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Queen of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Losing confidence in yourself and not keeping your feet on the ground

Card Details:

When the Empress of the Stars is in reverse, the Empress sits in a precarious position, yet still clings to her star, instead causing her own harm as a result. Obsessing over certain unnecessary dimensions, she neglects to focus on what she really should be paying attention to. This is a time when she is easily blinded by illusion, unable to see the real side, and misjudging the situation by believing that things are going well. Otherwise, she is looking for excuses to avoid responsibility and pressure, or even to justify her desires.

The Queen of Coins in the opposite position is also very smart and capable, but she will be over-indulged in the reality of the situation, either too concerned about money and careful budgeting, or too much enjoyment and misuse of resources. Because she is too concerned about the real world, she is afraid of losing her Star Coin, so she is worried and anxious, and suffers from a sense of loss. These fears create a lot of suspicion and complicated relationships with other people's money. It is also possible to be too materialistic and become a gold-digger who worships money. There is also the possibility of indulging in enjoyment and spending too much, and in severe cases, one may not be able to make ends meet, making the economy overdrawn.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The reversed Empress of the Coins may feel restless about his work and have no way of settling down in some special purpose. She is always ambitious and often feels that ambitions are unfulfilled because of her fickle nature. Living in the countryside or spending time in nature may help her regain her equilibrium. The Negative Queen of Coins sometimes struggles with the question of whether she should find an affluent partner to support her needs, or whether she should pursue financial independence. She may be concerned about financial stability, but she is constantly spending money to compensate for her inner hunger.

If the Queen is in Retrograde, you may be too concerned about your career or financial stability to realize that as soon as you leave the workplace, it won't be long before your footprint fades and the spoils of your hard work are given away or sold off. It's important for you to take a break from your never-ending workload, pay attention to the changing seasons, and take the time to find a company that's worth your while.

Sometimes she may not be able to afford to work for what she wants and may be married for money; or worry about the lack of money without making any effort to stabilize her financial situation. Having moved away from the rhythms of nature, plants and animals and the earth, she had to seek stability in the material world.

The Retrograde Queen of Coins no longer provides security for bystanders, is irresponsible, and has financial problems. She may rarely stay at home to take care of her children, and she may not be able to manage her home and finances, leaving the house in disarray. She may be depressed because of her financial problems. On the other hand, she may take too much control over her children's lives, making them like caged birds.

From a general point of view, the Empress card reversed represents the need for you to work once again for a solid foundation. It's time to reassess your place in the world and cast off your narrow materialistic views. She needs to be in the countryside or in the midst of nature, for without them she could become ambitious and hungry for money and power, and it would be beneficial to pay more attention to the changing of the seasons, the cycles of life, and similar rhythms of nature. Tall trees, deep rivers, and open spaces can help provide insight into your ambitions, worries, and fears.

The presence of this card in opposition during divination indicates the presence of such an untrustworthy figure, or an unstable nature in the character's original traits. In terms of the situation, the person in question is in a bad situation as mentioned above, and is facing financial difficulties. As a result, the subject may not be able to get financial support and may lose control of his/her physical environment.

Overall, this card's reversed position indicates a loss of material goods, especially in the area of expenditure control, and a loss of financial fortune. Love and interpersonal relationships may have barriers and obstacles, hooking up and calculating things are more likely to arise. Academics can not catch the focus and delayed in the unnecessary scope.

Core Tip

Exceeding the boundaries of your abilities and lack of self-confidence is what this Queen of Stars card in reverse suggests.
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Knowledge Expansion

This card describes someone whose self-worth comes from their contributions or accomplishments, from things outside of their body, rather than their abilities themselves.
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Card Meaning Extension

Looking within yourself, enriching your spiritual life, and detaching from your obsession with material things will reveal a different world.
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