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Ten of Pentacles Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

To leave one's armor and return to one's home, to return to the calm of material success.

Card Details:

The ten star coins are arranged in the shape of the Tree of Life, yet are entirely separate structures outside the plot, unrelated to the actual coins in the plot, and are used only as an expression of the meaning of affluence. The main body of the image depicts an affluent family, with three generations of characters both inside and outside of it visible through an archway.

Under the archway there is a man with his back to the picture, and a woman facing him; they are a couple looking at each other and talking. The man holds a scepter in his left hand and is dressed in brown and a blue shawl. The woman has a wreath on her head and is dressed in burgundy and brown.

Their child was beside the woman, half-hiding behind his mother, showing the left half of his body and face, glancing curiously at two white dogs, and touching the one near him with his left hand. These dogs are the famous dogs of the ancient times - a kind of hunting dog called "Lingti" or something like that - and the two faithful dogs are greeting the old man sitting in front of the archway, who is stroking the head of one of the dogs.

The old man is sitting comfortably in a chair painted with grapes, and he is dressed in colorful clothes full of magical decorations. The dignified old man is particularly well dressed, and it is clear that he is a nobleman and the leading elder of the family. The figures in the picture are all connected, showing that they are family and are all of the status of masters of the house.

The nobleman's family crest hangs on the wall next to the archway, and the symbols above the crest are the castle (which also appears on the King of Coins) and the scales (see Coin VI). There are also markings on the columns of the arch, and relief decoration on the wall, which shows that the family were nobles of high status at the time, and very wealthy. To the left of the archway is a black and white chessboard decoration, symbolizing the experience of life.

A factory and a blue sky can be seen through the arch of the solid family. The couple is talking while the husband gazes at the factory. A tall tower is visible on the tapestry on the far left of this card. The tower is a reminder that if these people lose sight of their surroundings, such as by failing to cultivate their business, they may risk losing everything (as the Tower card suggests).

The rear view within the arch, containing chimneys and houses, indicates a thriving population and industry. In the distance is a walled barrier, indicating that the territory is a nobleman's fiefdom.

Lastly, we should mention the arrangement of the star coins. The composition of ten star coins hanging as a tree of life was imitated by many tarot tarots in the post-White period. The Earth Tarot is a clear example of this, with the tenth card all arranged in the shape of the Tree of Life.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The Ten of Coins shows wealth and the influence can reach the entire family, clan, and even future generations. This card suggests past endeavors and encompasses all of the previous cards ~ business, keeping money, investments, work, the wealth of the Nine of Diamonds, all of these economic situations have happened before.

The wealth and money of this card is mostly related to the family, so it can represent the wealth of the family. These riches are mostly related to inheritance, perhaps from an inheritance, or perhaps they can be passed on to others. Of course, it is also the acquisition of any kind of wealth, no matter how it is channeled, but it is important to make a judgment on the issue.

Because of the special connection with family, it represents a large family, not just a small family, but also at least three generations of grandchildren. General family matters, family relationships, and the state of the family home are all covered by this card. It also includes the family's heritage and honor, as well as lineage and social status. The arches of the markings of the crest, and the grayish walls, show that it was originally inhabited for a long time, and that it is an old family. It was a family with tradition, both honor and wealth passed down from generation to generation, a noble or prestigious, famous family with historical baggage. Although it is an old and dreary closed environment, it is very smooth and restful.

These characters, as shown in the picture of this family, are not very directly facing each other, but they are connected in some way, and although they are not very romantic and warm, or even a bit dull and uninteresting, they do not lose their caring and responsive nature, but it is only because of their conservative attitudes that the family members do not let go too much with each other.

In many other cards we see the figure moving toward the town in the distance, and in the Ten of Wands the figure finally arrives at the town. The elderly people in the figure have worked hard all their lives to build their family business and pass it on to the next generation. Not only are they well-fed and clothed and enjoying their wealth, but they will continue to run the business. Therefore, the Ten of Coins is a very good omen in terms of finance and career. Whether it is an investment, partnership, job search, salary negotiation, or negotiation, the person concerned will achieve the material success he seeks.

