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Seven of Pentacles Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Spring planting and fall harvesting, what are you going to do with your wealth?

Card Details:

The gold coins in the picture are the fruits of the harvest growing on the garden crops. Six of them are still hanging on the tree, waiting to be harvested. The only gold coin that is not on a tree, however, falls to the ground, indicating that it is fruit that has already been harvested.

A farmer stood with his chin on his hand and his hoe in his hand, looking down at the harvest of his long toil. Under his cultivation, this bush of crops had been able to grow and thrive on its own. The farmer's expression seemed content, but also as if he was contemplating what to do next, suggesting that he was caught between the financial stability of the Sixth Star Coin, and the opportunity of the Eighth Star Coin within his grasp.

This farmer stands patiently, wearing a blue dress over an orange and red tunic, and boots on his feet that are also orange and red, symbolizing both reason and enthusiasm, and remaining relaxed and happy.

This fruit tree can be described as a money tree that grows melons and fruits that are a representation of wealth. And cultivating this tree is a journey of farming. The orchard where this farmer is located, the color of the land is fertile and distinct, representing the innate resources are good, and only this one fruit tree is seen to be particularly developed and dense, so it can be seen that the protagonist is focusing on this one fruit tree. In the background there is a clear sky with small blue and purple mountains in the distance.

This card is particularly related to investment. As you can see from the image, the protagonist is planting "gold coins" in anticipation of the growth of money. In addition to hard work and labor, skill and long-term cultivation are necessary, and one can even use one's mind and plan to earn money. He is looking at it in terms of money. He has harvested a star-coin to meet his immediate sexual needs and tended to the growth of the others, and his efforts are to breed fruit.

The mind of the person concerned is focused on this area of his betting, and he values and treasures the fruits of this. This card can of course be viewed directly in accordance with the picture, as the card of agriculture, representing a love of agricultural horticulture and the time and space that will be given to betting on it. The growth of plants has also been asked to symbolize spiritual growth and purification.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The current work is nearing completion, with only a little tail left to collect (i.e., the last Star Coin at the feet of the Farmer). After a long period of tireless effort, it's time to pause, look at what you've accomplished so far, and think about what's next. It is like a senior student who has just received his doctorate degree and is thinking about his next career direction after graduation; it is like an old man who has retired honorably and is looking back at his past achievements in life, but he still has to think about how to plan for his time after retirement; or it is a couple who have been dating for a long time and have a good understanding with each other, so they have to decide on all kinds of arrangements for the future of the two of them. In terms of money, the Seven of Diamonds represents a small amount of success. Now it is time to decide how to make the best use of this money, or to reorganize your financial plan in order to achieve greater success.

The Seven of Coins is a kind of practical investment and waiting, and has a temporal nature, which can explain the phenomenon of the past and the future. It represents the past efforts, resources and spirit, now waiting for the results, and the future will have the chance to get these recoveries. It is in a state of review and anticipation.

This kind of investment, in the broadest sense, is not immediately effective and enjoyable, and requires waiting to reap the rewards. The positive side of this card usually means that the "fruits" can come to you safely, and you can reap the rewards of your hard work, but you have to pay for it, at least for the time you have spent on it. Purely in terms of career, this card also represents hard work, career expansion and progress, as well as successful deals and businesses. These successes are also mostly due to one's own reflexes and skill and specialization.

The Seven of Coins means thinking about the future financial or material situation, and the Seven of Coins represents a crossroads. Great dreams or hasty decisions are not seen here, as smooth and pragmatic efforts can already ensure a good crop. The Ace represents action, but now is the time to think about past actions and future plans. Looking at his crops, he can see which actions have been useful and which have been a waste of effort.

If he had acted wisely, he would be in a harvest period from now on. The crops will grow well on their own and he won't have to care for them as much as he did before. This could symbolize that a relationship or business is stable enough that it no longer needs to be worked on. Now you have a chance to step back and take a broader view of the whole situation.

The Seven of Coins represents a period of thinking and planning for the future. Your life or current situation is still described as stable, so you have time to quietly plan future steps. This could include further study, an emphasis on leisure, careful management of existing possessions, or even starting another business to complement your current one.

Take some time to do more thinking, as your decisions have the potential to have a big impact on the future. Seven means you are asking yourself, "Where should I go from here?" and "Where am I going to be five or ten years from now?" Now is the time to think and plan for the future.

Congratulations, your hard work will pay off. But don't think you'll be rich and famous from now on, because the Seven of Diamonds represents a satisfying reward for past efforts, just like a farmer's spring and summer plowing, finally coming to the fall harvest time. The seeker will be satisfied with the results at this stage, and the efforts made have already yielded some rewards. However, this situation is only transient, and there is still a long way to go before the final goal is reached, so it is not advisable to be complacent at this point in time.

In a relationship sense, the Seven of Diamonds describes a period of reflection on a relationship. Perhaps you are planning your future together and are taking financial security into account as the basis of your long-term relationship. You may be conceptualizing new, as well as more important challenges to secure the benefits of this partnership of yours, or assuming that you do not currently have a relationship between the sexes, or times in past phases of your current relationship, to determine what the future may hold.

Money-wise it makes sense that your efforts are about to bear fruit, so don't give up! It's time to mull over your financial options and plan for stability and long term success. The man on this card isn't just calculating his future, he's also keeping a close eye on his crop to make sure it's getting plenty of water and nutrients again. He firmly believes that success comes from consistent effort, not just a good plan or a fleeting enthusiasm.

In matters relating to business, it may suggest the birth or renewal of a financial plan. The person pictured above this card makes his living from investments of interest rather than principal. Therefore, only one Star Coin is taken down for personal spending.

Life-wise, the Seven of Coins could mean that you're thinking about spending a fortune to invest in your life, or you're wondering how much money you'll need to set aside if you're going to live comfortably in retirement. When the Seven of Coins appeared in Simone's analysis, she was preparing for spinal surgery that would require a six-month recovery period. She planned to use this period as a fallow period for his work, arranging for movies to be delivered to her home and good dark chocolate so that she could live more comfortably during her break.

Core Tip

The meaning of the Seven of Coins, as described by Waite, is particularly complex; in addition to representing money and trade, one says it is quarrelsome and another says it is naive. But these are harder to associate with the cards.
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Knowledge Expansion

This card means that your hard work will bear fruit, such as steady growth in an investment, a good reputation at home in the mall that brings you more customers, or simply the opportunity to take some time to review your financial plans.
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Card Meaning Extension

The financial stability of the Six of Coins has paved the way for the Seven of Coins to widen the path and add value to your investments more quickly.
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