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Four of Swords Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Rest properly, gain energy, continue to reach unfinished business

Card Details:

The Four of Swords in reverse position, due to the change in position, appears to be not continuing to lie in bed, but can be seen as standing up, representing that the person who was lying in bed can get up, and that he has been able to return to his normal state and return to the world and to the people.

This divinatory meaning is one of restoration, and also represents awakening from sleep, and can symbolize an awakening. This is a time when mobility has been restored, when stagnation has been revived, and when what was lost can be expected to be regained. Awake and no longer in a state of rest or stagnation, it enters into a new phase and a path of its own. If vigilance and caution are maintained, and things are carried out carefully, with economy and economy, and with wisdom and good management, a measure of success can be attained.

Sometimes, however, one wakes up not having had a full night's sleep, but having been awakened and having to wake up as a last resort, which can make one even less refreshed for not having had a full night's sleep instead. Otherwise, it is interrupting a beautiful dream or jumping out of a nightmare, which all depends on the situation at the time of divination.

Card meanings deduced:

This card inverted means that instead of wanting to think deeply you just want to act quickly. While your actions can take you away from past hurts you've suffered, they can also bring you back to the state of the Three of Swords in square position, thus inviting new pain. Sometimes the reversed Four of Swords is simply a sign of renewed vigor after a period of deep reflection or illness, to fill the body's energy, thus stirring up a desire to be more involved in life.

Returning to the Three of Swords will provide you with an opportunity to grow through pain and sorrow, and to let it dissipate. The Four of Swords represents a strengthening of the mind while emotionally rushing to action without detailed planning. Perhaps an opportunity has come now that requires an immediate decision or action. Or it may be that a sustained action is needed to cover up deep grief from a past loss or disappointment.

If learning is a way of combining action and deep thought, the reversed Four of Swords shows the action part of these two facets, while the square represents deep thought. Thought is still prominent in this card's reversal as the yellow color now becomes crossed over the top of the card, however, as the stained glass in this square card shows the quality of thought is lacking in deep meditation. When this card is reversed it is indicating that past losses or influences are no longer as evident.

Perhaps you don't feel fulfilled and you're looking for a greater reward by taking a greater risk with your investment. You've recognized that things in the past weren't efficient for you and are eager to try new methods. This attitude may lead you back to the Three of Swords in positive position, but it also brings pain and loss. And this pain is likely to be very influential for you.

The reversed Four of Swords signifies a time of change. At this critical time, you know what you don't want, yet you may not know exactly what you want. Get involved and find out what's going on. It can also refer to a return to everyday life after a period of solitude.

Core Tip

This card suggests a rapid return to life after a period of peace and calm, and that now is the time to apply your new understanding of life after reflecting and exploring the past.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Four of Swords in the reversed position is more positive than the one in the positive position, and the person is usually able to rest and gain energy in a shorter period of time, and has thought enough to be ready to move on with his or her life and accomplish unfinished business.
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Card Meaning Extension

The Four of Swords inverted also indicates the condition of lying down, and can represent the conduct of wills and related matters.
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