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Two of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

In the face of environmental changes, it is necessary to break through the fog of appearances to see the truth.

Card Details:

The reversed Two of Coins represents a situation where the action of the protagonist is no longer sustained and this circulation and circulation of coins stops. It may be interrupted by a disturbance or an obstacle, thus causing a problem in the operation, indicating that the scheduling and operation of the finances are out of order, the turnover is not good or stuck in a certain joint.

In the reversed position, the protagonist has to stop his movements, but this is actually a relief, an end to the tightness that has kept the finances in a certain situation. It is a performance that is not committed, the pressure of pretending to be happy and forced to laugh in front of people, which is not what we want, and having to face what we don't want to face, is a source of annoyance. Being able to stop shows a boldness in dealing with things, a skill in bringing closure to matters, but also, perhaps, by unjust means.

Card Meaning Deduction:

When the Star Coin card appears in an upside down position, it represents an inability to decide which of these two opportunities has the better substantial payoff. Now is the time to return to the upright Ace of Coins so that you can pursue a clear path (opportunity) that will lead to the fruits of good fortune. The inverted Two of Coins signifies a financial decision or a need to change something to balance the books. It may be that your desires are stronger than your mental discipline, and so you are paying a high price.

An inverted coin suggests that winter has arrived and you need to cut back on expenses and live within your means. Now is the time to decide what to pay for up front and what you can hold off on; it's also the time to decide how to cut back on future spending. It gives you the opportunity to return to the status of the positive Ace of Coins to improve his focus on income. Perhaps it's time to write down a budget clearly and stick to it.

The Two of Coins inverted suggests that your job or the pursuit of money has taken a toll on your health. Perhaps you have two jobs on your hands and it's time to return to the upright Ace of Clubs in order to do one job more efficiently. Perhaps you are deciding how much to invest in your health and it could also be describing physical discomfort and therefore hindering your ability to make money.

When the Two of Coins appears inverted, it indicates that you are becoming more and more clear about what you must give up because you have to go through with the realization of a certain channel or program. It could mean that you are putting too much into things or spreading your money too thinly to accomplish anything; or that you are failing by rushing things.

With the Two of Stars in reverse, it's as if the ship is capsizing in the middle of a wave for no other reason than lack of flexibility or loss of balance. The person concerned is advised to put aside his or her principles completely, give up the old-fashioned ideas and dead brains, keep up with the trend, be adaptable, and dance with the waves like a clown. If there has been too much entertainment lately, the Star Coin II reversed may suggest that too much is too much, so don't have too much fun. Although things still take quite a long time to reach the goal, the direction towards it is balanced and correct, and as long as the querent waits patiently, things will eventually be accomplished successfully.

Core Tip

Choosing between two dilemmas, and there are no more two ways to go, you have to make a decision within the available information without delay.
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Knowledge Expansion

The reversal of this card also specifically represents literary sensibilities and talents, including the process of creation and writing, in relation to the transmission and expression of information, representing writing, words, letters, ciphers, as well as communications, messages, and letters.
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Card Meaning Extension

The lows always follow the highs, and now is the time for you to get rid of things that are valuable but not useful.
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