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Queen of Pentacles Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

A compassionate businessman who loves nature and has good business sense.

Card Details:

The Queen of the Star Coins has a dignified and upright countenance, showing her to be a practical woman with a deep heart. She has an air of sensible seriousness and holds the Star Coin in both hands and gazes down at it with a thoughtful expression. Her posture is elegant, her expression serene, her eyes tranquil, and she seems to be absorbed.

Her rear crown is domed with two red feathers sticking out of the center, a symbol of passionate drive. The Star Coin Queen's back robe is red with white sleeves showing from her inner shirt, a combination of red and white opposites. The green cape extends from the head down to the chair, the color green signifying union with nature, tolerance and harmony, and a joyful heart.

The Queen's throne is on a plain of rich vegetation, in the shade of a dense forest, under an arch surrounded by roses, and on top of a grassy field where many roses bloom, signifying ardent love and romantic feelings. The seats are finely carved and engraved with ornamentation. There are many motifs of plants and angels, much like the seat of the Grail Queen, the front of the armrest has a bas-relief of a ram's head, the sides of the chair have a bas-relief of a child, and the back of the chair is carved with vines and melons. The close view beside the throne is of a fertile field, full of green grass and flowers.

On the ground to the left of the back seat, a small hare is hopping across. Hares have always been delightful little creatures, generally symbolizing fertility and abundance, love, fertility and reproduction, and the cycle of womanhood. In some traditional cultures, the hare is believed to have certain magical powers to break the spells of witches and demons. In addition, the Hare seems to be inextricably linked to the moon, where they are sometimes seen. The Hare is also a representation of the feminine and gentle side of the Queen of the Coins.

The foothills and rivers can be seen in the distance, with green water flowing into the green hills, representing the intermingling of the physical and spiritual-emotional sides of reality. These mountains are rolling behind her, and the position of the Star Coin is right on the upper edge of the mountains, like the Sun. The coin is also a symbol of wisdom and light, which makes this card very meaningful, not just materialistic, as the action seems to be meditating, divining, feeling, and gazing through the object held in the hand.

The Queen of the Coins sits quietly on the intricately carved seat, patiently contemplating her life and her coins. She was in the midst of nature, with red roses above her head, a rabbit at her lower right foot, and a river behind her. The sky is clear and everything around her can be quite beautiful. The Queen of Coins represents the water part of the earth element. The combination of water and earth can be revealed in her ability to be still and feel good about her inner success. She takes pride in her body and cares for it meticulously. Earth types will generally take good care of their lives and health. They will be careful with diet and exercise, have regular access to nature, and enjoy physical activity.

The Queen of Coins is more successful than the woman of the Nine of Coins, and can be considered a lesser version of the Empress, with the major difference being that the Empress is able to create and nurture new life at the same time, while the Queen of Coins is only responsible for the nurturing part. The backgrounds of the four Star Coin Court cards are all bright yellow.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The Queen of Coins is usually a practical and warm-hearted woman who loves nature, gardening and animals. She is usually the owner or manager of a successful business and is not afraid of hard work. She loves her work and has a sense of pride in getting out of her own way. If her partner owns a business, this Queen of Coins usually plays a significant role in the business. She likes to live a regular life and is usually patient and understanding of life's possibilities.

The Queen of Coins represents patience and waiting for a chance to rise again. It may also suggest a connection to nature, walking and gardening. When she feels like a deflated ball or encounters frustrating circumstances, spending time in nature may be the way to rejuvenate the Queen of Coins.

The Queen of Coins can represent the astrological sign of Libra (especially if it appears next to the Empress or Justice card), however it can also represent any earthy sign (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn).

The Queen of Coins is an earthy person who feels at home in the countryside. She works hard and enjoys it because it makes her feel valuable. Plants and animals are especially attractive to her, and in her later years the yard will be a great source of enjoyment. Her stable and patient nature, as well as her preference for routine, makes plants thrive. The Queen of Scepters often either drowned or thirsted for plants in her yard or indoors, while the Queen of Stars made sure that taking good care of the creatures around her was part of her routine.

This card represents a graceful woman with elegant and cozy qualities who knows how to live life very well. She takes care of everything on every level, is understanding and considerate. She will take care of you pragmatically, with behavioral and emotional expressions replaced by concrete actions, or translated into material nourishment and nourishment. The Queen of the Coins is such a gentle woman, rich but generous and kind and noble-hearted.

This noblewoman is a practical woman who values dignity and believes that financial independence and autonomy are important and bring freedom in life. Her character is occasionally a bit gold-digging and aspires to a materialistic life of affluence. She pays great attention to the details of life, and is very shrewd in taking care of everything, without neglecting the enjoyment and comfort she deserves, giving people a feeling of security, serenity and comfort.

