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Ten of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

There's a chance to make a comeback as long as the damage is contained.

Card Details:

The reversal of the Ten of Coins is prone to the return of things or the absence of family beliefs, representing overall trouble in financial matters, the interruption of previously ongoing financial affairs, and general career or business experiencing operational difficulties. This card's reversal is unfavorable to the family situation, where family members have problems getting along with each other and their relationships, and even practical disputes.

For the family as a whole, it refers to a decline in the family's fortunes, or problems with the family's property or place of residence. Otherwise, there are problems with family assets or inheritance. These phenomena may be the result of problems accumulated over time, or perhaps the rotation has come at a bad time, thus causing inevitable losses.

It could also be the result of another situation: the person who is in charge of the business is trying to revitalize the family's business, accumulating personal wealth and using the original assets to go into speculation, and because of a momentary lapse of judgment, he or she suffers a loss, a loss, and even a loss that involves his or her own family members.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The Ten of Coins Reversed represents a time of difficult financial circumstances. Perhaps you are living beyond your means or working hard to maintain a lifestyle you can't afford. There is no money so you have to pay by credit card, you have personal or family debts, and you are sinking deep into the mire of debt. This card inverted could be describing someone whose income has dwindled, but still wants to try to maintain an expensive lifestyle.

When the Ten of Coins is reversed, sometimes the bitterness shown in the positive Ten of Coins can cause financial or emotional risk-taking. This is a card of gambling. Not only gambling with money, but also taking unnecessary risks in business or finances.

In gender relationship analysis, the Ten Reversed shows that you are too focused on tangible things, which can cause emotional loneliness. It also describes a precarious financial situation; for example, in the matter of buying a house, it suggests that you may be experiencing some financial difficulties or that you may be overestimating your financial situation.

In career analysis, the Ten of Diamonds in Retrograde may suggest that there are many opponents to the few possible opportunities. It means that there is a lack of money, or something is wrong with the finances of the company in question.

In a career profile, a reversed Ten of Diamonds could also mean struggling to survive in a shrinking market, or downsizing and layoffs due to financial constraints or mismanagement. When Robert came to ask: would it be wise to buy a new sports car, the card came as an answer in a reversed position. I told him that he couldn't afford the sports car yet and that it would be wiser to wait at least another year before saving for it, but this just seemed to provoke him into quicker and crazier action. Against advice, Robert bought a car costing $85,000 and it was repossessed after seven months, shortly after his business failed and he couldn't make the payments on time.

In terms of money, if the Ten of Diamonds is in the card's shape, then finances may be tight, so alert your reader beforehand if this card appears. In career matters, you may lose a job, or you may not be able to find a suitable and well-paid job for a long time. When the economy enters a recession, this reversed card will be present for months at a time in career and financial issues. If it is used as a prophecy of a recession, it may even be found in the spread for eighteen months in a row. As an analyst, if several clients pick the Ten of Coins reversed in a week, you are warned that the general economy is in recession and will be for a long time, and it would be wise to control your spending in the coming months.

When the Ten of Clubs is reversed, it could represent financial problems. Investment partnerships should be put on hold. Inheritance may be worthless or even impossible. Be careful with your finances. Some degree of discord in a group is imminent, and the sticking point is often money.

When this card is reversed, it's time to revert to the Nine of Clubs in order to take care of your needs. The retrograde Ten of Diamonds suggests that a large company is losing employees and instead of looking for replacements, those who remain are left to pick up and share those jobs. Perhaps you find yourself doing the work of several people on your own, but you're not being paid for your extra efforts. Perhaps it's time to return to the subject of the Nine of Stars in positive position to decide what your needs and responsibilities are in this situation.

The meaning of life at this time in your career could be hurting you. Perhaps the hours are too long, or perhaps the location of your work is harmful to your health. When there is a reversed Ten of Coins in the Life Issues card shape, financial constraints may be one of the sources of ongoing stress, and then it may lead to health problems. When this reversed card is chosen, it may be that poor health is hindering your chances of making money.

A reversed Ten of Coins could mean that a business lacks a solid foundation. For example, Roger and Miranda want to sell their company, a clothing store. They had been working up to six or seven days a week for nearly seven years and were finally desperate for a break from the stress, the bills and this life style. A man came to them and offered them a price. It was less than they expected, but it seemed quite fair, and they weren't willing to wait another six months for a better price.

Malinda came to me for a divination, and on the question about selling this store to that man, she flipped to the reverse of the ten of stars.

"I don't think he has a sound financial background." I explained to her.

"The man drives a Rolls Royce, of course he's got something!"

She added another card next to the Ten of Clubs reversed - the Nine of Clubs reversed.

"Now I can be sure he has no money." I stated to her clearly. She walked away shaking her head, but we met again ten weeks later.

"How did you handle that sale?" I asked cautiously.

"He didn't have a dime, and I believe the car was borrowed." She said in a tone of disgust. "We found another buyer though, and we're signing on Friday."

Core Tip

When life becomes too stale and uninteresting, the person may want to do something risky, such as gambling. At this time, one should also examine whether he or she is placing too much emphasis on money life and becoming a money-oriented person.
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Knowledge Expansion

This card also indicates that traditional values and security are being subverted at this time, usually over family issues.
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Card Meaning Extension

Encountering this card in a relationship quest indicates that the materialistic atmosphere is too strong, and if you are together because of money, you will also fight over money and not have a solid emotional foundation for each other.
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