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Five of Swords Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Free from selfish behavior, Stop needless arguments

Card Details:

The reversal of the Five of Swords is a scene of calm after a chaotic dispute. From the picture, everyone has fallen, and at this point, no matter which side is powerless to argue, they have to settle for a truce and end the fight. This is a state of "wreckage", where the damage that has been done cannot be wiped out, and even though it has been eased, there is still a need to clean up or make amends, and it is not going to be any easier.

At the moment, you are in a state of confusion and uncertainty about what is right and what is wrong, but the future is uncertain. Sometimes you can run away from the situation, but you have to keep arguing, not knowing when you can stop. Perhaps the person concerned will regret his or her foolish behavior. How to move towards a new situation is a question to be pondered, and the person is afraid that his or her efforts to recover will be futile.

In the reverse position, everyone's position and posture on the screen are different, which can also indicate a reversal of the situation, a sudden change between winning and losing, and a turnaround will occur.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The meaning of the Five of Swords Reversed is similar to that of the Positive, but the chances of failure are greater, and the person is likely to play the role of a distant loser on the way. Failure, humiliation, and victimization are all possible. Some people interpret the Five of Swords inverted as a way to free oneself from selfish behavior, to stop unnecessary disputes, to stop being troubled by rumors, etc.

The reversed Five of Swords may still be a card of discord and separation, but in the aftermath of a conflict, each party will reflect on their points of contention and behavior. When there is a reversed Five of Swords, it indicates that there is a possibility of communication taking place, as those involved are more open-minded.

The Fifth of Swords Reversed suggests a return to a state of respite after finding an internal or external solution. It is also suggesting that perhaps it is time to return to the period of the orthogonal Five of Swords in order to deeply reflect on your life. Sometimes it is also suggesting a return to the sick state of the Four of Swords, as that forces you to think and reflect deeply.

The reversed Five of Swords exposes controversies and incongruities from long ago, ones that are behind you but hold room for agreement. This includes comments that have been said or heard that have been over and done with, but they also know that they will still have to live or work together down the road. So apart from certain specific topics that have to be ruled out, it is generally possible for those involved to come to some more effective agreement now.

Perhaps it's time for you to explain your views on the issues and hear how others see things. The pattern of events is now laid out before you, and you are ready to take more responsibility for the underlying factors of the conflict. It's not the first time you've been in this situation and perhaps you're doing some of the things that are causing this conflict.

The Five of Swords inverted means that a tense phase may be overcome if it is handled with agility and resourcefulness. Assuming it is an inquiry about money, you should have to stop acting on it, as this is not a card that will pay off. Returning to the Four of Swords in its upright position will give you the opportunity to think deeply about your decision to determine the true value of what the Five of Swords is trying to indicate.

There is an instance where Iain complains during a divination that women cannot be trusted. He believed that once they had gotten the full measure of his devotion, they would leave him and find another partner. His last five relationships with women have ended in tragedy, and it simply pains him.

"You can't tell me that I'm responsible for the breakdown of this relationship," he says, "I look back and realize that there is not a single woman in my life who has ever given me the love and attention I needed, not one."

Iain talked about how the only real care he ever received from a woman came from: his mother. I told him: you've got to be ready to take responsibility for the underlying factors of the conflict, and you can't blame the other person for every conflict.

The recurring mistake of stubbornness, of starting a conflict and then intending to stay out of it, and that's the typical scenario exhibited by the Fifth of Swords.

Core Tip

The Five of Swords reversed suggests that a momentary battle for victory won't do you any favors, but may cost you more.
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Knowledge Expansion

Don't assume that conflict is the only way to solve a problem; staying calm and rational will lead to better solutions.
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Card Meaning Extension

The Fool represents the opportunity to cast a stone and the ability to be supported from within. Sometimes it takes a childlike trust to set the script for the road to happiness, so remember to pack more faith than you actually planned for as you embark on your life's journey!
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