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Ace of Swords Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Act with determination and start planning a new adventure

Card Details:

The Head of Swords card depicts a hand reaching out from a cloud (or spirit) holding a sword in its palm, the end of which passes through the center of a crown of gold. The background is a series of pale grays, while the sword itself is a stark blue. The sword represents clear thinking, and Arthur Waite (the designer of the tarot cards used in this book) used the color blue to emphasize it. The fact that the sword is facing upwards, with both blades visible, indicates that both sides of a situation are clearly visible. It indicates that the duality of life has been noticed. And in the distance are the sharp greenless hills and the gray, empty sky. It is a sword of understanding that pierces the falsehoods in the midst of reality.

The crown represents the material world, which the sword pierces, and from a spiritual point of view, it suggests that your mind can see through the material world and see the spiritual side of events, and the results of thoughts in the material world. It is an understanding that there is neither reward nor punishment in the universe, only results.

Card meanings deduction:

While the First of Swords represents a beginning, the First of Scepters describes physical action, and the First of Cups emotional action, this First of Swords card describes the formation of an idea, or a plan for future action. This card represents clear thinking or a clear understanding of what is needed to accomplish a plan. The First of Swords represents a new program that is being planned, and where ideas, concepts, steps and designs have been balanced with the goal before the new vision is launched.

Traditionally, the Swords represent harm, and all Ones are beginnings. Thus, the sword one signals a new challenge that may succeed or fail. Like a double-edged sword, it can injure as well as harm; it can kill as well as save. At the same time, this double-edged sword emphasizes the reality, the responsibilities and rewards of achievement and success. Both the One of Swords and the One of Scepters are openings for action, but the One of Swords is more difficult than the One of Scepters, and may lead to an unhappy ending, so be prepared to face difficult challenges. Remember, the First Sword is a beginning, a possibility. The future is in the hands of the bearer.

One Sword can also indicate extremes and signs of excess in any area. The sword is a strong and powerful weapon, and the slightest miscalculation can lead to injury. Like the tip of the sword going through the crown in the picture, the One of Swords signifies extreme power, like love and hate, which can build or destroy. When the sword appears, you can reflect on whether you have forgotten the middle way.

The sword in the picture is upright and impartial, showing the neutral power of reason. Swords are often associated with the element of Wind, so although traditionally the central idea of a Sword deck is to harm, many later generations have added the element of Wind to the meaning of the deck, so we often see the One of Swords in books with meanings such as "reason," "justice," "knowledge," "strength of mind," "determination," "fairness" and so forth, and it can also represent a certain kind of authority, or a need to seek out authority and professionals. It may even be necessary to use a strong style if necessary.

In terms of daily life, the upright first card can indicate success through clear thinking. A solid plan and a clear focus on desired goals can bring rewards. The First Card can also represent ideas or plans to improve your material life. The First Card of the Swords can represent a prudent plan for financial execution. You are alert to changes in your environment and are able to adapt to changes when needed. When the upright Head of Swords is in the answer position, it indicates success through careful planning.

In a relationship analysis, the Head of Swords suggests a clear plan of what you want from your relationship. With a clear goal in mind, it's usually easier to get what you want because you can easily recognize what you don't want and immediately correct course. When it comes to gender relationships implied by this first card, there is a strong mental alliance between you and your partner, possibly with common goals and interests; it can also suggest a union of ideas.

Core Tip

This first card tells us about planning or starting a new venture. Life offers you a new possibility and you must carefully evaluate the possible consequences of any action taken.
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Knowledge Expansion

This first card is one of only two vertically upward facing sword cards in the Swords deck. One shows the Empress holding her sword straight up; and in the Major Arcana, the Justice card depicts a woman holding a sword straight up. As for all the other swords presented in the sword cards, they are at an angle that suggests biased thinking.
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Card Meaning Extension

Have you had any problems or challenges lately? The Head of Swords card is the most difficult of all the One cards, and also the least damaging of all the Swords cards.
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