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Six of Pentacles Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

There is no absolute fairness, one has more control than the other

Card Details:

The person in the center of the picture is a man dressed as a successful businessman, wearing splendid clothes with straight blue stripes, a thick red coat, a red hat, and a dark brown turban wrapped around his head. He is the protagonist in this story, the gold master who holds the material resources.

In front of this gold lord are two poor men, spread out on either side of him. In his left hand he holds a scale, a symbol of balance, weighing the weight of money, and in his right hand he is pouring out a few star coins downwards.

Both of these relief-seekers, kneeling on the ground before the Lord of Gold, look up at him with eager admiration, and both stretch out their hands in order to receive the support. They were both wrapped in warm cotton cloths, and the one on the Lord's left had his hands outstretched and was catching the falling star coins, his clothing was of a rustic color and his head was wrapped in a turban.

The one at the bottom of the scale on the Lord's left hand was waiting for the Lord to make a move, and he had one hand outstretched in anticipation. The fabric he was wrapped in was blue and had a ragged hole in the lower part of it, the inside of which revealed the same red color as the Golden Lord. Looking through the gap in the blue man's back, he could see buildings in the distance.

The arrangement of the six gold coins is skewed to one side, with three on the right hand of the gold lord and only two on the left hand of the man holding the scales, revealing a process of weighing both sides of the fence at the moment in terms of finances.

The person holding the scales in this card's picture is clearly a wealthy businessman, yet is in the act of giving. This shows that he not only has success in his own right, but also has an equally benevolent heart, suggesting what the ingredients are that enable success.

The rich merchant is holding the scales in his hand, a symbol of being engaged in business, and the falling of the star coins in his hand indicates a surplus. This shows that the operation is prosperous and the financial situation is very good, and these gold coins represent material gains and rewards in divination. Because of his good financial situation, he also has a generous and kind heart, so he has the heart to give back to the society. This card represents charitable actions, almsgiving, giving, and also extends to gifts and presents.

This shows that this is a very good card on a financial level and can be fulfilling in any way. Even the poor and needy person in the picture will get the relief they deserve for seeking support, a situation where all are happy. For the situation of the person in question. It is the degree of financial prosperity that determines whether or not a person is a giver.

However, in the operation of finances, there is always a tendency to favor one side over the other, and it is not always possible to be in a balanced state. Therefore, the uneven arrangement of the six gold coins shows that the Lord of Gold is giving money to the person on his right, but is still weighing up the person on his left (so the scale is located on this side), and this person has to continue to wait.

This card represents the deployment of the two movements of financial acquisition and giving, the weighing of possession and ownership versus distribution and sharing, which is a kind of trade-off. Of course this card also represents reason - using the scales to deal with affairs and judging the time wisely to make the strongest decisions and actions. Libra usually represents law and regulation, and in this case alongside the Gold Coin, it also represents items such as partnerships and contracts, and the civil law that governs them, as well as matters related to financial and fiscal regulation.

Card Meaning Deduction:

This businessman is not a penny pincher, he knows how to give back to the community and he is therefore a generous philanthropist. But we must pay attention to the mystery between the scales and the two beggars. The scales represent the businessman who knows exactly how much to give to one of the two beggars when it comes to giving. Give too much, give too little, are not the proper help. So the businessman not only knows charity, he is also adept at investment and finance.

The man kneeling on the ground is in fact subject to him, implying that the situation is controlled by him, and that he is in control of it all through his wealth. This standing man understands that to have money is to have power. The more he is able to choose his life.

This card could mean that you are about to buy a new house or a new car, or that you are about to take a test for a new job, because when this card is square, it represents a new source of income or a series of deli purchases. This kneeler inside the card cannot be identified as his employee or beggar. And Libra means that he has weighed whether what he pays and what he receives or serves is comparable or he has weighed how much he can afford to pay to hire them at the moment. The Six of Coins could be describing embarking on an investment in a fund that is safe and sound. This is a period of financial stability, so with good financial management, success is within reach.

