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King of Swords Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Turning dreams into reality, doing something real with a vision

Card Details:

The King of Swords is the only one of the four King cards to appear in a positive light. He wears a blue inner robe and a red cloak, symbolizing that he must show his wisdom in action. In his right hand he holds a sword with the tip to the right, favoring the side of action.

In his left hand he wears a ring symbolizing power, resting easily in his lap. The drapery behind him is decorated with a butterfly pattern symbolizing the soul and the element of wind. Birds in the sky lead him away from the passions of the fire element, the emotions of the water element, and the matter of the earth element, and into the realm of pure wind element wisdom.

The number of birds is two, symbolizing the choice between wisdom and action, and for the King of Swords, wisdom must be realized by action. The cypress trees and gray clouds in the background appear in all four of the Court of Swords cards.

The bird flying higher than he is in this card shows the possibility of the mind flying high, still securely seated on his throne among practical and graspable things. His passion for logic and pragmatism does not leave much room for him to experience feelings and dreams as rich as those of the Squire. The king always let purposeful thinking fill his head, unlike the squire who liked to think as his escape from the restrictive real world.

Card meanings deduction:

This card represents a rational and decisive man, with wisdom and learning within, with a rational and persistent attitude. His character is correct, his thoughts are clear and quick, and he treats people fairly and calmly. You will feel his brightness and heat, and even more so, his maturity and poise. When he devotes himself to his duties, he is very moralistic, upright and unsmiling.

The King of Swords is objective and rational, seeking reason and justice in all matters, with firm and consistent beliefs and a complete system of thought, and is difficult to be influenced by others. He makes decisions based on facts and principles, without emotion or subjective preconceptions, and will be very thoughtful, showing the characteristics of prudence and depth. He specializes in the wisdom and light represented by the Sword, has strong mental strength and will, acts with perseverance and integrity, and has strong planning and mental ability. Such a man is rich in substance, has his own set of opinions on everything, and will give people a sense of trust, wanting to listen to and follow him, but also with a distance and fear of him, like a strict teacher or fatherly role.

The sword is a symbol of thought and determination, and this king, with his sword in his hand, naturally has the ability to master thought and values ideas and principles, caring for what is right and just. He is very specialized in his field of intellect, most likely as a researcher, developer, and creator, and more likely as a professional authority. His insistence on ideas makes him suitable for legal and political work, and he is also likely to become a leader in corporate reform or advanced management.

When this card appears in divination, it most likely represents a person who is related to the problem, who possesses the character traits mentioned above, or who plays such a role. If interpreted as a state of affairs, it describes decision-making, ordering and determination. The card may indicate that the subject of the question is wise and decisive and tactful, or that you will meet someone who will show you the way or who will be a wise teacher.

In ancient times, the figures in the Swords deck were all knights, responsible for ruling and using the military. The King of Swords was the lord of the army, who used his wits, had the power of life and death, and had to be ruthless when necessary. In modern times, he is the typical lawyer, judge and government official. He is used to rational analysis and rote thinking, he is well educated and knows how to apply it practically. He does not show much emotion, and always appears to the world as a professional. He is quick to respond, intelligent, insightful, communicative and eloquent, and is an outstanding writer, critic, political commentator, diplomat and philosopher. When you feel lost and confused, he can wake up the dreamer with a single word.

The King of Swords is a trusted advisor and professional, with the disadvantage of being emotionally detached. If he's your friend, you're in the wrong place when you want emotional support and someone to cry to, but he's the right person to talk to if you want the straight truth or need clear guidance. If he's your boss, you can learn a lot of expertise from his side and he'll demand something from you about your work performance, you can't steal from him because he'll see right through it. He is an intelligent, honest and principled partner, but comes across as a bit cold, likes to be reasonable in everything, has high moral standards, but can be a bit critical and controlling.

The King of Swords represents the quest for clear thinking, honesty, and the need to pour knowledge into reality. As the answer to a problem, the King can be said to achieve success through clear and effective planning. He can also suggest that sound thinking and management will lead to success, as having a plan, goals, and sustained effort is a winning combination.

This card also represents the experienced warrior, the intellectual scholar, and the diplomat. The King with Swords represents a man who is intelligent and analytical, able to make the right judgments, and is definitely a beacon of light when the querent encounters difficulties, and listening to this man's advice can help solve the problem. This card may suggest that someone is giving you clear and sound advice. When accompanied by the Justice card, this card suggests that a lawsuit is about to be filed.

The King of Swords is a quick thinker, analytical and practically oriented. He has an inquiring mind, is curious about everything, and expresses himself verbally because his mind is capable of gathering, storing, and recalling different facts, making him better suited for a career that focuses on the mind or communication skills than one that involves the use of hands. He is quick to get to the point of a story or to the heart of a problem, and his curiosity will allow him to overcome shyness.

The King of Swords can represent the astrological sign of Aquarius, especially when the star appears on the card, and Libra when appearing with Justice or the Queen, or Gemini if appearing with the Lovers. The King represents a mature man who possesses self-control in his mind. He understands the value of planning and the importance of combining thought and action.

Jobs like business, politics, law and administrative bureaucracy will appeal to him, while construction and mechanics are also of interest to him. Jobs like medicine, science, teaching, communications, business counseling and writing (not fiction) are also suitable. This King's appearance may be dark hair and eyes, though exploring his nature will be more reliable than his color.

He is a man of good, clear, practical ideas, and those ideas have stood the test of time. He can be too much of a practical thinker and can be at a loss for the kind of feelings that are not rationalized. He is methodical in his thoughts and goals, and a good organizer, as well as inclined to engage in the management of others. From a practical point of view, his advice is worth following, he has clear goals and directions in his career and financial operations, and is more serious in his relationships and in his relationships.

In terms of gender significance, the King of Swords narrates a clear-thinking and pragmatic man who needs a partner who mentally shares his understanding of life and who is consistent in word and deed. He can also represent a relationship where there is a clear goal and a mutual understanding of the heart and mind.

Core Tip

The King of Swords represents the earth part of the wind element. He symbolizes practical thinking and conception. This card is telling you that you need to utilize your ideas to do something real and have something material to represent them.
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Knowledge Expansion

This card represents a person of wisdom or knowledge, highly analytical, suitable for the role of a strategist, with a steady response to the situation and the ability to command a steady hand.
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Card Meaning Extension

Represents all matters that have to do with the law and may be related to matters such as legal matters, negotiations or lawyers. If you come across this card in a difficult situation, it is advisable to seek professional assistance for a simpler solution to the problem.
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