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Three of Pentacles Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Learning leads to progress, to the realization of ideas, and to the improvement of one's own situation.

Card Details:

The main body of this picture scene is a typical church building of the Middle Ages, and this is the composition looking from the outside in. Three gold coins are mounted on the upper end of this arch, although they do not show the gold color, and the whole plot is about refurbishing this building.

This part of the building is of the Goethean type, presenting a number of triangular images, and centered on a spire. In the center, high up, three coins are mounted to form an upright square triangle (symbol of fire), and below it is a retrograde triangle (symbol of water) with an openwork "Tudor rose" inside. The fire triangle reminds us of our spiritual values, while the water triangle encourages us to share these values with those around us, to live by our beliefs and not to be obsessed with ideals that are too high and unattainable.

This is the only card in which the gold coins are not colored, and the three gold coins are even fixed to a window pane as part of the building, suggesting that the Three of Coins is not a card that represents money in the obvious sense of the word, but rather a kind of hidden wealth, such as a skill or an intellectual possession.

In this church, a sculptor is at work, and two monks are holding sketches next to him, seemingly discussing the progress of the work with the sculptor. The construction of a monastery requires the cooperation of many people. In this picture, the three of them have their own roles to play, with the nuns providing advice and the sculptor using his hands to carve out the desired shape. During the period of cooperation, it is necessary to coordinate and communicate many times to ensure that the work is carried out smoothly. This is why the Three of Diamonds is often used in divination to represent teamwork, usually a team that has a specific task to accomplish and everyone in the team shares the same goal. In addition, team work is not something that one person can do immediately when he or she wants to do it, but must be planned first (such as the sketch in the hands of the nun), even for an experienced sculptor, he or she needs to follow the sketch beforehand, and discuss it with other people many times in the process.

From the relationship between the three people in the picture, many directions can be deduced, all of which are valid individually and can be chosen according to the problem. For example, we see the three people as working together as a team, each in their own way, or as different combinations working together, or guiding and counseling an exchange of ideas.

This card combines the elements of Air (the careful drawing of blueprints), Water (the spiritual purpose of this building) and Fire (the physical effort put into building the church) with the aim of making something tangible, real and of the earth (the church itself).

Card Meaning Deduction:

This card represents being rooted in a solid foundation and building something of lasting value. Perhaps you are building a house, starting a course that will benefit you, or laying the foundation for a solid gender relationship or business. The Three of Coins is a positive card for self-development. When he appears in a deck with the Pope or the Seven of Cups, it may symbolize that spiritual or mental development is about to begin because of a study or the implementation of an idea.

The Three of Coins indicates a period of time to go and do certain things that will improve your circumstances. It could be starting a course, reading a book, or if it appears in a career analysis, it's an opportunity to learn to build something of permanent value in your work.

All the threes in the Minor represent the initial completion of the deck. The ultimate goal of the Star Coin is to get financial fulfillment, similar to the Ten of Stars. Whereas the Three of Stars shows the preliminary results of the work, this sculptor has carved out the initial pattern, and has won the admiration of all for his skillful work, but the work is not yet complete, and there is still a long way to go. So the Three of Coins also represents achievements and honors due to professional ability and effort. A member of the community may get a promotion or a raise, and a student can get good grades and a degree.

The Three of Coins is an encouragement to the person to plan carefully whatever work he is undertaking and then let go of it because he has the professional ability needed to accomplish the work, and he has sufficient talent to achieve whatever task is at hand. The success of the Three of Coins is no accident; not only does he have the expertise, he actually does the work.

This card also represents the action of converting plans into concrete results. Something solid and workable develops as a result of detailed planning and concrete efforts. The Three of Coins represents a strong belief in the spiritual dimension, but this can also be interpreted to any other area, depending on what the issue is. It could also allude to certain courses of study or training at work; alternatively, it could be describing a romantic relationship that ends in a long term happy ending due to their solid steps along the way. This card suggests that with proper preparation and planning, things will work out and the querent should be rewarded monetarily or spiritually.

In relationship astrology, the Three of Coins could indicate a romance within a work team, running a love nest between two people, or it could suggest that the two people are focusing on money, material things, and status, and lacking in emotional connection.

The Three of Coins can also indicate your efforts to establish and maintain a relationship between the sexes. You may be reading books about relationships, learning about relationship interactions, working harder on an existing partnership, or treating lingering problems from a previous relationship. It means you are building some kind of lasting relationship or working to improve one.

Money-wise, to achieve long-term financial success, it's important to build a solid foundation. Learning or direct experience will help you confirm that your plans are progressing smoothly. You currently have a solid structure or organization that supports your financial plans. This card represents growth, progress and success in a financial investment program.

In terms of life significance, the Three of Coins in positive position represents healthy patterns of behavior that keep the mind and body in balance. Perhaps this is a positive model of health that you learned as a child, and which will contribute to your solid state of health in the future. The Three of Coins describes a person who finds the true meaning of life by following the rules, as Star Coin types usually prefer to take a middle-of-the-road approach to life. The way of the Star Coin is to remember that you will grow old and what you do now determines how you will live your life down the road. The Three of Diamonds in positive position means that you have a stable foundation for your life, it could also mean that you are taking a course in healthy living or learning about healthy living and what it takes to sustain it in the long run, building a solid foundation for long term rewards is what this card is showing.

Core Tip

The Three of Diamonds suggests that you can improve your situation by researching, studying, or bringing an idea to fruition. Behind every successful business and classic movie, there is a Three of Diamonds team.
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Knowledge Expansion

"Planning, cooperation and technology are the keys to success for the Three of Diamonds. While the Star Spells work in a pragmatic way, the Swords work in abstract theory.
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Card Meaning Extension

Compare the Three of Swords with the Ten of Swords. While the former is a front-line team, the latter is more of a family business or business partner.
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