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Seven of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Worrying and anxiety only detracts from the power of action, think pragmatically and problems can be solved!

Card Details:

The significance of the reversed Seven of Coins is different from that of the positive, it is a negative outcome, causing unfavorable conditions for the harvest. We can imagine the image of this fruit tree being destroyed and broken, a loss that would reduce past efforts to ashes and wipe out future hopes, turning the face of the cultivator into one of disappointment and frustration.

In some cases, it is due to the environment that the growth of the fruit trees is hindered, that is, the investment is lost and declined, resulting in damage to the capital. In other cases, it is caused by the "farmer" himself, wrong investment, unwise operation, let the fruit tree growth problem. Otherwise, it is the lack of patience to plow and wait, or the lack of resources and skills, which makes the growth unfavorable, and this is also the situation of poor management. The most frequent situation is one's own impatience, harvesting when the time is not ripe, or getting back the capital or suspending the investment when one can't wait any longer, so that one loses money or suffers losses. The original harvest that should have been harvested is spoiled due to restlessness of heart and imprudent moves.

Sometimes the reversed Seven of Coins is describing a pattern in which you start a program but don't stay to take care of it and make it blossom. When the Seven of Coins is reversed, the man in the card plants his tree and then moves on before it can bear fruit.

Card Meaning Deduction:

When the Seven of Coins is in Retrograde, it can mean that there is an internal dissatisfaction with your current state, such as a relationship or a career that seems to have stalled. A possible factor contributing to this dissatisfaction is that you have not taken the time to think about what is useful and what is unnecessary. As a result, your situation is, of course, static. Perhaps you haven't learned that the time to think about long-term goals and plans has come and gone, and in contrast, you continue to work and stay busy, thus losing the opportunity to think and learn or plan.

If the reversed Seven of Coins appears next to the Four of Swords, it may suggest that you've stopped for too long and that you risk losing touch with your current circumstances or inner needs. "Don't stand still" is the common meaning of all reversed Sevens. Don't keep doing everything the same old way.

This card could be saying that you are always doing things the same way and not allowing yourself the time or opportunity to realize that change is necessary. For example, you may have built your business up to scale, in the midst of a large organization, but haven't adjusted the pace as it grows. It's possible that when this business needs you to plan its long-term direction, you're still there with your head in the books.

Perhaps you should return to the stabilizing phase of the Six in order to confirm the proper place of a solid financial structure in your life before you can move on to the Seven. The most likely scenario when the Seven of Coins in Retrograde appears in the deck is that because you haven't yet noticed your financial investments or stability (the Money Tree), you need to return to the Six of Coins to work as an employee (one of the two beggars) until you learn how the affluent person on the deck has accomplished his financial security and financial independence.

The reversed Seven of Coins describes working too hard to plan for financial independence. Perhaps simplifying your life is necessary so that you have time to think deeply about your finances and career planning. If you're not able to get back to your work or career, perhaps it's time for a consultation and talk to someone who can assist you in moving towards the Tenth.

Generally speaking, with the Seven of Diamonds in Retrograde, things don't usually run smoothly, you don't get paid, you lose money on investments, and you don't get back what you lent. It seems as if a small achievement that has just been built will collapse all of a sudden, and the person concerned often feels trapped in a city of worries. Therefore, you should be conservative in your behavior and be patient.

The significance of money, with the Seven of Coins in reverse, means that you may now be leaving a job behind or ending a business, and people know what you've done with your work. You've given up your source of income and started over in order to build a solid reputation. You've cultivated your crops efficiently and gone elsewhere before the harvest is ready. This card could also be describing ending a career and taking a job, or working as an employee on a retainer basis.

The meaning of life, where you are committed to pursuing financial stability, may have had a negative impact on your life. Perhaps it's time to return to the Six of Signs in positive alignment so you can simplify your life and give yourself time to take care of your finances, and then you can move on to the Seven of Signs in positive alignment and talk about and then think about your long term health and financial matters.

Core Tip

The reversal of this card indicates a state of anxiety over money, possibly because someone is coveting your fruits and there are antagonists who want to split the bill.
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Knowledge Expansion

The reversal of the Seven of Coins also represents the possibility of some strife over money, making it necessary for the person concerned to put in some mental effort to guard and defend.
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Card Meaning Extension

The reversed Seven of Coins suggests that someone may borrow money from you or call in a debt, or else spend money to fix it, or compensate someone else, or have uncollectible bad debts.
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