizing it in front of his eyes. He wore a red fedora headdress with bands around his shoulders and neck. He is dressed in brown over a green tunic, and his shoes and belt are also brown, so that the color scheme is in keeping with the colors of the earth and green fields in the scene.

He is standing in a green and flowery meadow with thick trees in the distance and a mountain in the lower right of the scene. The background is the bright yellow color typical of the Star Coin family, and this same mountain range can be seen in the scenes of the Star Coin Queen and the Star Coin Knight.

In fact, this Star Coin to-be has a mission from which he has traveled from far and wide to the highest point here, and is currently reading some sort of notice announcing some sort of news. The message was on the star-coin in his hand, or rather it was related to the star-coin, and so the star-coin was used in its place. He must therefore look intently at the object in his hand, and hold it up as a symbol of clear revelation to the multitude. His mouth mumbles words, also because he is making an announcement.

The bright sky suggests a promising future and success, possibly due to careful planning. This card usually indicates learning as a form of preparation.

He is the Star Coin-in-waiting, the one entrusted with maintaining the Star Coin, and it is his task to hold it. His role is related to finances.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The Sign of the Star traditionally represents the apprentice. In contrast to the Grail, who is inspired by curiosity, the Aquarius is the child who really studies hard in school. He is introverted in front of his classmates and works hard as if he is buried in his textbooks all day long.

The Sword person likes to learn new technology, the Grail person likes to use his imagination, and the Star Coin person pursues knowledge, experience and skills. His studies are traditional and practical, and he has a thorough and comprehensive study plan. He is the most daring financial adventurer in the family, but only after much deliberation, after all, the Star Cards are cautious people.

He doesn't emphasize emotions and intuitive experience like the Grail to-be, nor does he inquire into other people's privacy like the Sword to-be, and he doesn't play games like the Scepter to-be. He is only interested in his own learning and goals, and he values common sense and experience, and he prefers to read more than speculate, which makes him the most sophisticated of all the four to-be.

His hobby is to be close to nature. He is the most well-behaved child among the four. He has been quiet and well-behaved since he was a child, reads carefully, is more precocious than the other children, and probably prefers to play by himself. Although he is young, he emphasizes traditional values and the wisdom of his predecessors, and is the most likely child to inherit the ancestral business. If he is your friend or lover, he is basically honest and reliable, and you may have to accompany him to the library often. His disadvantage is that he lacks imagination. His spirit to do things is commendable, but his methods are not necessarily smart and advanced.

This young man is practical, conservative, and usually a trustworthy student. This is a youth who raises one eyebrow when afraid of a King of Sceptre or Queen of Sceptre type of parentage, while dancing wildly at the prom. The Star Coin-to-be has always been afraid of calling a spade a spade, and she prefers the well-trodden path to trying anything adventurous and untried. He/she is usually precocious and can be trusted with responsibilities at a young age. The Stargazer-to-be often has experience with part-time work early in life, as young Stargazers equate money with freedom. As a young person, this native knows how the real world works. They can easily manage finances, school and daily routines. This child is often entrusted with the care of pets, as they are then fed on a regular daily basis.

If it is illustrating a situation, the Star Coin To Be From is describing a commitment to learning or career. Perhaps you are researching or learning new skills in your daily work life. What the Stargazer is describing is that you are quite dedicated and serious about refining new skills.

The Subordinate Star symbolizes news about money, a new job, or taking a course of study. It can indicate a desire to learn something that will yield substantial benefits. This aspect usually represents the diligence of the student. By taking a course, or learning on the job, he or she utilizes his or her abilities. Sometimes this subject may suggest that you are becoming more focused on the subject you are studying, and even more focused on the results of your studies.

The Star Spoke is the formal student or apprentice in the card, unlike the scholar in the Swords, who learns a substantially organized and systematic course of study rather than the theoretical and disorganized learning of the Swords. He also represents financial contacts, a new friend with a stable personality, or a fascination with work. You can imagine him as a childhood Edison or Washington. He has good ideas, but is not necessarily a leader. He is calm, steady and has a lot of common sense.

All page represent messages, and the pending star brings messages from work or finances, usually good ones, which could mean an application letter is accepted, a promotion, a profit. It can also represent activities such as studying, taking classes, or furthering education. If this card is accompanied by the Host of Cups or the Host of Scepters, it may indicate pregnancy, as the Hosts are newborn children.

This card could also refer to the part of an older person who is starting something new, or something they are unfamiliar with. When starting a job or project, this card represents the acquisition of new skills.

In the context of gender relations, the sign of the Star symbolizes a strong commitment to a relationship. In the analysis of relationships, the To be may symbolize a commitment to a new relationship, or to a new phase or direction of an existing relationship.

When frustrated by circumstances, the Star Significator usually turns to food. He/she is usually patient and works hard to get the job done while waiting for an opportunity that has not yet come. Sometimes, even as a child, these to-be's will want to trade for ways to keep them out of difficult situations. When sixteen year old Robert (a StarCoin waiter) was kicking a soccer ball one afternoon and accidentally broke the living room window, he quickly replaced the window and paid for it himself, just to avoid being punished by his parents.

I also knew a fourteen year old Star Coin slave who had hundreds of dollars that his family, including his parents, had given him. He carefully saved all his allowance and worked Saturday afternoons to earn extra money. When anyone in the family ran out of money, he would promise to lend them some. And these could be short-term loan sharks. Apparently he was the only one in their family of five who could live within his means, while the rest of the family were collectively Wind Elemental (sword) and Fire Elemental (scepter) types.

Core Tip

Star Coin To Be From is Earth in the element of Wind in the Four Elements. The combination of pragmatism and intellect describes a serious, conservative and pragmatic young man. Preparation for some long term goal with study.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Star Coin To Be From describes a serious young man who is focused on a long-term goal. It can represent a card for starting a new job or study.
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Card Meaning Extension

The Star Coin Pending is saying that serious execution is needed to successfully undertake a new program, or a phase of a program. Rooted in reality (he has both feet on the ground), you can work steadily towards a goal when this pending subject is on the card.
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