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Three of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Remembering lessons from experience leads to growth.

Card Details:

The three of gold coins in reverse position is like a master standing on a chair and bench who may stumble and fall or drop his tools because the bench collapsed or tipped over, or he may make a mistake and knock a stone pillar out of place and botch the job. As for the two clergymen who were offering advice, it now turns out to be useless advice, commonplace insights, trivial and abetted without being able to get to the heart of the matter, human and not incisive enough. It means that the original plan has gone wrong, or is not detailed enough, thus causing difficulties in proceeding and the result of mistakes and failures.

The Three of Coins inverted may be a problem at work, perhaps dissatisfaction with the current work, poor planning, team member discord, or lack of personal experience, knowledge or ability. The reversal suggests that the person should have to study more and work harder to gain enough ability to cope with the current job.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The Three of Coins Reversed could mean that a lesson was not learned from a certain situation, causing it to come back week after week. For example, you may have had a string of relationships that all ended in the same situation. If you don't learn from the first relationship and take responsibility for your coping, you risk repeating the pattern until you realize the lesson. In terms of things in general, the reversal of the Three of Stars suggests that this isn't the first time you've experienced this situation. You need to reflect on the situation and imagine what you can learn from it so that you can avoid repeating it in the future. The fear of putting something into practice is also evident in this card. It also implies some kind of stagnation, such as a job, or a relationship. For the future, you may need to lay a solid foundation first.

The Three of Diamonds Reversed suggests that success is not possible due to weak foundations, and that perhaps more study or experience will ensure the best possible outcome. Repetitive patterns keep cropping up thus hindering success, and for you, it's time to ask yourself what you should learn from your current circumstances in order to avoid repeating negative patterns from the past.

The Three of Coins reversed could be describing the abandonment of a course or training without considering the consequences. Returning to the subject of the orthogonal Two of Coins gives you the opportunity to decide on a clear and worthwhile course of action, which you can then take and achieve the desired result.

The reversal of the Three of Stars means that you have ignored or wasted opportunities to improve yourself through study or research. It may also suggest that you are unable to advance yourself because you did not complete a course of study of some kind or gave up too soon.

While inquiring about a particular course he was about to undertake, George flipped to this three in reverse. I told him that he would have to work harder if he wanted to complete this course. He protested loudly that he had worked hard enough, yet in the last six months he had missed some exams, had one subject pawned off, and had a number of classes he hadn't attended. After eight months of classes he was beginning to get bored with this year-long program and the thought arose that instead of trying to finish it, he should plan a trip.

In a life sense, the Three of Stars reversal could suggest that bad behavior patterns are destroying your life, perhaps adding six spoonfuls of sugar to your coffee or having to smoke four cigars before breakfast suggests that you've developed certain habits that aren't good for your life. Perhaps it's time to return to the Two of Coins subject, well decide that focusing your energy or attention over there will have the best outcome for your life. When this card is reversed, it indicates recurring life troubles.

In terms of analyzing career, the reversal of the Three may suggest teaching. For the opposite of learning is teaching. This observation is further confirmed when this card appears with Temperance in a deck of cards.

Wealthy in the sense that a weak foundation causes the force of success to be curtailed. Perhaps right now you are unable to follow through with plans because of a lack of experience or knowledge. You have to return to the subject of the Two of Stars to decide what investment of your time, effort and money should be clear.

Repetitive patterns emerge that cause you to fail again where you have failed before. Perhaps it's your new job that brings back the same problems as the last one, or a business investment that fails because it's on shaky ground.

As an example, Vanessa started a business when she didn't even have any idea about how to start selling anything, and the Three of Coins in Reverse appeared in her analyzed card shape, suggesting that presumed customers would just happen to show up. Despite her intense desire to work for herself, Vanessa was pretty much devoid of practical ideas about what the business should do to survive. After closing her business after two months, she is now under contract with a large company that she intends to start up again, and the Three of Coins in the positive position suggests that she is currently learning the management of a small business.

Core Tip

The reversed Three of Stars represents that the ideas are not mature and the foundation is not solid enough at this time, so you should be careful and cautious not to expand too fast impulsively.
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Knowledge Expansion

This card indicates that you can gain a lot of benefits if you work together, but if there is conflict and infighting, it is likely to disintegrate.
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Card Meaning Extension

Existing resources and manpower are not enough to cope with the challenges, more and more refined management needs to be invested, or else it may be abandoned halfway.
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