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Two of Pentacles Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Hesitant to make a decision related to money.

Card Details:

A man dressed in red with a high hat, resembling a street juggler, is juggling two star coins, suggesting at the same time that is juggling his money, his physical strength, or his talent in order to find a balance between those things he must do and those he wants to do, he may also be juggling a business and a personal interest. The bands around the periphery of the Star Coin wrap around the rings of the two Star Coins to form a figure 8 infinity symbol, which is also found in the Magician and Power Cards, where it is implied that money is a form of energy that goes on and on and on.

The sea behind him undulates violently and two ships are traveling on it, symbolizing the waves of life. When the waves that belong to you come in, money and opportunities flow easily to you; and when your personal tide goes out, these material opportunities are not so obvious. Both ships on the card appear to be on the crest of the wave, representing that there is still some surplus income at this time of year, and perhaps it would be prudent to use some of it for investment, or to keep some money around for the winter that is just around the corner. This juggler's attention is focused on the star coins or money about to be spent below. He was dressed in orange and red while his feet kept moving. This confirms the physical effort he puts into earning his star coins and spending them.

Card Meaning Deduction:

From the high tide of the sea, and the artist's juggling of the Star Coin, it seems that the Two of Coins represents the fluctuation of finances in a narrow sense, but more broadly, the ebb and flow of life. Life is like a ship traveling on the sea, going through various changes as the waves rise and fall. This is why the person drawing the Two of Coins often faces fluctuations of some kind, whether emotional, financial or otherwise. The person concerned may have to cope with many situations at the same time, like a clown tossing a ball in a circus, who has to take care of many balls at the same time. The clown may also be faced with a decision in his life, as he seems to be weighing two coins, choosing one or the other, and his heart is wavering like the waves behind him. By and large, the Two of Diamonds is a wandering and volatile card.

The Two of Coins shows a person who is focused on money. There is no major financial pressure on him at this time, he just has to decide which bill to pay first. Remaining resilient is another subject that the Two of Coins brings to our attention. In the face of life's storms, we need to learn the clown's grace. As the saying goes, "When the army comes, the water comes, and the earth floods. The Two of Coins has no principles, he doesn't need to keep principles at all, and this is his greatest strength. The joker of the Two of Stars knows this well, he knows how to adapt to the situation and maintain flexibility in order to survive. Who says it's bad to be a wallflower? Grass is less likely to break than a tree.

In addition to the flexibility to adapt, the Two of Stars also seeks balance. As mentioned above, the Two of Stars often indicates that the person concerned needs to deal with different people and things at the same time. He may have to deal with his boss and clients at the same time, as well as taking care of his family at the same time. He may have to deal with a boss and a client at the same time, as well as his family. Or he may have to cope with the heavy pressure of work and school. In the midst of these many "balls", the clown must maintain a balance and apply the same amount of force to each ball in order to throw the ball well and for a long time.

The Two of Diamonds requires you to be skillful in all aspects of your life, and not to stick to one person or one thing. The best strategy is to develop in many directions. In financial astrology, the Two of Coins may indicate a balance of income and expenditure. The most superficial meaning of the Two of Coins is entertainment. This clown performing on the street is a typical form of entertainment. The Two of Stars symbolizes good times filled with joy and laughter. If you have been feeling low lately, the Two of Diamonds suggests that you will be more energized by having more fun.

The Two of Coins describes weighing various opportunities, and this time they are on a physical or material level. This symbolizes a decision between two options. Is there any way you can choose now, or would it be better to wait a little longer?

In career analysis, II suggests a decision between two possible jobs, or two career directions. In a relationship analysis, the Two of Diamonds represents weighing up relationship opportunities, or deciding on a relationship based on monetary considerations.

For example, in a recent analysis, a woman explained to me that her final decision between two men depended on how much money they could offer her. She chose the richer man without any emotional consideration and then complained that he was not emotionally fulfilling and was too busy working day and night.

The Two of Coins can indicate consideration of entering a phase in a gender relationship that will use a lot of money. Perhaps you're thinking about buying a house, or deciding to organize a family, and you're weighing up the costs.

Core Tip

The man on the card is wearing red and orange, representing passionate earth colors, colors that mean he is rooted in the practical world and focused on his money. His green shoes align with the green infinity symbol, representing the flow of his money in and out.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Two of Coins is describing making a choice between a dilemma, such as exchanging one's time and energy for money, or buying someone else's time, or paying this bill and delaying that bill.
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Card Meaning Extension

It can also represent a decision about money, or simply planning your time and energy to have the ability to do those things you want to do.
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