The Ten of Coins implies material success, and the Ten of Coins portrays a peaceful and comfortable home environment. The coat of arms on the wall shows that this is an environment of wealth and solidity. There are animals, children, fruit-bearing trees, and high walls for seclusion and protection. The sky is blue and the town is close by. Simply put, this family has everything it needs to provide a comfortable physical environment. So why is everyone not facing someone else? The old man is seated, his attention focused on the animals, the young man has his back to us, and the woman doesn't face him either, but continues her conversation with him slightly sideways. The small child is ignored and these people have no real connection to each other. They are given the material world that others crave, though it is clear that this also makes them dull and caught up in a formulaic life that will lead nowhere once that formula is gone.

The Ten of Coins is a full display of the possibilities of the whole deck. He lacks the enthusiasm of the Scepters, the ideals of the Swords, and the emotions of the Chalice cards. Material security and stability can be found here, but at a price.

The Ten of Coins is a card that represents material success. It represents completion or success in business or a large purchase (house, car, boat or business). It may represent signing a contract when it appears with two other positively placed tens.

In the analysis of a career, the Ten of Stars indicates a career with a solid foundation that contains opportunities for birth and success. In questions about a legal case, this card and the Six of Stars can represent a payment that will be made in your favor.

If it is asking about career, it could be suggesting that you are employed by a large organization, a government department or that you are doing big business. Assuming that the inquirer who draws this card is a self-starter, there is a possibility that he or she will sign a contract with a large company. Star Coin types identify strongly with business, so a successful business equals a successful life. In a general analysis, this Ten of Diamonds indicates a good life: a mansion built on a rich land and full of rewards for the achievement of goals. Even though the Star Coin type is always working hard, he or she will be rewarded for his or her efforts. Star Coin types are easy to recognize: it is not difficult to recognize them at a glance through expensive watches, cars, jewelry, or through collectible rare gold coins, books, stamps, or antique automobiles.

Under the arch stands a young man and woman, so this card is also related to romance. The presence of an elderly person is also related to the advantages of old age and retirement life, facing the care of the elderly. Of course, it can also represent the raising of children and even the keeping of pets. This is also a card of family happiness, which includes all family-related matters and real estate matters.

In love affairs, the Ten of Coins could represent giving the other person a solid and secure life, or it could show that the person and the other person are a good match in their careers, but at the same time suggests a lack of emotional communication, or perhaps emotional communication is not something that they value at all. Alternatively, it may represent political marriage, corporate marriage, matchmaking and other non-free love marriages. It is suggested that the person should reflect on what is left to sustain the two if they have previously taken out the material component.

The Ten of Diamonds describes a business-related relationship between the sexes. Perhaps you are in business with your partner, or you have met this person through work or business dealings. Great financial success is obvious, as your partner is quite reliable financially; or it could mean that you and your partner are a shrewd and capable combination in the business world. You won't find the kind of intimacy you'd find in the 10th of Cups here, but perhaps the priorities you expect in this relationship were originally different.

Money-wise, the Ten of Coins in positive position means financial solidity and growth. This is a phase of abundance that stems from your past endeavors and a disciplined, pragmatic financial structure. As an answer to the question of launching a new endeavor, this Ten of Diamonds suggests success. And if the question is about borrowing money for a new investment or endeavor, this card suggests that money will soon be available.

The significance of a balanced life is shown by the Ten of Coins in positive position. The way of life for the Star Coin type is to ensure a balanced health for the future by maintaining an uninterrupted and pragmatic routine. Sometimes it also suggests that the cost of a gym or health insurance is included in your monthly paycheck.

Core Tip

The Tenth of the Stars describes a stable financial situation providing a comfortable life that is the return of past and present efforts.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Ten of Coins is strong on inheritance, and sometimes inheritance is not limited to wealth, business, career, fame, status, and the passing on of traditions and values, which also counts.
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Card Meaning Extension

The Ten of Coins may show that you can receive substantial support from your family or clan.
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