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Four of Swords Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Quiet contemplation in the midst of a crisis, thoughtfulness in the midst of a retreat

Card Details:

There is a man lying quietly across the crypt of a church in a closed-eye, contemplative position. There is a sword placed across the bottom of him, and three other swords are positioned above him with the tips of the swords pointing down. Despite his seemingly lazy appearance, he has active thoughts, and the only thing with lively colors on this card is the stained glass, which is something that can be used to spark noble or spiritual thoughts in a church congregation.

The man is shown resting in a monastery-like building with his arms folded across his chest in a state of tranquility. The stained glass shows a praying man kneeling before the Virgin as if seeking some advice for inner peace. Three swords hang unused on the wall, but he retains one beside him, ready to be picked up for action when he awakens.

This card suggests negative thoughts, retreat or contemplation. The yellow outlook implies wisdom in use. This is because the color yellow traditionally suggests a knowing approach to life. This card suggests straying away in order to regain strength and understanding. It's time to step back, think things through, recuperate, or go into temporary seclusion for a while.

Card Meaning Deduction:

This is a card for reflecting on past behavior and planning for the future. He illustrates spiritual consolidation: taking actions that make sense of past behavior, as well as eliminating thoughts and beliefs that have proven to be incorrect, or unconstructive. In this way it is possible to use past experiences to help you achieve future success. After the pain of the Three of Swords, what ensues is a deeper understanding of yourself and your life.

In the Four of Swords card, the person retires for a while in order to figure things out. This is an opportunity for you to realize that something needs to change, assuming that after he figures things out, he returns to life, which would be a very rewarding process, and assuming that he doesn't, he risks bringing everything to a standstill. All the fours of the Tarot have to do with strengthening and unifying. It is an action associated with solidifying or strengthening a position. The Four of Swords means that he strengthens himself by linking or combining his beliefs about the four items of life. After reflecting on his past behavior and experiences, he has finally come to a deeper understanding of life.

The Four of Swords is not as chaotic as the other Swords cards, it is usually a card of passive inactivity, but it is not a card of total inactivity (note the sword in his hand!). ), but rather a period of rest in which he reserves his energy, suspends his current affairs and meditates well on his next move. When he is ready, he is ready to rise again and continue with his unfinished plans. The so-called "rest is for the longer term" is the core meaning of the Four of Swords. We can think of it as a temporary retirement, a temporary retreat from the battlefield.

When the Four of Swords appears, it usually means that the person concerned is in a state of rest, or that he needs to slow down the pace of his life, rest for a while, and then start afresh. He may have been too tired earlier or wanted to escape. During the rest, the focus of the person's attention will be shifted from the outer world to the inner mind, and he will have more time to be alone, so this is also a card of "recharging". When you draw the Four of Swords, you should remind yourself not to be impatient, and that it is good to think carefully and take your time in everything.

It's time to reflect on your past financial endeavors in order to identify which opportunities are real and which are fleeting. Perhaps your efforts have not yet brought you success. It's time to take a hard look at your thoughts, past behavior and your beliefs about success.

In terms of relationship analysis, the Four of Swords may suggest a phase or relationship in which you are unifying or strengthening yourself or your understanding of life. Sometimes it may also be describing a partner who is taking a break from life and relationships in order to contemplate the meaning of life, and it is hurting (affecting) you. Depending on the other cards in the deck, it may mean that the partner has withdrawn from the physical or spiritual aspects of the relationship and has gone into a bookstore or a negative hobby, or even into sleep.

The Four of Swords may symbolize a withdrawal from life: a physical retreat into one's own home, or a mental retreat into dreams and fantasies. It may also suggest a period of forced introspection, or simply a phase of physical inactivity where you need some time alone to rebalance your energies.

In one such case, Gehring was secluded in his own home for almost two years after his marriage touched down. He entertained little or visited friends; instead, he stayed at home, read books, learned to play the cello, and thought deeply about his past marital relationship.

He asks, "Why did this marriage end?" This is typical of Swords' attitude toward life. He needed answers, and he found them in solitude and self-discovery.

Core Tip

This card emphasizes your need for more contemplation in order to reconnect with the underlying causes of certain events. And the translucent window suggests that there is a pathway within you that is calling to you, even if you are still in a state of recuperation.
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Knowledge Expansion

The querent will get a break after completing a project or negotiating an agreement, but it will be followed by a period of hard work, so it's time to rest and recuperate.
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Card Meaning Extension

You may have had a rough time in the past and now you can take a break and recharge your batteries. Sometimes this card is indicating a period of low energy.
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