The Six of Coins means you are about to change jobs, get a new job, hire a technician or other employee, or spend money on something big, such as buying a house or a car. In matters of business investment, it could symbolize borrowing money to start a business. The Six of Coins may indicate some kind of financial stability and suggest that you are happy to continue in your current direction. When this card appears on the deck, it indicates a stable financial state.

The Six of Coins is describing a structured relationship where one person has more control than the other. It is a card that has many layers and its meaning changes with the issue or the cards surrounding it, in this card it appears to be fair and proper, however, note that the two beggars are kneeling in front of the rich man. He is in a position of power in this relationship. The Six of Coins is describing a relationship in which one person dominates another.

It is worth noting that the Six of Diamonds can be viewed from two perspectives, the merchant as well as the beggar. The person in question may play the role of the merchant or the beggar. Between giving and receiving, do you know which role you play?

In practice, from the perspective of "receiving", the Six of Diamonds may represent getting what you want, perhaps a friend repaying a long-standing debt, or a beneficent gift from someone else, or a long-awaited fund, or a gift, or even an inheritance, and the person concerned can usually be treated fairly. Of course, from the point of view of "giving", the person may be giving, donating, or gifting for the sake of others. It is a blessing to have the palm down, and by giving, we can receive more.

In addition, the Six of Coins also represents financial management. Like the businessman holding the Libra, he may be balancing his income and expenditure, or starting to save money and trying to invest. Generally speaking, it's usually a good decision to make.

It's not just money that counts in the middle of giving and receiving, but also the transfer of knowledge, experience, and skill. Therefore, the Six of Diamonds also represents the transfer of knowledge, experience, technology or learning. For example, a mentor giving advice to a student and similar situations.

In a career or work situation, the Six of Coins indicates that in exchange for a reward, you agree to give your time and effort. This is a fair arrangement. The scales in the hands of the rich man are in balance, suggesting that both parties will be happy with the arrangement. Perhaps one person wants to dominate the other, while the other is willing to submit. Stability and comfort make this arrangement seem stable. For example, in the workplace, employees are not ultimately responsible for the success or failure of a program, and management does not have to keep a day-to-day eye on the progress of their program. Everyone has their own role to play in managing a situation that is as mutually beneficial as possible.

In financial matters, the Six of Diamonds in positive position means success. This could come from the sale of a house or the proceeds of a business deal, a sure new source of income or a new sponsor for your investments, or the success of hard work in taking charge of your finances. When this card is positive, basically you should have a reliable source of income and your spending can be controlled.

In a life sense, the presence of this card represents a physical condition. Hidden beneath the physical symptoms is usually a mental and emotional emptiness that makes the body less and less able to cope. The Five of Coins could mean that the state of your life is affecting your ability to make money, or perhaps that you will be fired from your job because of poor health.

Significance in gender relations, the Six of Stars describes a gender relationship: one dominates the other. This may be going on in a rather subtle way. For example, one partner might say, "Honey, don't get too excited now, don't forget you have a bad heart." While this may sound like a responsible concern for his partner, it may also be a way of controlling the other. What's certain is that his partner won't be able to enjoy himself or do what the controlling partner isn't prepared to do.

Whether you are the dominant or the dominated in a relationship, when one person has more power, it is unlikely that there will be true intimacy.

Core Tip

This card shows that the querent has good financial news, such as a debt that will be paid off, or an inheritance of property, real estate, or a valuable gift. The querent should share his good fortune with others, and not eat alone, as the Six of Diamonds is not just about sharing money, but also about sharing abstractions such as knowledge, skills, and news.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Six of Coins also represents daily financial transactions, perhaps you have recently received money transfers, checks, bonuses, grants, loans, etc., or you are the one giving.
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Card Meaning Extension

Compare the Six of Coins with the Six of Cups, both of which have the connotation of loving and giving, but neither of which is equal, with the Six of Coins having a stronger separation between the upper and lower classes.
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