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Nine of Swords Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Nightmares that frighten the mind, intuition conveyed by dreams, worries about problems

Card Details:

In a midnight dream, a woman awakens from her sleep and buries her face in her hands. There are nine swords hanging across the wall that look as if they are piercing the woman from behind, and the ninth sword is located in the area of the person's heart, linking thoughts with feelings or worries with feelings, bringing a great sense of oppression. The quilt motif is made up of red roses, symbolizing passion, and zodiac symbols, symbolizing the life cycle we all go through as the planets orbit and time passes. The side of the bed is carved with an image of one person defeating another.

In the Nine of Swords card, the person sits in terror, unable to sleep because of worry and fear, mentally she is desperate to find a solution to her current dilemma, and reason is at the forefront, so much so that she dares not rest a moment for the sake of the future. Her concern is real, for there are so many options, but only a handful of truly viable solutions, and she hides her face in a sigh of extreme anguish.

In the current situation, rational thinking was not seen to lead to the right solution. So it might be better for her to go to sleep and think about the solution in her dream. This card suggests that intense dreams during the night wake one up and put one in a constant state of worry and concern.

The Nine of Swords expresses the deepest fears in the world. The Three of Swords is at least able to come to terms with grief, the Six of Swords is slowly healing, those in the Ten of Swords are no longer known, and the woman in the Nine of Swords is the only one who is still deeply disturbed and feels extreme despair. The Nine of Treasured Swords is also nicknamed the "Nightmare Sign". When a person is trapped in a nightmare, he does not know that there is a way out for him, and he can only suffer from constant despair and agonizing struggles. Only a person who is thoroughly aware will realize that he can stop being haunted by fear if he opens his eyes.

Card Meaning Deduction:

In The Pictorial Key To The Tarot, Arthur Waite interprets this card in terms of "imprisonment, suspicion, perplexity, justifiable fear and shame". It can have each of these meanings, depending on which cards are around it.

The Nine of Swords in positive position suggests difficulty in letting go of your mind in everyday matters, so it is easy for sleep to be interrupted or difficult to get to sleep, with deep pain, great stress, and sleepless nights as a result. What scares you so much? What is it that bothers you like this? What is the experience that makes you feel so humiliated and ashamed? Are you afraid of failure, or are you afraid of loss? Or even simply afraid to face the uncertainty of the future? Have you done something wrong? Why is your faith crumbling? Where has your inner strength gone? Do you still believe in tomorrow when you think of your worst fears in the late hours of the night when you are vulnerable?

Sometimes, tragic things don't happen directly to the person in question, but to someone dear to the person in question. Sometimes bad things happen to those who are dear to you more than they happen to you. If it appears at the same time with cards that symbolize the end, such as Death, the Ten of Swords, and the Tower, one may have to face the least expected outcome, which is a necessary subject in the human world.

The Nine of Swords is a card that represents worry and emotional turmoil. This worry could be about oneself or everything around you. It can also represent vivid dreams or nightmares, and nightmares may be sending a strong message that something wrong in your life has surfaced from the subconscious to your conscious level. When you wake up, you may find that you have a clear image of the dream, or you may feel very tired. This tiredness may be caused by the vivid dream disturbing the quality of your sleep. Assuming you keep a journal of your dreams, you may find a common thread or an obvious message. Then your dreams could become an effective tool for accessing your subconscious.

The Nine of Swords can suggest that too much of your body's energy is located in the head. Perhaps your focus and attention is on thinking, without realizing the emotional or physical part. In this case, you need to keep your feet on the ground. This means reconnecting with yourself by getting in touch with the earth, such as walking, exercising or spending more time in nature. Physical activity often helps to redistribute energy throughout the body.

The Nine of Swords represents intense dreams. Perhaps your subconscious is trying to teach you something. Listen to your dreams. Perhaps you are supporting a situation or philosophy that is not relatively supportive of you.

If the Nine of Nine is with the Pentacles card, then you may have money troubles; and if it is next to the Chalice card, you may be upset about a gender relationship or something emotional; assuming that it is with the Scepter card, there are two possibilities, namely, that you are upset about a trip or a change, or that you are by too much of a physical thing that needs your immediate attention.

This card means worrying and fearing over finances, perhaps at the moment you are concerned about your ability to pay off your debts, and those sleepless nights convey this situation even more. Make a list of your debts and your desired income, followed by a list of ways to increase your income or reduce your expenses to rebalance your finances.

In a gender relationship analysis, the Nine of Swords suggests that you are struggling with a relationship or that you are having very vivid dreams that tell you what the underlying issues are in a particular relationship.

The Nine of Swords can also symbolize that you are fearful of the breakdown of a relationship, and this fear may be unfounded. You have to look at it along with the other cards on the deck to confirm the significance of this aspect. It is time to listen to your own heart so that you can be sure that all your needs are met.

Core Tip

The Nine of Swords suggests that the questioner is frustrated or afraid, which makes it difficult for him to sleep or eat all day long and seriously affects his sleep. In fact, as long as the questioner is willing to calm down and think carefully, there is still a way to solve the difficulties in front of him.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Nine of Swords describes deep torment, and what torments you may be someone or something, or even just a thought of your own.
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Card Meaning Extension

If the Nine of Swords is in the position representing advice in the spread, it indicates that you should be honest with yourself about how you feel, face it, and then release it.
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