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Knight of Swords Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Reacts quickly, needs to be agile in order to fulfill wishes

Card Details:

The Knight of Swords and the Knight of Cups are also riding white horses, but the horse, the Knight of Swords, runs at breakneck speed in a gusty wind, contrasting sharply with the Knight of Cups' gently advancing horse, indirectly reflecting the difference in the personalities of their owners. The Knight of the Sword raises his sword above his head with a fierce expression as he charges forward.

The saddle of the horse is decorated with butterflies and birds, symbolizing the element of wind. He wears iron armor and his outer robe is also patterned with birds, while his boots carry spikes on the front and back, showing no mercy on the battlefield. Clouds and trees are blown about by the gale. The birds flying in the air are also slightly scattered in formation.

All four Knight cards show the extreme qualities of the deck, with the Knight of Swords again being the extreme of extremes. Many versions of the Tarot depict him as the Knight of the Dragon Slayer, and while others go to slay the dragon and often die, the Knight of Swords is the one who wins. While the King of Swords is the lord in charge of the troops, the Knight is the actual warrior on the battlefield. He is courageous, bold, aggressive, and quick, but can be wildly indulgent if he's not careful.

He is passionate, quick-thinking and energetic. He is a young man who knows how to "seize the day". His mind is always on the lookout for new opportunities, new routes and new ideas. He has a way of combining several unrelated concepts and forming new ideas. He is usually loquacious, curious, active and keen to learn more about life. He insists that women are auditory creatures and that to reach her heart you have to go through her ears. And he also likes to relate to certain imaginative phrases.

The card meanings are deduced:

This is the power belonging to the young man who is going to walk towards his own path. It is an act of valor or a display of heroism. Of course this kind of impulsive action can also be very destructive and can result in destructive situations. He is strong-willed, focused and sharp, with clear courage and a dedicated and cohesive mind. The Knight of the Sword, with his sword, is a man who pursues his goals with skill, ability, and technique, and is not afraid to kill and compete. This is favorable for studies and examinations.

He will make a good businessman and is suitable for jobs where he stands on the front line and works hard. He is a very spirited friend, bold in speech, unafraid of the powerful and noble, but is very impatient, impulsive and reckless, often reckless in doing things, and prone to conflict with others. His Winds qualities make him a quick thinker and an insightful person. However, since he is an extremist in the Swords, he inevitably seems critical and wants others to accept his ideas. He will argue to the end about ideas he feels are wrong, and he will fight to the end against bad people, even if it means burning them to the ground.

Although he is very explosive, he lacks long-term planning and patience. He is the worst enemy. His wild character will also cause fatal attraction to the opposite sex, but if he becomes your lover, it is best to avoid confrontation with him, because it is usually this kind of person who will fight against his spouse. It's never good to meet in arms, but since the Knight of the Sword is a warrior, verbal disputes are inevitable and can lead to feelings of anger and hatred.

Young warriors or scholars, good detectives, may lack flavor, he is not indifferent, just absent-minded, he usually has a strong attraction to the opposite sex, but can not establish a long-term relationship. Things come and go quickly. The seeker should be prepared to make a decision or accept a drastic change in a short period of time. This is a person who is a man of action, smart, precise and ambitious, but this person can get into trouble because of a lack of patience.

When adversity strikes, the young Knight of Swords type may take a new direction altogether or launch a violent verbal attack on those who oppose his plans. When the going gets rough, he's quick to pass the buck, and only in rare cases does the Knight of Swords stay on the sidelines long enough to wait for an opportunity and rise from his mistakes. When things go wrong, he will run away and let others take the blame while he rushes off to pursue the next opportunity.

The presence of this card in divination most often represents a character associated with the problem who possesses the traits and roles described above. If interpreted as a state of affairs, it describes the use of talents to compete for victory. This card may indicate that the person in question is facing a challenge, a competition to be the winner.

In terms of interpersonal relationships, the card shows that the subject is currently recognized and admired by others, giving them a sense of awe. In terms of career, you will also be recognized by everyone and will feel a sense of accomplishment. In terms of financial management, you will be able to make a lot of profit based on your quick and clear judgment and experience.

Compared with other Knights, the Knight of the Sword is the fastest in activity, behavior and thinking. He represents the fire part of the wind element, a combination of thought and action. He is impatient in thought, speech and action. Flustered and impatient, he is always in a hurry to rush towards something new, even if he has no idea where he is headed. He often acts without assessing the feasibility of things.

This Knight card astrologically symbolizes the signs of Shepherd and Leo. When the Emperor or the King of Scepters also appears at the same time, it represents Aries; and when the Court or Lovers cards of the Swords appear together, it is Gemini.

The Knight of Swords describes a man between the ages of twenty-one and thirty, with a quick mind and body, who prefers action to careful planning or deliberation. This person is impatient with complexity and prefers action, novelty, and change.

This Knight can choose to become a Scepter King or a Sword King. To become a King of Scepter, he must regulate his passions a little, while to become a King of Sword, he must discipline his thoughts.

The Knight of the Sword represents swift action: leaping into or out of a situation. As an answer to a certain question, it suggests that a quick action or a surprise is in order. There is no longer time to think about what choice to make - just go for it.

This card usually represents a young person who is unconventional, lacks patience, and is a quick thinker. If this person wants to come to your aid, you have only a short time to think about declining or accepting, because very quickly, he will turn his attention elsewhere.

In terms of gender relationship meanings, the Knight of Swords usually means that someone comes into your life and then leaves again in a short period of time. For him, it's passing through, so you can enjoy your time with him, but keep in mind that he may change his mind, direction, or land on his feet at a moment's notice.

For the Knight, gender relations are a meeting of the minds. He's full of ideas and can quickly find a new direction in a conversation. The Knight of Swords rarely ends a conversation where you expect him to, because his mind keeps jumping around. He is an example of pie-in-the-sky thinking.

Assuming you're the Knight of Swords, perhaps you find yourself drawn to certain people because of the way they think, or because of some bizarre trait they have. After you find your curiosity about how they think, or what they are like has been satisfied, you may lose interest in them and want to leave.

Core Tip

This is a very competitive card, especially when it comes to professionalism and craftsmanship; Swords symbolize reason and professionalism, and this card can also represent professional young talent, just entering the early stages of their career development.
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Knowledge Expansion

The presence of this card indicates an undistracted rush towards a goal without fear or favor! He is an expert in the art of action, rushing to the most worthy of exploration, fearlessly galloping into the unknown.
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Card Meaning Extension

The presence of this card indicates an undistracted rush towards a goal without fear or favor! He is an expert in the art of action, rushing to the most worthy of exploration, fearlessly galloping into the unknown.
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