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Six of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

It is necessary to recognize one's own situation before one can develop an appropriate mode of interaction with others

Card Details:

The reversal of the Six of Coins represents the improper use of finances, resulting in a loss. The reversed scales are tilted, fairness and sanity are lost, and finances are unbalanced. There is a lapse in measurement at the financial level and business situations are losing money rather than making it. This inverted scale is out of order and financial operations are hampered. It also represents uncollectible bad debts or liabilities that should be paid off.

Six of the stars inverted, the businessman becomes stingy, refused to provide beggar funding, so the beggar may not be able to get what belongs to him, or play the role of the businessman's own miserly very stingy, not a penny. Furthermore, the businessman becomes ignorant of the true meaning of balance and likes to spend money indiscriminately. There is a financial crisis, perhaps being reversed, not paying debts, making bad investment decisions, or being treated unfairly. Sometimes, the Six of Stars reversed indicates theft.

Card Meaning Deduction:

This card's reversal also represents the person's own misbehavior in the world, which may lead to undesirable consequences instead of making him/her more profitable. It is also possible that the person in question is in a vulnerable position, but has been treated unfairly, such as being exploited or abused.

There may also be some financial distribution problems due to unequal status gaps. It expresses the greed and selfishness of the rich, but also the envy and jealousy of the poor, creating a kind of incongruity or antagonism due to the gap between the rich and the poor and social class. These are mostly caused by materialistic desires and inappropriate psychological reactions.

The reversal also represents a sudden change in social class and status, perhaps someone can turn over a new leaf and succeed, but there are others who have slipped down the status ladder. The picture can be viewed as the beggar prevails and the formerly wealthy are crushed underneath. And again, it depends on the person's own circumstances and problems to decide which is the answer.

When the Six of Stars is in reverse, it symbolizes that a steady state has ended or been disrupted. Perhaps you've quit your job or been laid off. Perhaps a relationship has ended, possibly because you (or a partner) have broken your role in the relationship.

In relationship analysis, it means that your partner has control over the relationship over you. On a deeper level, it may indicate a lack of physical, emotional or spiritual fulfillment.

When this card is positive, it suggests that you dominate your partner, while when it is negative, the opposite is true. It can mean that you only give what you can't lose, or that even if you have a lot, you only give a little. It is possible that the person who receives what you have to give will only be able to take that and nothing more. Once again it suggests a pleasing arrangement.

Emotionally, an unequal relationship of top to bottom is often formed. In the Six of Cups, it is one party taking care of the other. In the Six of Coins, it's one party giving to the other. In the reversed position, it can even evolve into one party controlling the other.

Financially significant, the Six of Coins inverted suggests a breakdown in financial stability. Perhaps you've screwed up your job, been rejected for a mortgage, or your recurring expenses have gotten higher than your income. It's time to get back to the subject of the positive Five of Coins and reflect on the results of your income and spending patterns. The reversed Six of Coins suggests finances are out of control, and this could be the result of the hardships and difficulties of the Five of Coins phase.

The Six of Diamonds in Retrograde could also mean that you're leaving your job, selling your house or car, or simply that you're going through a period of financial austerity. You may be less in control of your income or finances than usual at this time. It could mean that you're feeling the immediate financial burden of Tony is in trouble. Sometimes it happens when you buy a new house before you've dealt with the debt you were supposed to pay off originally.

Life in the sense that the Six of Stars in Retrograde could be describing living an unhealthy life and limiting your ability to make money. You may be unable to work for a period of time due to illness, or you may be stressed because of financial problems. It could also be emphasizing that you need to examine how your work is affecting your health.

Core Tip

The reversal of the Six of Coins also means that a lot of money is being spent or finances are out of control. You may not be able to make ends meet at the moment.
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Knowledge Expansion

In some cases, the Six of Coins reversed means that there is not enough money proposed at the moment to choose the way you like.
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Card Meaning Extension

This card also sometimes means that you may be carried away by previous successes and start having unrealistic expectations, which should be recognized for what they are.
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