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King of Swords Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

When reason loses its way, that's when chaos begins!

Card Details:

When this card is in reverse position, it is as if the King's Sword cuts down out of control, causing emotional, psychological and interpersonal damage. When the Sword of Reason is down, it represents instability of thought and biased principles, resulting in many conflicts and unwise actions, leading to unnecessary confusion and misfortune. His behavior is unsympathetic and he is unable to keep his promises or comply with his principles.

The King of Swords in the opposite position over-exerts the Wind element and the Sword, and tends to abuse his mind and think in the wrong direction. The King of Swords seems to have lost his stability and principles; he blurs his beliefs and will, and loses his sense of justice and becomes selfish. This man is no longer rational, stubborn and headstrong because he does not trust the rightness of others. He will become harsh and cruel, even evil and perverted, because he favors thinking over thinking, and makes mistakes.

When this card is reversed, it often means that there is a character with such negative traits, or that the character's original traits have taken on or changed into such negative traits. In terms of the situation, the person is in a bad situation as mentioned above, facing a chaotic situation. Therefore, the subject may not be able to receive favorable support, and may lose support and the situation.

Card meanings deduction:

When the King of Swords is in reversed position, words can pour out like a flood of words that have no basis in fact. The King of Swords is very capable of making convincing verbal comments, and in the atmosphere of the moment, even he is persuaded by them. Although he knows what to say to make a good impression, he does not understand how much pain can come from making easy promises and not carrying them out. When the King of Swords is in a negative state, he may become disorganized because he simply has too many plans at hand.

A reversed King of Swords is like an immature Knight of Swords who executes his plans according to his mood at the time, so it can be quite difficult, sometimes impossible, to accomplish his tasks. When a new opportunity beckons, he will be reluctant to stick to the task at hand.

When the card is reversed, he may become narrow-minded and hypocritical or mentally lax, unable to give to anyone or anything. As with the Knight card reversed, he becomes unpredictable in his gender relationships. He may run away for days or weeks and then reappear without explanation, as if nothing had happened.

He has a free-spirited way of thinking, yet despite his brilliant and creative ideas, his ability to actually implement them is extremely limited because he lacks the strength to execute and persevere. Since he is quite good at expressing himself, and his ideas and concepts, he makes an impression on the minds of those who are not familiar with him, but if results are to be produced, they are best orchestrated by the Queen of Swords or the Queen of Pentacles. The Pentagram type is better able to accomplish what this King sets out to do.

On a day-to-day basis, this card shows a king in square position who is experiencing difficulty or some kind of crisis. And when he is able to stand up, he will again appear as an orthostatic king. A King of Swords reversed could mean that success is not possible due to disorganized thoughts and plans and a lack of perseverance.

Reversals can direct the Sword King's rationality to extremes; he becomes critical, harsh, cold-blooded, cruel, and unfeeling. His overly critical nature can lead to egging people on. In the worst cases, it could make it seem like he is cruel and not human at all, like a machine.

On the other hand, it is possible to refer to weakness, incompetence, and lack of expertise. If it refers to events, the probability of the person encountering a disguised professional or a fake authority figure is greatly increased.

A frustrated King of Swords becomes cynical and sharp-tongued; he will ask spot-on questions or write an angry letter of complaint. His words become his sword, which he swings at opponents who are weak and usually unprepared. When the positive King of Swords suffers a setback, he negotiates a new way to reach his goal or seeks a spiritual solution. A negative King of Swords is quick to find a new solution or another way to get to his desired goal.

The negative King of Swords is quick to rationalize his faults or responsibilities and justify his actions. He is a persuasive speaker and is effective at saving others from their commitments, as long as he doesn't make any himself.

The King's reversal can symbolize a strong idea of pursuing selfish motives. An ambitious person, for example, calculates or plots how to climb to the heights of power. As a legal advisor, this king may well advise criminals to exploit legal loopholes and get rich at the expense of others. He is cunning enough to hide his actions and may frame others for his own behavior.

Core Tip

When the King of Swords is in reverse, it means a loss of clarity of thought. He may be immature, or mentally incapable of self-control, or even cruel and cunning.
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Knowledge Expansion

Overall, the card's reversed position shows problems encountering sanity academics or fame, which can also be a big hindrance to career. Financial luck is certainly not clear either. Love and relationships are even more contentious.
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Card Meaning Extension

The reversed King of Swords is not willing to make a long-lasting commitment to a relationship for fear that he will miss out on a better opportunity.
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