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Knight of Swords Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Don't throw ideas and concepts around lightly without fully understanding what they mean

Card Details:

The reversed position of this card indicates that the Knight has lost his footing, the Sword held in his hand is out of control and shaken off, or even that this elemental belonging is broken or damaged. This indicates that the Knight is angry, or else he is poorly educated or slightly inferior to the enemy, and has poor or rusty reflexes, and thus loses the fight. It is like being picked off by an enemy and having the sword taken out of his hand, which is a great loss in battle. It represents a major defeat, a failure or setback in a mission.

The Knight of the Sword in the reverse position has a strong sense of self-awareness and wants to pursue excellent performance, yet he applies his thinking in an inappropriate way, and as a result of this abuse, he produces a lot of deviant behavior. Excessive attempts to make a splash become self-aggrandizement, or impulsive behavior creates confusion. You often act rashly, but this is mostly due to a lack of self-confidence and a lack of ability.

The presence of this card in the opposite position in divination indicates that things are not going well, or you are even facing a crisis due to insufficient preparation. It is likely that someone has caused you a great deal of harm, or that your handling of the situation has hurt someone else, and these are hurtful and difficult to control. Sometimes it means arguing with unreasonable people, and it is extremely painful and annoying when you can't reason things out.

Card meanings deduced:

The reversed Knight of Swords is too critical when he overacts, making him always look at things with a critical eye, sharp teeth and hurtful words. He can become a scary extremist, fiercely aggressive, but opposing for the sake of opposing and blindly escalating conflict. On the other hand, it may represent wanting to rush but not being able to do so. If it represents traveling, it may make mistakes in transportation.

From an everyday point of view, the Knight of Swords reversal suggests a lack of forethought to the point of inability to succeed. This could mean that you are unable to regulate yourself to accomplish what you have set out to do. This Knight card represents an out-of-order thinking, as well as being confused by novelty and excitement.

The reversed Knight can be wasteful, careless and superficial. Impatience and an inability to stop and properly reflect on past actions are also implied here. He often makes the same mistakes, making him feel even more impatient. He may find himself in a hurry to make up for lost time and make a whole lot of moves to no avail.

The Knight's card in reverse could mean that you start to do something that you won't or can't possibly accomplish because you've given little or no thought to its completion. You may come to promise more than you can do or find yourself unable to keep your word because the situation is far more complicated than you first understood.

Overall, the card's reversed position shows a loss of competition and a loss of harmony in relationships, especially when it comes to killing communication verbally. Career frustration, academic competition is fierce and unsatisfactory, and it is difficult to match your own strengths. Financial situation is quite chaotic, uncontrollable spending and extravagance, etc.

Negative Knight of the Sword rashly throws ideas and concepts to those around him without fully understanding their implications. He may promise one thing one day and break his promise the next.

Winsicka, who is withdrawn, willful and fickle, is a perfect match for the Reversed Knight of Swords; she is unreliable and unpunctual, promising something and then forgetting all about it as soon as she turns around. Easily distracted by her own thoughts or short-term goals, she ignores things of long-term value, and has yet to realize that words don't mean anything unless they're applied to something practical.

Core Tip

The Knight of the Sword's reversed position means that decisions are made rashly, without analysis and consideration, and are easily dominated by emotions.
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Knowledge Expansion

Sometimes this card kills, and if left unchecked can cause unavoidable mistakes that affect the entire hand.
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Card Meaning Extension

The Knight of Swords is riding a fast horse in the form of driving a fast car. When traveling by car, it is important to stay calm and drive smoothly to ensure a safe trip.
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