Star coins symbolize worldly material wealth, and this queen, with her star coins in her arms, represents a woman who enjoys wealth. She is all about the material plane, the shrewd and capable woman. This card then represents a good, wise and capable wife and a nurturing role - a warm mother, a wise wife. This character can play the role of a good wife, mother, and caretaker of the family.

The Queen of Coins, like the King of Coins, symbolizes wealth and success, security, good financial acumen, and a love of being close to nature. The Queen of Stars is more charitable and beneficial to others, and usually has a high social status and enjoys a life of luxury. She is not as active as the Queen of Scepter, but she is much more down-to-earth than the Queen of Cups. She can work a full-time job and keep a good house, and her husband feels comfortable handing over his paycheck to her.

She is not as intuitive as the Queen of Sceptres, or the Queen of Swords, who thinks in terms of rational selection, or the Queen of Cups, who relies on her emotions and intuition, but she places more emphasis on common sense and experience in order to make sensible choices. She may be a businesswoman with flexible management, or the owner of a small street store where you buy two green onions and she gives you a piece of garlic so that you don't realize you're coming back to the house again.

Because the Earth element of the Star Coin Deck represents matter, which also includes the body, she takes her body very seriously. She may be a gourmet with a voluptuous figure, or she may attach great importance to her body and have the habit of exercising or trekking, either the former or the latter is a manifestation of the importance she attaches to her body, however, the former is more common in modern society.

The Queen of Stars is the most ideal mother in general people's mind. It is not difficult for her to manage home and finance, she will decorate the home in a cozy and practical way, she will let the children eat well, and she will also attach great importance to the children's health and physical fitness, and give the children a full sense of security.

Although she doesn't pay as much attention to the child's emotional state as the Grail Queen, she will give substantial help when the child encounters problems. Although she is not as tender and feminine as the Empress of the Grail, she is a good wife in general. She has a stable relationship, is a good housekeeper, and goes to great lengths to make sure her family is well taken care of, so she is a good wife. She has a lot of confidence in herself. The disadvantage is that she can be realistic and sometimes prone to melancholy.

The Queen of Coins shows that this woman is good at business, and there is a chance that her career will involve finance, such as real estate. She is competent, reliable and works hard for the material comfort she gets from money, but this strong woman is not likely to show any emotions, but she values her family very much.

The presence of this card in a horoscope is most likely to represent a person associated with the problem who possesses the qualities and roles described above. If interpreted as a state of affairs, it describes prosperity, well-being and abundance. The card may indicate that the subject of the question herself is handling money in the right way, or that she is receiving financial support.

From a general point of view, the Queen of Coins is a card that represents trust in one's abilities. She implies success through thoughtfulness. As a person, the Queen of Coins usually has a keen eye for business and always likes to have a little money saved up around her so she can feel secure. She is frugal in times of need and does not flaunt her wealth. She is a reliable, practical person who knows where to put her efforts to get the most success.

This Queen card is all about being practical, reliable, and good at feeding plants and animals. She also enjoys frequent trips to the countryside or walks in nature, as she needs to stay in touch with nature to give life a sense of completeness and groundedness.

When setbacks occur and opposition rises, the Queen of Stars and Coins sometimes throws herself into her work, and she would rather labor at work than face obstacles. "I left my marriage and was secondarily employed. I think it's worth it now compared to what he used to do." This is how a Star Coin Queen who has suffered a setback would describe it. The Star Coin Queen may reward herself with expensive trinkets, but her inner intuition is driving her away from her current circumstances. If the frustration continues for some time, she may seek solace in food. For the Star Coin type, pending frustration usually manifests itself in a variety of physical symptoms.

When it comes to gender relations, the Star Coin Queen is aware of her abilities and limitations because she tests them. She combines strength of character with emotional understanding in a pragmatic way. She is very capable of enjoying seasoning and savoring delicious food, and as a partner she enjoys touching each other as well as being touched by each other.

The Empress of the Coins suggests a substantial commitment to a relationship and a respect for realistic values. The Empress card is describing a person who is confident and pragmatic about herself when it comes to developing a relationship between the sexes. He sees reliability as more valuable than passion and excitement because she is basing it on long-term considerations. As a certain Queen of the Coins said, "Passion lasts only one night, while friendship lasts a lifetime."

Overall, this is a great card, especially for financial enjoyment and acquisition. Career-wise it represents very careful management and a good reputation by word of mouth. In terms of feelings and relationships, it is considerate and takes care of each other. Regarding academics in addition to hard work, a little more care and skill is needed.

Core Tip

The Queen of the Coins is Earth in the element of Water, sympathetic combined with pragmatic. Describes a pragmatic, conservative, determined and responsible woman who reaches success because she is indomitable and works hard.
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Knowledge Expansion

With the Empress of Star Coins we can think of her as a minor card version of the Empress card.
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Card Meaning Extension

People with the traits of the Empress of the Coins prefer to be close to nature, manage their finances and take care of others.
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